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Yk©µ¡s® AtÚ±a¡lJh¡X®,  lq¨j ©k¡kl¤« h¦a¤kl¤« ¨d¨¶¼® ÈY« o«gl¢´¡u o¡Ú¬Yi¤¾Y¤h¡X®.  mj£j·¢¨Ê F¿¡ ±dlt·c·¢c¤« Blm¬l¤h¡i Yk©µ¡s® Yk©i¡¶¢ F¼  F¿¢uJ¥T¢c¤¾¢v lq¨j g±ah¡i¡X® o¥È¢µ¢j¢´¤¼Y®.


Yk©µ¡s¢¨c O¤×¢ o¢.Fo®.Fe® F¼ ±a¡lJh¤Ù®. Cª ±a¡lJ·¢v´¤q¢µ® Yk©i¡¶¢´¤¾¢v o¤jÈ¢Yh¡X® Yk©µ¡s®. Yk©i¡¶¢¨i BljX« ¨Oií® ©dm¢Jq¤« ¨J¡r¤¸¤« ¨Y¡k¢i¤« h¤T¢i¤« DÙ®.  dj¢h¢Yh¡i j£Y¢i¢v Ok¢´¡c¤« Yk©i¡¶¢´® o¡b¢´¤«. BljX¹w  D¾Y¢c¡v Yki®´® Gk®´¤¼ Y¶¤« h¤¶¤« A©Y l£j¬·¢v Yk©µ¡s¢v F·¢¿.  dj¢h¢Yh¡i j£Y¢i¢v Yk©µ¡s¢c® Yki®´¤¾¢v  J¤k¤¹¡c¤¾ CTl¤« DÙ®.

Yk©µ¡s® J¤k¤¹¤«

Yki®´® Y¶¤J¢¶¤©Ø¡w Yk©µ¡s® Yk©i¡¶¢´¤¾¢v J¤k¤¹¤«. Yki¤¨T d¢ug¡L·¤  mÇh¡i  AT¢  kg¢µ¡v Yk©µ¡s® mÇ¢i¡i¢ h¤©¼¡¶¡º®®  D¾¢v  Yk©i¡¶¢i¤¨T h¤ug¡L·® Y¶¤«. Yk©µ¡s® Hj¤©L¡q«©d¡¨ki¡¨XÆ¢v o¤n¤h®c¡ c¡V¢ J¶¢©is¢i  c¡T©d¡¨ki¡X®.

¨±fi¢u o®¨×«

Yk©µ¡s¢¨c o¤n¤h®ci¤h¡i¢ fÜ¢¸¢´¤¼, Yk©i¡¶¢´¤¾¢v Ì¢Y¢ ¨O़ g¡Lh¡X® ¨±fi¢u o®¨×«. o¤n¤h®c¡c¡V¢¨i´¡w Cj¶¢©i¡ AY¢©k¨s©i¡ l»h¤¾  c£q« J¤sº YÙ¡X® ¨±fi¢u o®¨×½¢¨Ê MTc. DXtl¤« ©f¡bl¤« c¢kc¢s¤·¤¼  ±db¡c g¡L¹w ¨±fi¢u o®¨×½¢k¤Ù®. Yki¢v mÇh¡i Y¶¤J¢¶¢i¡v Yk©µ¡s®  Yk©i¡¶¢´¤¾¢v A©¹¡¶¤« C©¹¡¶¤« Ok¢´¤«. A©¸¡w ¨±fi¢u o®¨×½¤« Yk©µ¡s¤« Y½¢v ©Oj¤¼g¡L·® Dkµ¢v o«gl¢´¤«. CY® ©f¡b« cm¢´¡u J¡jXh¡J¤¼¤. Dkµ¢v h¡±Y©h o«gl¢´¤¼¤¾¥ F¼Y¤¨J¡Ù®  Ak®d« ohi« h¡±Yh¡i¢j¢´¤« A©f¡b¡lo®Z.F¼¡v mÇh¡i Dkµ¢v l¼® Cª g¡L·¢c® J¡j¬h¡i ÈY« o«gl¢µ¡v YvÈX« hjX« o«gl¢´¡«. F¼¡v  H¡t½´¤sl® DÙ¡´¤¼Y¢¨Ê J¦Y¬h¡i J¡jX« Cc¢i¤« JÙ¤d¢T¢´¨¸¶¢¶¢¿.

