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1973 apX 24 aWn¡qdpw {]hÀ¯\ kÖamb hnb¶ saUn¡Â tImfPnse AXymlnX hn`mK¯nse \yqtdm, t_m¬, ¹mÌnIv kÀPdn hn`mK§fnse tUmIvSÀamcpsS BßmÀYamb ]cn{ia¯nsâ ^eambn Snt_mdnsâ ssI Xp¶nt¨À¯p. saUn¡Â tImfPnse Xo{h]cnNcW hn`mK¯n Snt_mÀ kpJw {]m]n¨p hcp¶Xmbn Hm¸tdj\p t\XrXzw sImSp¯ kÀP³ HmkvImÀ Bkvam³ ]dªp.

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18 hbkp hsc kuP\yNnInÕ

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s]mXpP\mtcmKy kwc£W¯n\mbn BtcmKy AhImi\nbaw sImWvSphtcWvSXpsWvS¶p tI{µkÀ¡mÀ hnfn¨ptNÀ¯ apJya{´namcpsS tbmK¯n Bhiys¸«ncp¶p. 18 hbkn XmsgbpÅ Ip«nIÄ¡p sXcsªSp¯ 30 tcmK§Ä¡p tI{µkÀ¡mÀ kuP\yNnInÕ e`yam¡m\pÅ \S]SnIÄ kzoIcn¨phcp¶p. F¶mÂ, tcmK§fpsS F®w ]cnanXs¸Sp¯nbXneqsS Ht«sdt¸À¡p NnInÕ e`n¡nÃ. CXp adnIS¡m³ tI{µ kÀ¡mÀ klmbt¯msSbmWv FÃmhÀ¡pw NnInÕ e`yam¡p¶Xv.

kwØm\¯v P\dnIv acp¶pIfpsS hnXcWw {]mYanImtcmKy tI{µ§ÄhscbpÅ FÃm Bip]{XnIfnepw HmKÌv 15 apX Bcw`n¡pw. \nehn saUn¡Â tImfPpIfnepw P\d Bip]{XnIfnepamWv Ch e`n¡p¶Xv.

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tIm¢nbÀ Cw¹mtâj³ ]²Xnbpambn kÀ¡mÀ apt¶m«pt]mIpw. "A½bpw Ipªpw' ]²Xn XpSÀ¶pw \S¸m¡pw. CXnt\msSm¸w amen\ykwkvIcW taJebnse A]mIXIfpw ]cnlcn¨p apt¶m«pt]mIpsa¶p apJya{´n ]dªp. NS§n ]»nIv dntej³kv hIp¸v {]kn²oIcn¨ ]pkvXI§fpsSbpw BtcmKyhIp¸v ]pd¯nd¡nb amknIbpsSbpw {]Imi\hpw apJya{´n \nÀhln¨p.

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[] Khatte-mitten khabhrain from around the world for 18/5/13


