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[] Excel Tip: Inserting Background Image in Chart


ony sends this chart and asks if it can be done in Excel.

It sounded like a good challenge for a lazy Sunday morning. So here we go. (Posting it on Monday).

How to create a column chart with background image in Excel ?

Now I could not get an oil rig photo or that data. So I made up few numbers and used a photo of Flinders street station I took when I was in Melbourne last year.

Step 1: Arrange the data.

Arrange the data like this.

Arrange data like this - column chart with background image in Excel

Step 2: Create a column chart

Select the data, insert a stacked column chart (why not a regular column chart?, you will understand in a minute).

You will get this.

Create a simple column chart -  - column chart with background image in Excel

Step 3: Set up image as background for chart's plot area

Select chart's plot area. Press CTRL+1.

Choose picture or texture fill and select the file with image you want.

Fill chart's plot area with an image -  - column chart with background image in Excel

Step 4: Add dummy max-series

In your data, add a column which gives the difference between column values axis maximum. For our test data, I choose 1,400 as axis maximum, so the dummy series values are,

Dummy data series -  - column chart with background image in Excel

Now add this series to chart.

Step 5: Format the chart

Now, we are almost done. Our chart looks like below. We just need to format it.

Final chart before formatting -  - column chart with background image in Excel

  1. Select the columns (any series) and press 1
  2. Adjust gap width to 0%
  3. Fill the dummy series with a chosen background color.
  4. Make the data series transparent (fill color = no color)
  5. Add borders to data series. Border color should be same as background color.
  6. Adjust the border thickness to 3pts.
  7. Adjust axis maximum to 1,400 (or any value you have selected in Step 4).
  8. Remove grid lines, legend and any un-necessary chart fluff.

Your column chart with background image is ready!

Finalized column chart with background image made using Excel

Note of caution: Go easy with images

The main purpose of a chart is to convey information. By adding a background images, sometimes your chart will be difficult to read. So I suggest you to go easy with background images.

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Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country


Dear Mr.Bala & Agarwal

Your comment against INC is not acceptable. As you said Mr. Menon may be an INC member but sure I am not INC follower. Me an leftist which is totally against corruption, scam and anti people political parties. Comparing other parties including BJP  the one and only national party which is having MP andMLA in all states are INC. That means its roots spread all over India.
Corruption is everywhere and in that case BJP as well the regional
parties  are corrupted same like INC. Its the duty of the judiciary to
catch them. But we all appreciate INC's secularism which make harmony
in our country and that"s why even the majority hindus are not supporting
the hindutavadi BJP which spoiled the harmony of our beloved nation with
their anti minority gimmick just to grab the power. As the nation knows
this and that's why even in our state when loksabha election comes
people vote for secular congress party but when assembly election 
people vote for leftist front. So we need  a strong INC at center as well
left front or united front at state. so once again I can say that we Indians
vote again for a congress government at centre which can bring harmony
among us.


On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Pramod Agrawal <> wrote:

Mr. Bala. p.l,   Very well said sir!,
Indian National Congress (I) is a party of scam, fraud, corruption & anti public, I fail to understand why Mr. Menon is advocating a party which has ruin the country and create so many National & International problem before the country. It is the worst & shameless party of India.  Mr. menon seems to be the member of INC(I)
Ln. P.K. Agrawal

--- On Thu, 6/6/13, Bala p.l <> wrote:

From: Bala p.l <>

Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
To: "" <>
Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 9:37 AM

Mr. ICS menon,
there was a msg almost identical to yours projecting the Indian National Congress and branding BJP as communal.and calling to give a  clear majority to the so called Indian national Congress which according to you is the national party some time back from this keralaites group . You have further said that those who oppose congress in the election on winning support the congress. Is it not a defection. No it is breach of contract and faith the people reposed on our leaders, How about parties electing their leaders to Rajya saba who have lost in the Loka saba elections. Dont you think sir this is worst than defection. 
I have the following for you to ponder please.
a) The Indian national congress that stood for patriotism and full of statesmen was stabbed to death by Indira gandhi in 1969 at Bangalore AICC meet and formed Indian National Congress( I) I representing her name. she ruined the country to her best and after a short stint by Rajive Gandhi, the present INC has become Indian National Congress Itally pvt ltd. and still people like you say it is INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS
2) Regarding the growth of regional parties again the congress is the one which supported the birth and growth of these to keep their hold in the centre and leaving the sates to get ruined under this power and money centred regional parties and its leaders.
3) Sir , please tell me is there any state in India where you can see a united congress leadership and followers. Each state unit has more leaders and factions than the members. Please take the example of our Kerala State. How many fcations. The drama that is unfolding for the last 10 days on Chandi/Chennithala episode make one to vomit.
4) You call INC as a national party. How many states are they ruling sir and just count how many regional parties they have at center  on whose support they run this ineptive Govt.
So Please let us advocate for a clean Govt by choosing clean people which ever party they belong to.
Bala Chennai

