Saturday, 18 May 2013

[] Khatte-mitten khabhrain from around the world for 19/5/13


Venezuelan's face shortage of toilet paper.
Venezuelans scrambled to stock up on toilet paper Thursday as fears of a bathroom emergency special despite the government's promise to import 50 million rolls. Thousands of rolls flew off the shelves as consumers streamed in.

France will tax smartphones to protect its culture.
France plans to impose a small tax on smartphones, tablets and computers as a way of financing and protecting French cultural activity.
Only in India...
CBI officer probing coal scam arrested for taking Rs.7-lakh bribe.
New Delhi: In a swift operation on Friday night, CBI arrested its own Superintendent of Police – who was reportedly heading the Coalgate probe team – and inspector for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs.7 lakh from a businessman outside its HQ to settle a land dispute.
(Me: Must be one of a kind in the whole world: an officer from India's premier intelligence agency, CBI, specially assigned the job of probing a mega scam, creating his own scam..!)
Indian-origin MLA in Canada accused of perjury…
Toronto: A criminal investigation has been sought against an Indian-origin MLA of Canada's Alberta Province on charges of ethics violation and perjury. Leader of the opposition Wildrose party, Danielle Smith, has asked for police to conduct a criminal investigation into the actions of MLA Peter S. following reports that his home-building company was being pursued by creditors for not paying debts.
(Me: 'sab chalta hain' nahin, nor can politicians run amok outside the shores of apna mahaan Bharat)
(News courtesy: Mumbai Mirror, May 19, 13).
'Pacer was with actress when held'
Sree (yani ki Sreesanth) was with a local actress when he was nabbed from a metro 5-star, police sources said. The pacer was NOT staying with other Raj Royals players. It is not clear if the actress was part of the racket to film players in compromising positions and blackmail them.
(It isn't clear either whether the lady, being vainglorious and crazy as many from the filmdom are to be seen with a cricket superstar, or she was part of what is euphemistically 'escorting service')
On the latest cricket scam
All about the scam will be forgotten and all the cricket demi-gods forgiven and elevated to exalted positions in a few years hence. E.g. a tainted ex-captain is an Hon'ble MP, and another an expert commentator for a TV channel – that's ironical cos the same hypocrite mediwallas have gone to town about the scandal, evidently with their eyes firmly fixed on eyeballs/viewers and circulation.
Yeh sab chalta hain, aur chalta hi rahega yahan..
And not all is bad, though
Thane doc brings new LASIK machine, invited to USA meet.
A Thane (near Mumbai) doctor was recently invited to an international conference for his work on eye diseases. Dr. Uday Gadgil attended a symposium held by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive surgery in San Francisco, to speak about his work on curing eye diseases with the use of advanced technologies available at reasonable rates in India.
(Me: Incidentally, surgeries are all expensive for most of us aam janta, but not so by western standards)
Winning is a habit
(Me: Giving lame excuses for losing is a habit, too, with many…)
From the world of science…
Love looking taller? Be careful! Higher the heel, greater the risk of stress on your knees.
(Me: One wonders how some ladies walk with such high heels)
Toothache? Get instant relief placing a whole clove right next to the affected tooth.
Weird world…
Financial crisis not all bad for doting Greek mothers
In a society where families ties traditionally play a prominent role, Greece-s deep economic crisis apparently offers a few Greek mothers a reason to smile and be happy. While financial hardship may have forced many to seek their fortune abroad, it has also obliged an increasing number of young people to return to the family nest, where they are fed and provided for by parents often more than happy to have them back.
(Me: Kinda reverse braindrain; not a bad thing. Even in metro Mumbai, with, even in metro Mumbai, looks the joint family system is back, if only because real-estate (flat/apartment) prices having reached heights beyond the means of even high-salaried working couples, the sons are forced to willy-nilly cool their heels in their parental homes.

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[] Good Morning ......


Fun & Info @ A correct decision gives you confidence; And a wrong decision can double your experience; So don't worry in either case... Good Morning!
Do not store dreams in your eyes, they may roll down with tears... Store them in your heart, each heart beat will inspire you to fulfill them. Good Morning!
Let's start our day with these exercises: Stretch our patience; Run miles of faith; Flex our love for others; And shed our ego; Have a very healthy Morning!

