Wednesday, 8 February 2012

[] GOD is GOD


GOD is GOD and we are nothing infront of HIM. On what basis you are arguing. Who gave the knowledge to you and from where you got it. Dont see any manupulated holy books. Find the truth. Everything is created by GOD that everybody knows and the world is controlling by HIM. The earth is orbiting at a speed of 1,07,000 KM per hour. Can you control it. You can not control even a car speeding at 200 KM. Many things are in the universe speeder than earth orbiting around. GOD is controlling all these. We can not controll a trafiic jam in a junction. Who are you guys to argue about GOD. Express you views, do not argue. Find the truth. Religion is not a media to argue. It is to guide us by GOD. No religious holy books ever argued about GOD and no holy book told us to do so. Every body knew that the GOD is ONE and there is no TWO. If the GOD made us is like this, doing argument, how it will be in the case of GOD if there is more than ONE. Full of complicacy, argument, no decision will come out. And there will be spy work, virus work and so on. So, my brothers do not argue but express your views. HIS highness can not be speak out or can be written with our knowledge because it is limitted and HIS work is beyond our capacity that even we can not imagin. The science could not catch the 1% of the universe and every time when they find new things, changing the previous one. So be careful. Once we find the truth then we can argue. But in near future it seems not possible and by that time the world will end. And we are here for a short period and we dont know what will happen tomorrow or the next second. HE is the ONE knew everything. Believe HIM.

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