From: Gangadharan Nair N <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Thursday, 6 June 2013 6:50 AM
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
Mr. Menon, Your ideas are very GOOD but the present system of Government should go and a new presidential form of government should come. Then what you said is imperative. The Indian Democracy will not function properly because of its own structural flaw and NOT the political parties. A 5 tier Democracy with over 30 lakh elected members, where in each tier is opposing the other will not take a nation to any where except destruction.  For your information today each member of Parliament represents an average 22.2 Lakh people. In the world there are 104 countries which do not have a population of even  20 Lakh and most of them advanced very well in the past 20 years. So it is better to hand over each Parliament constituency to its own member of Parliament and let him rule the constituency with the help of the Collector. ( More or less like old Naattu Rajaas) The member will be so serious and he will do everything for his constituency and the nation will progress. What the nation needs is a strong Vigilance Dept. to check the corruption. Let Central Ministry is formed from Rajya Sabha Members like our Manmohan Singh.

Gangadharan Nair.
On 4 June 2013 18:59, ICS MENON <> wrote:
"Make Giving Bribe is Legal & Birth Right of a citizen & 
Taking Bribe is Illegal & a willful act of Crime"
"Dharmam Saranam Gachhami"
Gangadharan Nair N
We had a DREAM of Principled, Prosperous & Peaceful INDIA & are committed to fulfill that DREAM.
You can also join us & contribute through TIME, MONEY & ACTION.

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[] R Rajamma working as a tote computer operator Banglore Turf club to winner of Rs. 1.8 crore Derby winner - Motivational


R Rajamma was once employed at the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) as a tote ticket computer operator for Rs 20 a day to Derby winner of Rs.1.80 crore.
If wishes were horses
R Rajamma would fly! This co-owner of Indian Derby winner, horse Super Storm, was once employed at the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) as a tote ticket computer operator for Rs 20 a day
From a tote ticket computer operator to co-owner of the winning horse called Super Storm in the just run Indian Derby, R Rajamma's journey is the proverbial long one. This Bangalore-based horse owner who now owns a beauty parlour in the Garden City, once was a tote ticket computer operator (tote is the betting window at racing centres where punters can bet anything from Rs 10 onwards on a horse).
She was employed by the Bangalore Turf Club (BTC) in the early 1990s as a tote ticket operator. She worked during the racing season on weekends, earning approximately Rs 20 a day. "I started working at the BTC after I finished by Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinations. We worked weekends and were paid approximately Rs 18 to Rs 20 a day," says this 36-year-old mother of two daughters. At that time, I was young, and like most young people I was a dreamer. I would look at the glamour, these horse owners in suits and their wives in silks leading winners from the track to the paddock and think to myself that I too, want to be a horse owner some day."

After a couple of years of working at the BTC, Rajamma started a beauty salon called Aina Beauty Parlour in Bangalore. "I never lost my love for horses, though," said Rajamma, "And I never gave up on my dream of owning one. It was not the thought of winning big bucks or even the glamour that drove me to become a horse owner. It was simply that I love animals, I loved to see the horses race, how they moved, it sent the adrenaline surging through my veins."

In late 2011, Rajamma was helped by a friend called Jagdish, who took her to meet former ace jockey Satish Narredu who is now a trainer. Incidentally, Satish was the trainer of winner Super Storm. "I bought a horse as a co-owner owning 1/4th part of Super Storm," said Rajamma. The other three owners of Super Storm are Rajesh Narredu and Anantha and Cham Dev Raju.
Satish Narredu takes up the narrative. "Rajamma met me in 2011 through a common friend called Jagdish S M. He had brought her to my stable with the intent of buying my horse. I asked her why she wanted to buy a horse and Rajamma had said she simply had a passion for horses and it was her ambition to own one.
In fact, I tried to discourage her for one hour. I told her that even if she bought a horse along with others, it takes at least Rs 30,000 a month to maintain a horse. As one-fourth owner, she would have to shell out Rs 7,500 a month, to maintain the horse. Yet, she would not be dissuaded. She told me: please give me a quarter share of a horse."
Satish then told her to buy Super Storm, who while they did not know it then, would storm to a win two years later in the biggest race of all -- the Indian Derby in front of a cheering crowd at the headquarters of racing in Western India, the Mahalaxmi racecourse. "She agreed to buy Super Storm as co-owner. There were three other owners, and so Rajamma had to pay Rs 3, 25,000 as her share of the horse. She paid Rs 2 lakh first and then brought in Rs 1 lakh, 25,000 later. She was now co-owner of Super Storm," explained Satish.