The size of our problems is nothing as compared to our ability to solve them but we over-estimate the problems and under-estimate our ability. Good Morning!
We do not remember days, we remember moments. So enjoy every moment. Good Morning!
Thinking that we are perfect and that others need to be corrected is just like cleaning the mirror instead of cleaning our face! Good Morning!
Read More....................

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[] "9-month pregnant woman gets new liver"


NEW DELHI: A 19-year-old woman who suffered from acute liver failure during pregnancy was saved after a 12-hour transplant surgery here. The child was also delivered successfully which is rare, claim doctors.

The surgery took place at Sir Ganga Ram hospital(SGRH).The patient, Swati Kumari, suffered from acute liver failure in the 38th week of pregnancy due to hepatitis E infection, said the doctors. She was admitted to a hospital in her hometown Patna with severe jaundice and referred to SGRH later.

"The problem in her case was that she required urgent liver transplantation as a life-saving procedure, however, that could put the unborn child at risk of anaesthesia and death. If we had decided to conduct the delivery then the patient would have been at risk of severe uncontrolled bleeding because of thinning blood," said Dr Naimish Mehta, the liver transplant surgeon.

The woman went into spontaneous labour on the second day of her admission and gave birth to the child. But then went into deep coma which could lead to death.

"A healthy person's brain activity measures greater than 90 on Bi-Index Spectrography (BIS). In patients who are under anaesthesia it reduces to 40-60. But, when BIS shows reading of less than 40, then tests for brain death are advised. In Swati's case, the BIS reading was 17-18 which is very low. We were in a quandary whether to perform a transplant to save her or not.

Finally, on the family's permission, a 12-hour long transplant procedure was conducted. The girl's mother donated part of her liver," said Mehta.

Dr Jayshree Sood, head of the department of anaesthesia said the patient regained consciousness within 48 hours of surgery. "The first thing she asked after gaining consciousness was about the child. It's her first baby," said Reena Devi, the patient's mother. Both the child and the mother are doing fine post-surgery, said the doctors.

Health experts say hepatitis E infection is the most common cause of liver failure in pregnancy and is dangerous for both mother and child with a mortality rate from 60 to 100%. "We received four similar cases in the last three years. In three cases, only the mother survived," said Dr Mehta.

He added that hepatitis E virus is transmitted through contaminated food and water. "During pregnancy, the immunity levels are low and chances of infection causing severe complications such as liver failure increase. One must take precautions such as drinking clean water, avoiding food from outside and not having fruits without washing them properly. Maintaining hygienic practices such as hand washing , particularly before handling food is helpful," said a senior gastroenterologist.

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Re: [] List of Hindu temples in Kerala


Also Sree Sankaracharya temple at Kalady (ernakulam dist) also not included in the list.

Kalady is a well known place and 100's people are visiting this place in a day from all over India.

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Shiva Sukumaran <> wrote:

There 3 more temples (important) at Koothattukulam 1. Mahadeva kshethram, 2. Onam kunnu kavu (bahavathy kshethram) 3 Arjunan mala shiva kshethram. And 4. private temple atsreedhareeyam ayurvedic hospital (durgga) and by the nearby town, Palakuzha subramanya kshethram(Ezhava). Thali shiva temple and Kizhakombu Bhagavathy kavu at Kizhakombu.

From: JOSE A A
To: ""
Sent: Saturday, May 18, 2013 2:20 PM
Subject: Re: [] List of Hindu temples in Kerala

Thanks for circulating such useful information, especially beneficial to those who will be visiting Kerala State on a religious pilgrimage cum site seeing tour.

Augustine Jose

From: abdul razak
To: ""
Sent: Saturday, 18 May 2013 3:38 AM
Subject: Re: [] List of Hindu temples in Kerala

Mr pramod agarwal

we know the list of temples churchs mosques,in kerala no need the help of oute side phasists to distroy our harmony

we are kealites, before you wrote hate keariltes,you know kerala is god's on state, we are fully secular and peacefully living peoples. Comparing with all another states are very forward in education,health and anti criminal activities etc. For our developments cristian missionerois, muslim orga

nisations, sreenarayanaguru, mannathpadmanaban and the communists leaders EMS,AKG etc done their best. So pls study and think about kerala and secular india.

best regards

Sent: Friday, May 17, 2013 2:51 Subject: [] List of Hindu temples in Kerala

List of Hindu temples in Kerala

State of Kerala
This is a list of popular Hindu temples in Kerala ordered by district. Complex architecture, sculptures and rich inscriptions in the temples shows the culture and heritage of Kerala.