©V¡. ©s¡ft¶® h¡Y¬¤

Home remedies for most ailments - simple and easy to use - very useful save this


Home remedies for anaemia

Anaemia handling using Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is required for preventing or curing anaemia. This vitamin is generally found in animal protein, particularly in meats such as kidney and liver. There are, however, other equally good quality sources of vitamin BI2 such as dairy products which also enclose some B12

Anaemia treatment by means of Beets

Beets are very cooperative in curing anaemia. Beet juice contains potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur, iodine, iron, protein, fat, vitamins B1 B2, B6, niacin, and vitamin P. Through their high iron content, beets help in the formation of red blood cells. The juice of red beet strengthens the body's powers of resistance and has proved to be an brilliant medicine for anaemia, particularly for children and teenagers, where other blood-forming remedies have found unsuccessful.

Anaemia treatment by means of Fenugreek

The leaves of fenugreek facilitate in blood formation. The cooked leaves be supposed to be taken by adolescent girls to prevent anaemia, which may occur due to the start of teenage years and menstruation. The seeds of fenugreek are also a expensive treat for anaemia, being rich in iron. One of the best home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment via Lettuce

Lettuce is an additional effective remedy for this sickness as it contains a considerable amount of iron. It can, thus, be used as a good quality tonic food for anaemia. The body simply absorbs the iron in it

Anaemia treatment via Spinach

This leafy vegetable is a precious source of high grade iron. Following its absorption, it helps in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells. It is thus helpful in building up the blood, and in the avoidance and handling of anaemia.

Anaemia treatment with Soyabean

Soyabean is loaded in iron and also has a high protein charge. As most anaemic patients typically also suffer from a weak digestion, it ought to be given to them in a very light form, if possible in the form of milk, which can be simply digested.

Anaemia treatment via Almonds

Almonds have copper to the extent of 1.15 mg for each 100 gm. The copper all along with iron and vitamins, acts as a channel in the synthesis of haemoglobin. Almonds are, therefore, a helpful medicine for anaemia. Seven almonds should be drenched in water for about two hours and ground into a paste after removing the thin red skin. This paste may be eaten once every day in the morning for three months. One of the well liked home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment by means of Sesame Seeds

Black sesame seeds, as a rich source of iron, are priceless in anaemia. After drenched one teaspoon of the seeds in warm water for a couple of hours, they must be ground and strained, and then mixed with a cup of milk and sweetened with jaggery or sugar. This mixture should be given to patients suffering from anaemia. One of the effective home remedies for anemia.

Anaemia treatment with Honey

Honey is notable for building haemoglobin in the body. This is mostly due to the iron, copper, and manganese contained in it

Anaemia treatment via Other Foods

There are a number of other foods which are rich sources of iron and can be used helpfully in the treatment of anaemia. The more essential of these are bananas, black grapes, plums, strawberries, raisins, onions, squash, carrots, radish, celery, and tomatoes.

Anaemia Diet

Include raw vegetables and fresh fruits rich in iron

Diet is of highest importance in the handling of anaemia. Refined foods similar to white bread, polished rice, sugar, and desserts rob the body of its much-needed iron. Iron must if possible be taken in its usual organic form in food. The stress in the diet should be on raw vegetables and fresh fruits which are rich in iron.

Go for healing treatment with an exclusive fruit diet

The patient should commence a healing treatment with an special fruit diet for five days, taking three meals a day of fresh juicy fruits. A fruit and milk diet may pursue this for about fifteen days. In this routine, the occurrence of meals should be accurately the same as for the earlier all-fruit diet. After that, the patient may slowly embark upon a proportionate diet, consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Extra Anaemia Treatment

Cold water baths

Cold water baths are suggested in anaemia. The patient must be given a cold bath with awareness twice daily, the coldness of the water being increased slowly

Warm Epsom salts bath and sunbatbs

A hot Epsom salts bath for five to ten minutes once a week and an occasional steam bath are also helpful. Sunbaths are particularly helpful as the sunlight stimulates the production of red cells.

Deep inhalation and light exercises

Extra important factors that assist in curing anaemia are deep breathing and light exercises like walking.

Yogic asanas

Yogic asanas such as sarvangasana paschimottanasana and shavasana as well as massage are also useful in this regard.
Anaemia may be defined as a situation in which there is a reduce in the quantity of haemoglobin or in the number of red cells. Anaemia is amongst the most common ailments disturbing individuals. Almost half the blood curving in our veins and arteries consists of red blood cells which carry oxygen to the tissues. Just about one trillion or 100 million new blood cells are created daily in the bone marrow. The raw resources required in the manufacture of these cells are iron, proteins, and vitamins, particularly folic acid and B12. Of these, iron and proteins are necessary in structure up the red colouring matter called haemoglobin. A red cell has a lifetime of just about one hundred and twenty days and is then damaged and replaced. Each person should have about 15 gm of haemoglobin per 100 ml of blood, and a blood count of just about five million red cells per millimetre of blood. 

Symptoms of anaemia

Weakness, fatigue, be short of of energy and giddiness

The patient generally complains of weakness, fatigue, lack of energy and giddiness. Extra symptoms comprise a haggard look, premature wrinkles, dull and tired looking eyes, poor memory, shortness of breath on exertion, headache, slow healing of wounds, and palpitations. The skin and mucous membranes appear pale.

Causes of anaemia

Diminished configuration of red blood cells in the bone marrow

A diminished formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow, also due to defects in the bone marrow, or due to an insufficient intake of iron, vitamins, and proteins, is one of the chief causes of anaemia.

Serious loss of blood due to injury, hemorrhage

Other essential causes are heavy loss of blood due to injury, bleeding piles, or too much menstruation in women

Be short of of hydrochloric acid in the stomach or intestinal parasites or worms

Anaemia can too occur due to a lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is required for digestion of iron and proteins, or intestinal parasites or worms.
Ailments are given on right and left side , please click on them to get the home remedies.


Gorgeous Alexis Bledel

Gorgeous Alexis Bledel...!


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We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill

We live in a give-and-take society. When we give, we usually expect to get something in return. But sometimes we give for the sheer joy of giving. We don't expect anything in return. It just makes us feel good to know that our giving has made a positive impact; it has helped in some way or it has made someone happy.

A devastating tornado hit close to where David and his family lived but they were very fortunate that they didn't get much damage. However, only miles away there was severe destruction along the path the tornado touched. David and a few volunteers quickly went to see if they could offer their help to the families in need. They spent the next couple weeks cleaning, painting, rebuilding homes and lives. David sacrificed many hours of his time but when he looked into the teary eyes of those they helped and saw such gratitude and hopefulness, it was all worth it.

When we give freely and what we are able, we usually find that we have more to give than we had realized. We might have our service and help to give, as well as our time, attention, or finances. When we give our best and we give it willingly, we can't help but get something in return and often that something is happiness.


No matter how big or small my giving is, it enlarges my capacity for happiness.

I will PRACTICE happiness today….by giving freely and cheerfully.

Empowering Thoughts:

Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. ~Madeline Bridges

Give cheerfully and freely. It is the energy behind the giving that matters so do not give grudgingly. ~David Gikandi

There is more happiness in giving than receiving. ~Acts 20:35

courtesy: Krystal Kuehn

Thinking of you.


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Somebody is thinking of you.
Somebody is caring about you.
Somebody misses you.
Somebody wants to talk to you.
Somebody is very proud of you.
Somebody wishes you were here.
Somebody needs you to have faith in them.
Somebody trusts you.
Somebody hears a song that reminds them of you.
Somebody hopes everything turns out great for you.
Somebody wants you to know they are there for you.
Somebody can’t wait to see you.
Somebody loves you for who you are.
Somebody wants you to be happy.
Somebody sends you a smile!
Somebody is glad to have you for a friend!
And that somebody is ME !!!