Satish said that, "Super Storm started winning and in all, the horse has won Rs 3 crore in prize money. Once a horse starts earning, the owners do not have to pay monthly maintenance as that is taken from the earnings. It certainly is remarkable that a first-time owner and once a tote ticket computer operator is the owner of a Derby winner. You know there are at least 1,500 horses racing and only 17 take part in the Indian Derby, out of this of course, only one wins. This is her luck. I also have to add that when I told her to buy Super Storm, she trusted me completely. She does not really know anything about horses."

Rajamma endorses that saying, "I am no equine expert. What I do know is that one must have faith and if one has a dream, you have to think that you can make that into reality. I want to tell women especially, many of who think that owning a horse or even racing is a male domain, "Do not back down. You can achieve what you want to if you set your heart on it," says this beautician and fashion designer who is the daughter of a farmer. Rajammma's father has some land in a village in South India.

Rajamma has just flown back from Mumbai to Bangalore post the Derby win and has not had time to celebrate as congratulations are still pouring in. "All I know is that God has given me good fortune. I want to tell people that irrespective of gender, and, never mind if you are rich or poor you can go ahead and pursue your ambition," she finishes.

Sharan Kumar, editor of racing website says, "This is a remarkable chapter in the history of Indian racing." Bangalore-based Sharan adds, "I remember Rajamma working at the BTC in the early 1990s. Then, I think she was not seen for a few years, till now she has re-emerged as a co-owner of a Derby winner. You know, so many people dream of investing in a place they used to work at. This is the luck of the owner. Winning a Derby, with the very first horse you have bought. There are owners who invest in hundreds of horses and never have a Derby winner."

Sharan remembers when Rajamma was interviewed by BTC officials, "As is the norm when a person fills out the owner form, an official asked her whether she had worked at the BTC earlier." Sharan says the win also shatters a myth that racing is elitist or only for the rich. "Rajamma proves that if the dream is within the realms of possibility it is worth pursuing. Hers is a journey which is unprecedented in Indian racing," he finishes with a flourish.

Gallop glance
>> This year's Indian Derby was run on Sunday, February 3 at Mahalaxmi racecourse.
>> The Derby is run over a distance of 2,400 meters or a mile-and-a-half.
>> Only four-year-old horses are allowed to compete in the race.
>> This year there were 17 horses running in the Derby.
>> 15 of them were colts or geldings (male horses) and there were two fillies (female horses).
>> Super Storm was ridden by Irish jockey Jimmy Fortune. Fortune had won earlier in 1998.
>> It was one of the most open Derby races ever, with many experts refusing to pick a favourite prior to the event.
>> Satish Narredu who won his first Derby as trainer, had won as jockey in 1996. He is the second professional after Pesi Shroff to win the Derby as jockey and trainer.


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Cordless telephones are very popular nowadays. But they have a major drawback, i.e. they cannot be operated during power failure. Therefore usually another ordinary telephone is connected in parallel to the cordless telephone. This results in lack of secrecy. UPS is a permanent solution to this problem.

Since the UPS is meant only for the cordless telephone, its output power is limited to around 1.5W. This is sufficient to operate most cordless telephones. as these employ only small capacity adapters (usually 9V/12V, 500mA), to enable the operation of the circuit and to charge the battery present in the handset.

The UPS presently designed is of online type. Here the inverter is 'on' throughout irrespective of the presence of the AC mains. When the AC mains is present, the same is converted into DC and fed to the inverter. A part of the mains rectified output is used to charge the battery. When the mains power fails, the DC supply to the inverter is from the battery and from this is obtained AC at the inverter output. This is shown in fig.1.

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Fig.1 .Block diagram of UPS

The circuit wired around IC CD4047 is an astable multivibrator operating at a frequency of 50 Hz. The Q and Q outputs of this multivibrator directly drive power MOSFETS IRF540. The configuration used is push-pull type. The inverter output is filtered and the spikes are reduced using MOV (metal oxide varistor). The inverter transformer used is an ordinary 9V-0-9V, 1.5A mains transformer readily available in the market. Two LEDS (D6 and D7) indicate the presence of mains/battery.

The mains supply (when present) is stepped down, rectified and filtered using diodes D1 through D4 and capacitor C1. A part of this supply is also used to charge the battery. In place of a single 12V, 4Ah battery, one may use two 6V, 4Ah batteries (SUNCA or any other suitable brand).

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Fig.2 .Circuit diagram of UPS

The circuit can be easily assembled on a general-purpose PCB and placed inside a metal box. The two transformers may be mounted on the chassis of the box. Also, the two batteries can be mounted in the box using supporting clamps. The front and back panel designs are shown in the Fig. 3.

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Fig.3 .Proposed layout of font and rear penels

The same circuit can deliver up to 100W, provided the inverter transformer and charging transformer are replaced with higher current rating transformers, so that the system can be used for some other applications as well.

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