Name Location Deity
Aarayoor Mahadeva Temple Aarayoor Lord Shiva
Aniruddheswaram Mahadeva Temple Aniruddheswaram Lord Shiva
Aragathu Devi Temple Edagramam, Kaimanom
Aruvippuram Mahadeva Temple Aruvippuram Lord Shiva
Aryanad Bhadrakali Temple Chempakamangalam Goddess Bhadrakali
Aryanad Devi Temple Thannimoodu
Aryanad Dharma Sastha Aryanad
Aryanad Ganapathy Temple Ganapathiyamkuzhi Lord Ganesha
Aryanad Sastha Temple Kottakkakom
Aryanad Siva Temple Anandeswaram Lord Shiva
Aryankuzhi Devi Temple Aryankuzhi
Aryankuzhi Ganapathy Temple Aryankuzhi Lord Ganesha
Ashtalakshmi Viswanatha Temple Pattom
Attukal Devi Temple Attukal Goddess Parvathi
Ayyappa Temple Attukal Lord Ayyappa
Ayyappa Temple Mele Thampanoor Lord Ayyappa
Bharadwajarisheeswaram Mahadeva Temple Bharadwajarisheeswaram Lord Shiva
Chacka Balasubramaniya Swamy Temple Chacka Lord Subramaniya
Chengallur Mahadeva Temple Chengallur Lord Shiva
Chenthitta Shiva Temple Chenthitta Lord Shiva
Chezhungannoor Mahadeva Temple Chezhungannoor Lord Shiva
Chittadeeswaram Mahadeva Temple Chittadeeswaram Lord Shiva
Edakkulam Bhagawati Temple Mannamoola, Peroorkada
Edappazhinji Subrahmania Swamy Temple Edappazhinji Lord Subrahmania
Ekambareswarar Temple Karamana Lord Siva
Edava Palakkavu Bhagavathi Temple Edava, Varkala Goddess Bhadrakali
Eruthavoor Bala Subhramanya Temple Eruthavoor Lord Subhramanya
Enikkara Mahadeva Temple Enikkara Lord Shiva
Hanuman Temple Palayam Lord Hanuman
Indilayappan Temple Avanavanchery, Attingal
Irumkulangara Durga Devi Temple Manacaud Goddess Durga
Janardana Swami Temple Varkala Lord Vishnu
Kamaleswaram Mahadeva Temple Kamaleswaram Lord Shiva
Kantallur Valiyasala Mahadeva Temple Kantallur Valiyasala Lord Shiva
Karamana Shiva Temple Karamana Lord Shiva
Karikkakom Sree Chamundi Devi Temple Karikkakom Goddess Chamundi
Kazhakkutam Mahadeva Temple Kazhakkutam Lord Shiva
Keleswaram Mahadeva Temple Keleswaram Lord Shiva
Keshavapuram Srikrishnaswamy Temple Maruthankuzhy Lord Vishnu
Kilimanoor Mahadeva Temple Kilimanoor Lord Shiva
Konchira Mudippura Bhadrakali Temple Kanyakulangara Goddess Bhadrakali
Kottaykkal Bhagavathi Temple Kadavila Near Attingal
Kovilvila Bhagavati Temple Kovilvila
Kulathoor Kolathukara Mahadeva Temple Kulathoor Kolathukara Lord Shiva
Kunnuvila Temple Manchadimmodu, Chirayinkkezhu
Kurumkalam Bhagavati Temple Kurumkalam
Kusakkodu Mahadevar Temple Thirumala Lord Shiva
Madavoorpaara Cave Temple Thiruvananthapuram
Maha Devar Temple Thirupuram Lord Shiva
Meembattu Devi Temple Koduman (Near) Attingal
Mithrananthapuram Trimurti Temple Westfort Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Mukkolakkal Bhagawathi Temple Mukkolakkal
Nakramcode Devi Temple Avanavanchery
Narmadeswarar Temple Pazhayasalai, Chalai
Neeramankara Shiva Temple Neeramankara Lord Shiva
Padmanabhaswamy Temple Thiruvanthapuram Lord Vishnu
Padmatheertham Shiva Temple Lord Shiva
Pazhavangadi Ganapathy Temple Pazhavangadi Lord Ganesha
Pazhaya Sreekanteswaram Temple Sreekan Lord Shiva
Perappooru Devi Temple Mukkola Goddess Durgadevi, Goddess Bhadrakali
Peroor Sreekrishna Swami Temple Peroor
Plavakulangara Shri Mahadeva Temple Dhanuvachapuram Lord Shiva
Puthukulangara Sree Bhadrakali Temple Puthukulangara
Shangumugam Devi Temple Shangumugam
Venkulam Saraswathy Temple Venkulam, Edava Goddess Saraswathi
Sarkaradevi Temple Sarkara, Chirayinkeezhu Goddess Bhadrakali
Sivagiri Varkala Goddess Saraswathy ,Sri Narayana Gurudevan
Sree Durga Devi Temple Melaranoor,Karamana Goddess Durga
Sree Shivasakthi Mahaganapathi Temple Keezhammakam, Chenkal Lord Ganesha
Subrahmania Swamy Temple Mele Thampanoor Lord Subrahmania
Thaliyadichapuram Sree Mahadeva Temple Nemom Lord Shiva
Thiruvarattu Kavu Devi Temple Palace Road, Attingal
Thrichakrapuram Srikrishnaswamy Temple Vettamukku Lord Vishnu, Vanasastha
Thozhuvancodu Devi Temple Thozhuvancodu
Udiyannoor Devi Temple Maruthamkuzhy
Ujjaini Mahakali Temple Killippalam, Chalai
Vaikam Sree Durga Devi Temple Kadakavoor Goddess Durga
Valiya Pampady Devi Temple Poonkulam, Vellayani
Veerakeralapuram Kshetram Veeralam, Attingal
Vellayani Devi Temple Vellayani Goddess Bhadrakali
Venkatachalapathy Temple Trivandrum Lord Vishnu, Garuda
Vishunupuram Temple Perumpazhuthoor, Neyyattinkara Lord Vishnu
Ramarachamvila Sreedurgambika Temple Keezhattingal Sree Mahalekshmi,Sree Durga and Sree Bhadrakali
Kelamangalam Shri Mahavishnu Temple Keraladithyapuram Lord Vishnu


