Wednesday, 21 March 2012

[] Insp: Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Speak softly,
Carry a big stick.
- Teddy Roosevelt

Diplomacy is thinking twice
Saying nothing.
- Unknown

Well done is better than well said.
- Benjamin Franklin

Better silent
Thought a fool
Then speak
Remove doubt.
- Lincoln

The greatest truths are the simplest.
- Hosea Ballou

First learn the meaning of what you say,
Then speak...
- Epictetus

Be sincere;
Be brief;
Be seated.
- Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Use soft words
Hard arguments.
- English Proverb

Fear False Evidence Appearing Real
- Unknown

We have nothing to fear
But fear itself.
- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Think before acting.
Hear before judging.
Listen before speaking.
- Unknown

Think much,
Speak little,
Write less.
- Italian Proverb

Examine what is said,
Not him who speaks.
- Arab Proverb

Fences and arguments
Always have two sides.
- Unknown

Speak softly while others are shouting
- Unknown

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