Saturday, 2 June 2012


 O Righteous Ones
I was born in sin
raised in sin
surrounded in sin,
my family sinned
my friends sinned
nobody I associated with
had righteous within, including myself
and daily I use to dream of a a fiery death.

why do we walk around as we have no faults,
no sorrows, no pain, no tears to cry, no sympathy
no love, no care.
do you ever ask yourself why do
I treat others as if I'm exempt from God's wrath
when I'm not living a truthful righteous life myself.

Why when people step on the righteous path
they automatically assume they're perfect
like King Jesus, the one whom sacrifice his very
life, the one whom endured so much pain,stabs, mocks and laughs
and yet and still before he died and close his eyes,looked
towards the heavens and said Father forgive them they know not
what they do....OR was that you?
 Jesus carried out his fathers will
perfectly with no stumbles, no falls,
He walk on water to save Peter
when his faith had drown,
Prayed to his Father to give the power
to raise Lazarus whom was dead four days from the ground.

And every miracle he performed  he gave God the glory, He didn't deceived
the people as if he performed these miracles on his own,like some of us are accustom of doing.

Jesus would let people know his help
comes from the one greater than himself, (Jehovah God) Jesus was a man whom
was without sin, can you really say that about yourself?

but yet when some become righteous they turn their noised up at everyone else.
instead of reaching out to teach them the right,
 way to go they simply aboard the boat without,
warning a single soul.

Noah....he told the people the words of God,
and although the people didn't listen ,
Noah and his family accepted God word ,
into their hearts  and did as God commanded,
 and when all was done him and his family and,
 many animals boarded the ark and removed ,
themselves from the wicked land.
God caused it to rain forty days and forty nights,
he poured his wrath down upon the wicked with all his might,,,
cause they refused to listen, and turn back from their wicked ways
and they had years months and days to make a change, but they continue to
ignore the one that sit so high and look down low,and continue to do their own thing.
None believed the words from Noah mouth,
but God's word Noah did not doubt.
soon all the wicked disappeared from the face of the earth, and returned back to their natural form dust.
but Noah and his family survived cause in Jehovah God they did trust.

Are you a Jesus the one without sin? are you a Noah the one with sin O righteous ones? are you telling the people
the truth, or are you telling them what man has taught you for centuries Myths..Lies that
can never be found in God's word, cause nothing but truth lives within him
Are you preaching about God's kingdom to come, or are you preaching about what someone did
in the WORLD last night. are your sharing darkness or light, O righteous ones?
Are you judging people
by the clothes they wear, the way they fixed their hair, by the color of shoes they chose to wear 
with that dress that don't match....O righteous ones,  what's up with that? You tell the people to come as they
are, and when they come, your expressions is like "who let them in"....kicking your friend feet which is seated next
to you, to check out what someone is wearing, instead of focusing on the word of God.
Man has took God house
and made it his own....doing every thing that  feels right in their eyes, but in God eyes it wrong.
  O righteous ones?

I'm not perfect, I'm not without sin
but I struggle to do what's right in God eyes so he can one day call me HIS friend like Faithful Abraham...

He simply caused God's heart to rejoice....


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