The Top Ten Of Everything


The Top Ten Of Everything




Check Yourself

Check  Yourself
Don't Let Flesh Cause  You Not ,
To Tend  To Your Spiritual  Needs
Or  You  Will  Stumble And  Fall  Weak
And If  Not  Careful  You Will Crash
So  Check  Yourself Before  You Wreck,
Your  Soul.
Repair The  Damage  While You Still  Can
Don't  Turn To Man, Turn To God...
He's  Known  To  Fix  Hearts....


 O Righteous Ones
I was born in sin
raised in sin
surrounded in sin,
my family sinned
my friends sinned
nobody I associated with
had righteous within, including myself
and daily I use to dream of a a fiery death.

why do we walk around as we have no faults,
no sorrows, no pain, no tears to cry, no sympathy
no love, no care.
do you ever ask yourself why do
I treat others as if I'm exempt from God's wrath
when I'm not living a truthful righteous life myself.

Why when people step on the righteous path
they automatically assume they're perfect
like King Jesus, the one whom sacrifice his very
life, the one whom endured so much pain,stabs, mocks and laughs
and yet and still before he died and close his eyes,looked
towards the heavens and said Father forgive them they know not
what they do....OR was that you?
 Jesus carried out his fathers will
perfectly with no stumbles, no falls,
He walk on water to save Peter
when his faith had drown,
Prayed to his Father to give the power
to raise Lazarus whom was dead four days from the ground.

And every miracle he performed  he gave God the glory, He didn't deceived
the people as if he performed these miracles on his own,like some of us are accustom of doing.

Jesus would let people know his help
comes from the one greater than himself, (Jehovah God) Jesus was a man whom
was without sin, can you really say that about yourself?

but yet when some become righteous they turn their noised up at everyone else.
instead of reaching out to teach them the right,
 way to go they simply aboard the boat without,
warning a single soul.

Noah....he told the people the words of God,
and although the people didn't listen ,
Noah and his family accepted God word ,
into their hearts  and did as God commanded,
 and when all was done him and his family and,
 many animals boarded the ark and removed ,
themselves from the wicked land.
God caused it to rain forty days and forty nights,
he poured his wrath down upon the wicked with all his might,,,
cause they refused to listen, and turn back from their wicked ways
and they had years months and days to make a change, but they continue to
ignore the one that sit so high and look down low,and continue to do their own thing.
None believed the words from Noah mouth,
but God's word Noah did not doubt.
soon all the wicked disappeared from the face of the earth, and returned back to their natural form dust.
but Noah and his family survived cause in Jehovah God they did trust.

Are you a Jesus the one without sin? are you a Noah the one with sin O righteous ones? are you telling the people
the truth, or are you telling them what man has taught you for centuries Myths..Lies that
can never be found in God's word, cause nothing but truth lives within him
Are you preaching about God's kingdom to come, or are you preaching about what someone did
in the WORLD last night. are your sharing darkness or light, O righteous ones?
Are you judging people
by the clothes they wear, the way they fixed their hair, by the color of shoes they chose to wear 
with that dress that don't match....O righteous ones,  what's up with that? You tell the people to come as they
are, and when they come, your expressions is like "who let them in"....kicking your friend feet which is seated next
to you, to check out what someone is wearing, instead of focusing on the word of God.
Man has took God house
and made it his own....doing every thing that  feels right in their eyes, but in God eyes it wrong.
  O righteous ones?

I'm not perfect, I'm not without sin
but I struggle to do what's right in God eyes so he can one day call me HIS friend like Faithful Abraham...

He simply caused God's heart to rejoice....