Name Location Deity
Subramanya Swamy Temple Vilangara Kottarakara Lord Subramanya
Sasthamcotta Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Sasthamcotta Shri Dharma Sastha
Poruvazhy Peruviruthy Malanada Temple Poruvazhy Duryodhana
Sree Puttingal Bhagavathi Temple Paravur Goddess Durga
Sree Ayiravilli Mahadeva Temple Paravur Lord Shiva
Sree Pozhikara Devi Temple Paravur Goddess Lakshmi
Kottekkunnil Subramanya Temple Paravur Lord Subramanya
Bhoothakulam Dharmasastha Temple Paravur Lord Ayyappan
Sri Vikundapuram Mahavishnu Kshethram Bhoothakulam,Paravur Lord Vishnu
Sree Bhoothanatha Temple Chathannoor
Sree Chenamath Mahadeva Temple Chathannoor Lord Shiva
Sree Kalangara Bhagavathi Temple Chathannoor
Sree Kanjiramvilla Bagathavi Temple Chathannoor
Thazhava Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Lord Krishna
Kariyappallil Sree Bhadrakali Temple Thazhava Goddess Bhadrakali
Vithoor Kizhakkathil Sree Durga-Bhadra Temple Thazhava Goddess Durga
Kalarivathukkal Devi Temple Karunagappally
Kadakkal Devi Temple Kadakkal
Magour Siva Temple Kadakkal Lord Shiva
Sree Mangalathu Mahalekshmi Temple Punthalathazham, Kollam-kannanalloor Goddess Lakshmi
Peroor Sree Meenakshi Temple Punthalathazham
Pulimukham Devi Temple Thazhava Goddess Bhagavathi
Radha Madhava Temple Allenchery
Sree Kuzhithrachalil Murugan Temple Karingannor, Oyoor, