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[www.keralites.net] Use your imagination to find success


[www.keralites.net] Story of Alexender - The Three Wishes


There is very instructive incident involving the life of Alexander, the great Greek king.
Alexander, after conquering many kingdoms, was returning home. On the way, he fell ill and it took him to his death bed. With death staring him in his face, Alexander realized how his conquests, his great army, his sharp sword and all his wealth were of no consequence.
He now longed to reach home to see his mother's face and bid her his last adieu. But, he had to accept the fact that his sinking health would not permit Him to reach his distant homeland. So, the mighty conqueror lay prostrate and pale, helplessly waiting to breathe his last. He called his generals and said, "I will depart from this world soon; I have three wishes, please carry them out without fail." With tears flowing down their cheeks, the generals agreed to abide by their king's last wishes.
My first desire is that," said Alexander, My physicians alone must carry my coffin." After a pause, he continued, Secondly, I desire that when my coffin is being carried to the grave, the path leading to the graveyard be strewn with gold, silver and precious stones which I have collected in my treasury.
The king felt exhausted after saying this. He took a minute's rest and continued. "My third and last wish is that both my hands be kept dangling out of my coffin."
The people who had gathered there wondered at the king's strange wishes. But no one dare bring the question to their lips. Alexander's favourite general kissed his hand and pressed them to his heart. O king, we assure you that your wishes will all be fulfilled, but tell us why do you make such strange wishes?"
At this Alexander took a deep breath and said:
"I would like the world to know of the three lessons I have just learnt. I want my physicians to carry my coffin because people should realize that no doctor can really cure anybody. They are powerless and cannot save a person from the clutches of death. So let not people take life for granted.
The second wish of strewing gold, silver and other riches on the way to the graveyard is to tell people that not even a fraction of gold will come with me. I spent all my life earning riches but cannot take anything with me. Let people realize that it is a sheer waste of time to chase wealth.
And about my third wish of having my hands dangling out of the coffin, I wish people to know that I came empty handed into this world and empty handed I go out of this world."
With these words, the king closed his eyes. Soon he let death conquer him and breathed his last. . . .


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[www.keralites.net] 10 Self Improvement Activities


In this article you will also find out how to use your energy effectively, what is the quickest way to achieve personal growth and how to excel in every activity.

1st Self Improvement Activity: Use your energy on important things

If you want to succeed in life, you should not waste your energy on activities that do not bring any benefits.

Such useless activities include surfing the internet without any purpose, watching TV, worrying and wasting money.

When you are involved in such activities, you have no or little energy left for activities that can create a better future. It is worth prioritising and accomplishing important tasks first, and then if you still have enough energy, you may decide to do the unimportant.

2nd Self Improvement Activity: Focus on one task at a time

If you want to get perfect results, you should only concentrate on one activity. This way all your energy will go into it and you will accomplish it perfectly.

If you waste your energy on several things at the same time, you will get average results because you will divide your energy between the activities.

3rd Self Improvement Activity: Control your thinking

To avoid chaos in your mind resulting in chaos in the outside world, you should try to observe your thoughts. Once you start doing that, you will notice how many negative thoughts you get daily.

By observing negative thinking you will be able to emotionally disengage from it. As a result, negative thinking will affect you less and you will notice that your days are getting more peaceful and positive.

4th Self Improvement Activity: Get organised

When you live in an organised manner, you do not suffer from stress and your life is peaceful and balanced.

To start living this way, you should start planning your day in advance. This will eliminate any stress caused by being late to a meeting or forgetting to complete some task.

You should also live in tidiness because by keeping your home clean you also keep your mental state clear and peaceful. Such mental state will benefit you in many ways, including improved memory and less negativity.

5th Self Improvement Activity: Live in the present

Although this self improvement activity may seem strange to you, it is a very important activity that many ignore. The majority of people do not live in the present. They either dwell on their past or daydream about the future. They seem to forget the most important time of all the present.

You should enjoy every present moment because your current state of mind always manifests in the outside world, creating your future accordingly.

Therefore if your main mood is very positive, you will experience only happy days. However, if you dwell on negative thoughts, you are sure to encounter many obstacles and misfortunes in the present and days to come.

6th Self Improvement Activity: Complete each task in a perfect manner

Whenever you are working on some project, try to accomplish it in the best way possible. Always ask yourself Is this project turned out as perfect as it could possibly be? If the answer is no, try to correct or add something to it until there is nothing that you can improve.

This way you will make sure that each single task you accomplish is done in an excellent manner. By doing this you will create successful future because you cannot possibly fail if you only get perfect results.

Also, when you entirely focus on one task excluding everything else, you will notice that you start enjoying the task. If you concentrate on the task but still do not enjoy it, that means that you probably see the task as a means to an end rather than the process.

You should start focusing on the process itself to find enjoyment in the task. Such enjoyment will fuel motivation and you will accomplish everything quicker and better.

If you enjoy your work, you will put only positive energy into it. As a result, your completed tasks will bring you success.

7th Self Improvement Activity: Challenge yourself

Nothing develops you more than challenges. Challenges force you to shift your comfort zone, experience new situations and make you grow. Without challenges life would be very boring and depressing.

Challenges are necessary for every human being who is seeking quality life. Only through trial and error you realise who you really are, which activities you like and what preferences you have.

You can easily measure the success of a person by the amount of challenges s/he had.

8th Self Improvement Activity: Read personal development books

There is nothing more important than searching information about self improvement. Without reading any self improvement books or articles you cannot improve yourself.

I have written an article about 20 life changing personal development books. It might be worth checking them out. Many of them are available for free! Click here to read this article.

9th Self Improvement Activity: Socialize only with positive people

Positive people can inspire, empower and make you happy. It is so much worth to be at least once in a while with positive people rather than constantly spend time with negative friends or relatives.

If you spend your days with, for example, lazy people, you may notice that you are becoming lazy.

If all your friends main qualities are negative, try to avoid all of them. This way you will not be affected in a negative way and after some time will start attracting positive people.

10th Self Improvement Activity: Exercise

Daily exercise develops determination, focus and patience. It improves your health and strengthens your body. It makes you more active, positive and invincible.

People who exercise every day are always perceived as strong-willed and disciplined.


These personal improvement activities are sure to put you on the track to success. I hope that you will apply the steps in this article and, as a result, will greatly improve the quality of your life.


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[www.keralites.net] A postman from Thiruvananthapuram.who saves Cancer patient lives! A must read and Share.


Fun & Info @ Keralites.net

Fun & Info @ Keralites.net
Meet a postman who has been extending a healing hand to cancer victims and families who have lost their only earning member to cancer.
In our series on Extraordinary Indians, Manu A B meets S Babu in Thiruvananthapuram.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things. This postman has walked that extra mile every day to save people's lives, even as he delivered letters in his neighbourhood.
A saviour for many cancer patients, S Babu works at the Kowdiar post office in Thiruvananthapuram. His goodwill and sincere efforts have saved the lives of countless patients in Kerala's capital city.
For the last four years, the 56-year-old postman has been extending a healing hand to cancer victims and some families who have lost their only earning member to cancer.
"People have great regard for him. It is great to see how he leverages the opportunity of meeting people while on the job for a noble cause," says Sobha Koshy, chief postmaster general, Kerala circle.
"With their support, he reaches out to poor cancer patients. It is a unique gesture where a person makes his work more meaningful and, at the same time, helps humanity at large. His goal is to give back to society," adds Koshy.
Besides donating funds and arranging meals for poor cancer patients, Babu has actively taken part in organising a free cancer diagnosis camp in Thiruvanathapuram.
"It is shocking to see how poverty forces many patients to skip meals during cancer treatment. Though the government offers a 20 per cent discount in treatment expenses to BPL (Below the Poverty Line) citizens at the Regional Cancer Centre, many can't afford the treatment or eat food during treatment. It is heartbreaking to see their plight," says Babu.
A tragedy led Babu to work for cancer patients. His sister Florence, who worked as a nurse in a maternity hospital, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
During his visits to the hospital to meet her, he saw the trauma of other cancer patients, how they suffered without money to buy food or medicines.
"It was depressing to see my sister lose the fight to the dreaded disease. Her loss is irreparable, but she is my inspiration to do everything possible for critically ill patients who cannot afford medical treatment," says Babu.
Babu's parents had read about Florence Nightingale and wanted one of their daughters to be like her. Babu's sister was a caring person who lived up to her name and her parents' expectations. She used to set aside 30 per cent of her salary for charity, besides helping people get medicines and food whenever she could.
Even when she was undergoing treatment, Florence continued to help poor people who could not afford treatment.
Florence died within a year of being diagnosed with cancer; she was just 45.
As a postman, Babu has a rigorous daily routine. He has about 1,000 houses on his 'beat' (area of work). He visits atleast 500 houses every day.
On the performance chart in the post office, Babu has a 100 per cent score.
He says he finds the job a blessing as it gives him the opportunity to interact with people and encounter some good Samaritans.
"Besides being a good worker, Babu is a socially committed person. He has a good rapport with his customers and they consider him an esteemed member of their family," says Koshy.
Babu discovered there were many more people keen to help, so the Santhawnam Charitable Society was formed. This trust has 124 members, who are actively involved in supporting critically ill patients.
He came across several senior government officials like M S Mathews, former additional secretary of the housing board (who is now the president of the Society) and John Koyilparambil, former chief conservator of forests, who were keen to lend their support to his cause.
The Society has offered financial aid worth Rs 1 million since 2007 to poor cancer patients. It gives a donation of Rs 25,000 every quarter to the Regional Cancer Centre at Thiruvananthapuram.
The donations the Society receives are voluntary.
Every month, Babu keeps aside a part of his salary for charity work. The staff at the post office in Kowdiar offer him a sum of money every month.
"We need more generous people. Rich people hardly think of helping the poor. However, you need not be rich to help. Even Rs 100 from each person can make such a big difference," says Babu.
"People's active participation can help millions of people in need. You just need to have a helping mentality," he points out.
The Santhawnam Charitable Society gets many applications seeking help, but the lack of funds stops it from reaching out to all critically ill patients. The Society has currently only Rs 30,000 in its bank account.
Besides donating funds and food to the needy, the Society has started an annual cancer awareness camp where people get a free check up conducted by doctors from the Regional Cancer Centre.
"Prevention is better than cure," says Babu. "We want to make sure that people get saved before it gets too late. Early diagnosis can save lives so we plan to conduct such camps every year."
>He feels there are more cancer patients than ever before in Kerala. The change in lifestyle, food habits and poor exercise have resulted in an increase in the number of cancer cases, he says.
"We badly need funds to support not just the patients, but also the families who have no support system after a family member dies. Today, we see patients from two years to 80 years battling this deadly disease," says Babu.
"The fight for survival becomes more painful when they have no money."
For Babu, saving the life of 45-year-old Prabhakaran has been the most unforgettable incident in his life.
"Doctors had given up on him. To make matters worse, he did not have enough money for treatment. The Society managed to arrange the funds he needed. Prabhakaran's life was saved and he leads a normal life now," says Babu.
There was another instance where the Society helped a young paralysed boy to travel to Vellore for treatment. The boy can walk now.
"These miracles change lives forever," says Babu. "Our work becomes meaningful when we see people get a new life."
Many people feel they cannot do much. But every small gesture helps someone in need, Babu says.
He feels the younger generation is not doing enough to support such noble causes. "Today, youngsters are well qualified, they earn good salaries, but they hardly spend time for social causes," Babu adds.
"Our trust has only elderly and retired people. I am the youngest member," he points out.
Babu came from a poor family, so he knows the pangs of hunger. He understands the problems of the poor.
"During our childhood, we worked in the fields and our only thought was how we could sustain ourselves. I did not have high hopes. Luckily, I got a job and today we lead a decent life. I feel good that I have brought positive changes in the lives of other people too."
Babu's crusade does not stop here. As president of the Aruvikkara Residents Association, he works for the welfare of residents in his hom town.
Babu and his friends recently won a court battle against a contractor who did a shoddy job repairing roads in his area. The contractor was pulled up and asked to redo the roads.
"I don't know if this will actually happen," says Babu. "But we never stop trying in our own way."
The Aruvikkara Residents Association gives rice to 200 poor families every month. It also gives free uniforms and books to 100 children every year.
Babu wants to continue working for the needy. He hopes more people will come forward to help him in this initiative.
If you wish to help Babu, please call him on 095394- 80503.
You can help cancer patients by donating funds to the Santhawnam Charitable Society, Account No: 30239419993, State Bank of India, Jawahar Nagar Branch, Kowdiar.
Please forward if it touched your heart.


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[www.keralites.net] Thrissur pooram 2012: ആനക്കാഴ്ചകള്‍ - Only for Elephant Lovers :)


ആനക്കാഴ്ചകള്‍ ...