(Trinity) God teachings or Man's


God teachings or Man's
Some  people  believe in the Trinity teachings
if this is true  then why isn' the word Trinity
in the bible".
people  believe that God Jesus and  the ,
Holy  Spirit  is one God.
Jesus  and his Father  are one, just like a,
husband  and wife  are  one.
they  are in union with each other  but they,
are two  different people  but  are on one,
accord   with each other... Like  Jesus ,
and  God
They  say that God  Jesus And  The,
Holy  Spirit  are  all  equal.
none higher, lesser or greater.
Read   John 14-28... where Jesus is telling,
his disciples  the Father is greater than, himself that  alone  tells  us that Jesus is not ,
equal  to God also read  Matthew 3-16
Jesus  is  the son of God...
not  God himself... also turn your bibles,
over to John-3-16  which tells us that God,
gave us  his only begotten son...again
this also prove that Jesus is not God...
Now if Jesus  was God, why then do  it,
says in Matthew 24-36
concerning that  day and hour nobody knows,
neither  the  angels  of heavens nor the son.
But  only  the Father
Now  if  Jesus  was God...wouldn't he ,
know of that day and hour?
Read  John 11-41... Before Jesus Rose ,
Lazarus from the dead  who was Jesus ,
praying  to? was it himself ? of course not..
He was  praying to the Father.
now if  Jesus  was God  why then would
he  pray to himself ? make no sense
Jesus  is the son of God...and the scriptures
proves it... still i can't even find  the word,
Trinity in the Bible... matter of the fact,
in any bible...
The Trinity is man  teaching...and not God's
God  has  no beginning nor  end
Jesus  has a beginning and also he died  and,
rose  in three days  if Jesus was God then,
who  was  running things when God,
was  dead for those three days?


Do U know the most Dangerous Letter of the Alphabet ?

Do U know the most Dangerous Letter of the Alphabet
Hi fellas,
WE all learned our alphabets in school, but did you know..........
Which is the most Dangerous Alphabet ??

Answer "W"...
It is tension generator...

All the worries get initiated with "W"...

And finally .......
Believe it or not

And the most dangerous question coming from W (wife), Woh kaun thi ?

Step aside Princesses, here�s the Queen of fashion.

Step aside Princesses,here's the Queen ot fashion.
This weekend England will celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year on the throne. And although she is the second longest reigning queen after Queen Victoria, she's second to none in the royal family in terms of being a style icon. Be it the sumptuous silks, satins gowns or full-skirted dresses, she has always been the epitome of elegance and continues to be one, even today. With a daughter-in-law like Princess Diana, and now granddaughter-in-law Kate Middleton, who are fashion divas in their own rights, Queen Elizabeth does stand her ground as a woman who knows how to reign in style.

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A curator holds a book of pictures of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II by Wilding at Drawings Gallery in Windsor Castle. Reuters
Fun & Info @ Emailday.Blogspot.Com
The Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain dances in an unknown location during her official visit to Canada, October 1951.AFP
Fun & Info @ Emailday.Blogspot.Com
Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth II) and her fiance Philip Mountbatten (also the Duke of Edinburgh) pose in the Buckingham Palace on July 09, 1947. AFP
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The Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain and her husband Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, pose during their honeymoon, 25 November 1947. AFP
Fun & Info @ Emailday.Blogspot.Com
Portrait taken 7 June 1951 of the Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, wearing a diamond crown. AFP
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The Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip and David Webster speaking with Margot Fonteyn at CG Gala. Reuters
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Queen Elizabeth II smiles in the garden of the Government House in Perth, 21 April 1988. Thousand of people sang and wished her a happy 62th birthday.AFP
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Britain's Queen Elizabeth leaves after the opening of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, London,



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~*`Divine Tree Of Life `*~ 

Jesus  Our  Saviour  Declared:


" I Am  The Tree

You  Are  The  Branches"

~ ~ ~
The Tree Of Life Stands Tall
Through Ages of Time

 (when not altered by man)
Its Branches Bowed And Wavered In Prayers Divine
Bearing Fruit To Sustain The Life of All Mankind
Reappearing Within Seasonal Derivatives Most Sublime
~ ~ ~
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~ ~ ~
Unpicked Fruit Ripens In Warm Sunshine of Day
Food For Birds Dispersed In A Most Unique Way
Fallen Fruit Into The Ground As Seeds Buried Away
Rebirth of Each Tree Sowed From A Seed Is Life's Replay
~ ~ ~
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~ ~ ~
Carried By Pollinating Winds That Spread Far And Wide
Flowers of Trees Reincarnate Across The Divide
Creating Honey From Nectar By Busy Bees In A Hive
There's Much More To A Tree Than Its Beauty To The Eye

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