What can I do to lower my risk of cognitive decline?
Cognitive decline is reaching epidemic proportions. By age 80, your chance of suffering from severe loss of cognitive function is 50%. Vitamin B12 has been shown to be beneficial in preventing brain shrinkage, which is directly linked to cognitive decline.
Artificial skin may help heart patients.. Engineers combine flexible materials into pressure sensors to create a wearable heart monitor. The skin-like device could provide doctors with an easier way to monitor a patient's heart.
Gold is chemically inert, which also explains why it never rusts and does not cause skin irritation. If gold jewelry irritates the skin, it is likely that the gold was mixed with some other metal.
Sleeping on two pillows can help prevent swollen eyes in the morning.
The cricket spot-fixing scam: the fact no one talks about…
Our self-righteous freedom of speech/expression votaries including the entire media protest the loudest and accuse the law-enforcement agencies for illegal wire-tapping and eaves-dropping into 'honest' citizens private conversations – or rather peeping into their private life, whenever such phone-tapping instances come to light.
However, the spot-fixing that has been sensationalized by the same media and skyrocketed their readership/viewership would never have seen the light of the day, but for the hitherto-much-maligned wire-tapping. The same eavesdropping method also FIXED media mogul, Rupert Murdoch in the UK for his shenanigans several months ago.
Moral: Law-enforcement agencies routinely break/tap the phones of suspects and they are right in doing so.
Weird world…
Czech woman drinks beer through her ear.
A video that features a Czech woman drinking beer through her ear has gone viral on video-sharing websites. In this clip, the woman is seen downing a pint of beer, where one end of the straw is placed in the glass, while the other is placed in her ear. The beer miraculously vanishes. While most people have lauded the rather bizarre effort, there are a few critics who have stated that such a feat is impossible and there are camera tricks that have been employed by the ones who have filmed the video.
(Me: Not all astonishing for our countrymen who have "witnessed" several such miracles.)
Hero catches burglar by pulling down his pants..
A man from Grangetown, Cardiff, helped police get to the bottom of a crime by pulling down a burglar's pants. Chris N, 56, caught the thief, 21, in his home and clung to the burglar's clothes for dear life when he tried to escape. The thief fled in his underpants, but police arrested him after forensic officers identified his DNA on his pants. Judge Patrick C, gave Christ Pounds sterling 100 for showing "great personal courage"
Mike Tyson's new hobby
Cares for pigeons. He got into keeping the birds after he retired from the ring.
(Me: Ironical – the man guy who punches opponents into pulp at the ring has turned dove of peace…)
Man on honeymoon charged for soliciting prostitute…
New York: A newlywed husband, who solicited sex from a pro while he was on honeymoon with his new wife, has been booked on charges of soliciting prostitution.
The groom left his new bride in their luxury suit in order to meet up with the hooker. The pro turned out to be an undercover police agent…
Man finds million-dollar lottery ticket at home..
An American man who was facing a mountain of bills and eviction fro his house has become a multi-millionaire after discovering a lottery-winning ticket in a cooke jar in his house.
A kindergarten teacher handed out a colouring page with a picture of a duck holding an umbrella. She told her class to colour the duck in yellow and the umbrella green, however, Bobby coloured the duck in red. Teacher: Bobby, how many times have you seen a red duck?
Bobby: The same number of times I've seen a duck holding an umbrella.
Man to wife: "If I exercise every day, don't drink and avoid fat, carbs and sugar, I'll live long enough to be miserable for another 30 years."
(Me: So? Live a life to your heart's content and the earlier you kick the bucket, the better!).
A married couple, both avid golfers, was discussing the futureone night.
"Honey," the wife said, "if I were to die and you remarry, would you two live in this house?"
"I suppose so, it's paid for."
"How about our car?" continued the woman. "Wouldhe two of you keep it?"
"I suppose so."
"What about my golf clubs? Would you let her use them too?"
"Heck, no," the husband blurted out. "She's left-handed."
Never laugh at live dragon.
Line Maro
You're so hot, you make the sun envious.
(Me: yep, n she could cause huge holes in pocket, too)
"There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supersedes all other courts" – M.K. Gandhi
(Me: Gandhi, who? And wot's conscience n how much does a kilo of it cost? If in doubt, hear the latest cricket scam).
Ample fodder for thought.
Gautam Adhikari, the retired ex-editor of Maharhastra Times and now settled in the US, writes in ToI
"Does the system need change?
Are we running out of ideas? Many around the world fear that Indians have lost the capacity to think afresh, are increasingly losing sight of the big picture, and have no clue about how to turn things around by renovating the edifice of governance. In a competitive world any opinion on a country's performance has to be relative. India may be doing reasonably well compared to its own performance till, say, the 1980s. But compared to powerhouses like China, Brazil or the busy economies of East Asia, India is a laggard. It has not only lost steam, if seems to lack the energy, or the will, to reinvent itself. Chalta hai, chalne do, hey, could've been worse, we shrug….."
(Me: don't know how many follow my posts, but been saying this since donkey years. We need a wholesale system change, starting with the rotten parliamentary form of democracy that seems like the fountainhead of all our ills. However, we would do nothing and would muddle on..)

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[] job-Embassy of India - Riyadh


The Embassy has been approached by companies in Saudi Arabia offering jobs to Indians affected by Nitaqat programme. A list of companies which approached the Embassy so far is given below:

Company name
Contact Person/Details
Contact No.
Email ID

Telecommunications Consultants India Limited
Surveyors, Draughtsmen Supervisors (Electrical & Optical Fiber),
Transformer Technicians, Masons, Painters, Overhead lines Construction
Technicians, Carpenters, HDD with Saudi Driving License, Machine
Operator with License, Electrical Cable Jointers, OFCs, Splicers, Data
Entry Operators, Welders, Technician Substation, Electricians and
Mr. P. Suresh Babu, Joint General Manager (Adm),
Mr. V. Anand, Administrative Officer
P O Box 88987
Riyadh 11672
2378671, Extn. 231.
Fax 1 2356072

Riyadh Cables Group
300 Indian workers (skilled and unskilled labour)
Mr. P.T. Chandramohan
P O Box 26862
Riyadh 11496
Fax 0996-1-2651423

Al Faraá Group,
carpenters, masons, helpers, electricians, plumbers, aluminum fitters,
heavy duty drivers, light duty drivers and painters.
Mr. Murugan
P.O. Box 3891, Riyadh 12211,
+ 966 1 4661682 or