"എന്തുട്ടാഷ്ടാ അവന്‍റെ കൊമ്പ്, ആ തലേടുപ്പു നോക്യേ.... "
പൂരമൈതാനിയിലും പാറമേക്കാവിനുമുന്നിലും കുളിച്ചു കുറിതൊട്ട് തലയെടുപ്പോടെ നിന്ന കരിവീരന്‍മാരെ എത്ര കണ്ടിട്ടും മതിവരുന്നില്ല തൃശൂരുകാര്‍ക്ക്.
തലയെടുപ്പിലും പൊക്കത്തിലും ഒന്നാം നിരക്കാരായ ഗജവീരന്‍മാര്‍ എത്തുന്ന പൂരത്തിന്‍റെ തലേന്നാള്‍ നഗരം ആനക്കാഴ്ചകള്‍ക്കു പിന്നാലെ.

വൈകിട്ടു മൂന്നുമണിയോടെ ജില്ലയില്‍ നിന്നും കേരളത്തിന്‍റെ വിവിധഭാഗങ്ങളില്‍നിന്നുമായി കൊമ്പന്മാര്‍ എത്തിത്തുടങ്ങി.

പൂരമൈതാനിക്കു മുകളില്‍ കത്തിനിന്ന മേടസൂര്യന്‍ പടിഞ്ഞാറോട്ട് ചാഞ്ഞതോടെ കരിവീരന്‍മാര്‍ നീരാട്ടിനു നായ്ക്കനാല്‍ പരിസരത്തെ വെള്ളം നിറച്ച തൊട്ടിക്കു സമീപത്തേക്ക്.
ഇതോടെ പുരുഷാരവും നീങ്ങി അവിടേക്ക്.

തൂണുപോലെ കാലും ചൂലുപോലെ വാലും മുറംപോലെ ചെവിയുമുള്ള, നഴ്സറിക്ലാസില്‍ പരിചയപ്പെട്ട ആനയെ ഒന്നു തൊടാന്‍ കുട്ടികള്‍ വാശിപിടിച്ചു.
"വേണങ്കെില്‍ ഒന്നു തൊട്ടോ..." ഗാംഭീര്യം കലര്‍ന്ന സ്വരത്തില്‍ പാപ്പാന്‍ .

ആനകളില്‍ താരം കുട്ടിക്കൊമ്പന്‍ ചേറ്റുവ കണ്ണനായിരുന്നു.
പൊക്കമില്ലായ്മയാണ് എന്‍റെ പൊക്കം എന്നമട്ടില്‍ കുസൃതികളോടെ കണ്ണനെത്തിയപ്പോള്‍ ആനപ്രേമികള്‍ കണ്ണനുചുറ്റും തിക്കിത്തിരക്കി.

ചെമ്പൂത്ര ദേവീദാസന്‍, കുന്നുമേല്‍ പരമേശ്വരന്‍, ജൂനിയര്‍മാധവന്‍കുട്ടി, അന്നമനട ഉമാമഹേശ്വരന്‍ തുടങ്ങി തിരുവമ്പാടി വിഭാഗത്തിന്‍റെ ആനകളെല്ലാം നീരാട്ടു കഴിഞ്ഞു നിരന്നു.

അഗ്രശാലയ്ക്കു പിറകിലായിരുന്നു പാറമേക്കാവു വിഭാഗത്തിന്‍റെ കൊമ്പന്‍മാരുടെ നീരാട്ട്.

കുളികഴിഞ്ഞു പനമ്പട്ടയെമെടുത്തു പ്രത്യേകം തയാറാക്കിയ പവലിയനില്‍ വെയില്‍ കാഞ്ഞൊരു നില്‍പ്പ്.
വൈകാതെ തന്നെ ഡോക്റ്റര്‍ സംഘം പരിശോധനയ്ക്കെത്തി. പാസ്മാര്‍ക്ക് കിട്ടയതോടെ പാറമേക്കാവ് ക്ഷേത്രത്തിനു മുന്നിലേക്ക്.

തൃശൂരിലെ പൂരക്കമ്പക്കാരില്‍ ഏറെയും ആനപ്രേമികളാണ്.
പളപളതിളങ്ങുന്ന നെറ്റിപ്പട്ടവും, അഴകായി മുകളില്‍ വട്ടംകറങ്ങുന്ന ആലവട്ടവും വെണ്‍ഞ്ചാമരവും കാല്‍ത്തളകളും മണികളുകളുമായി ആനച്ചന്തം കാണാന്‍ എത്തുന്നവര്‍ക്കു തൃശൂര്‍ പൂരം ആനപ്പൂരം തന്നെ... (കെ.പി. ഷിജു)

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