Western Auto Company Ltd (Ashok Leyland),
qualified executives and technicians under transferable Iqama.
P.O. Box 41003, Dammam 31521
0540280044 or

Almarai Company
Over 1500 Indian workers in different fields include managerial,
technical, supervisory, operator and labour category workers
P.O. Box 8524, Riyadh 11492
01- 4700005

Fawaz Thamir Al Mulhim Est
700 Workers with different skills
Mr. Habeeb Mohammed

Al Manashy Contracting Company
Engineers and Lobours etc.
Khalid Abdulrahman Al Rashed
1-2222544 ext. 105
Fax 2222744

Nasser S. Al-Hajri Corporation
Civil, Mechanical and Electrical categories
Manager HR
Tel : 00966 3 8650 009 –Extn: 123 /235
Mob: 00966 5152 02479 00966 5663 18794

Bassam Abdullah Al Kharashi
Fax 00966-1-446-8319

Al-Majdouie Logistics
Mechanics, Technicians, Operators, Labour and Heavy Duty Driver
Syed Burhanuddin
P O Box 366
Dammam 31411
Fax 00966-3-8116125

Al -Rosan Co

Random Company
Khalid AlSobaie

Fax 00966-3-8324750/831

Construction industry
Mohamed Niaz Kooloth

Taazur Contracting
Man Power
Mr.Abdulkareem Al Ghulaigah
Tel 03-6673576 /Fax 03-6681075

Consolidated Techniques
Sales Executives, Engineers,CCTV/ Security System Engineers and
Technicians,BroadBand Wireless Engineers and Technicians,Presale Expert
Mr.Shahul Hameed
Tel 01-2910956 / Fax 01-4730459

Al Manashy Doors
Labours,Painters,Welders,Drivers, Technicians,Electricians
Mr.Qazi M. Sabihuddin
Tel 01-2222544 / Fax 01-2222744

Durt Dari Foundation for Construction
General Labour
Mr.Abdulla Aziz
Mobile 0553043035

Contracting and Construction Enterprises
Steel Fixers,Carpenter Shattering,Finishing Carpenters, Electricians,
Duct Fitters, Pipe Fitters, Plumping, Scaffolding, Laborers.
Mr.Anas H.Al Ghafeer
Tel 01-4161122 /Fax 01-4161948

M/s Nasser Mubarak Establisment
Heavy Drivers
Mr.Naser Mubarak Al Enaji
Mobile- 0503159016

Saudi Ober Group
Tailors,Drivers,Medical Engineers,Cleaners
Mr.Harun Rashid
Tel 01-2790240 / Fax 012790249

Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical Engineers
Mr.George Tharakan
Mobiile 565533377

General Labour
General Manager
Tel-03220006 Fax 03-220004

Al Aseel Poultry Farms Est
Dr.Adel Awad Al Ghamdi
Mob-0590318808 Tel 03-8433471

Al Sadhan Trading Company
Heavy Drivers, Logistics, Cleaners
Mr.Mohamed Zafafarullah
Mob-0501047414 Tel

Kafaa Mix
Heavy Driver,Poklan,Shawl Operators,Plumber, Pipe Fitter,Steel Fixture,
Auto Electrician, Heavy Equipment Mechanic, Pump Operator,
Welder,Batching Plant Operator

Mr.Etad Taweel

Flying Wings
Welder,Flex Board Worker,Fabrciator, Graphic Designer,Letter Maker,Neon
Mr.Ahmed AL Gaith

Medilink Management
Tecnicians,HVAC-Cost Engineers
Engineer Mohammad Ahmed

The Indian workers who are interested in approaching the above-mentioned companies may note that the work contract agreement to be signed between the employee and employer is a private affair of both parties and Embassy of India is not responsible for any terms and conditions of the work contract.

With Prayers,

Ranees NKT

Youth India Job Adviser


" Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."


  • 'Youth India Job Cell' is intended to advise job vacancies to the right set of candidates. It will work as a bridge between job seekers and job providers. We will not take any responsibility about legal aspects of the job or job providers.
  • All Complaints and Suggestions must be addressed to
  • You can support us by sending Job vacancies to

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[] Funny Signs that Will Make You Smile


This is so mean.

Fun & Info @
Ehhh. I'd rather get arrested than run 26.2 miles. (Image via @RobinsHaveWings)
It's nice to be a woman.

Fun & Info @
Your conscience speaks - will you steal the cutest soap in the hotel? Will you?

Fun & Info @
Deceived child.

Fun & Info @
Thanks, I needed one.
I knew I hit something.

Fun & Info @
The old "Do Not Enter" sign just didn't do the trick. You have to wonder how many problems they had before deciding to post a sign to spell it out for everyone.

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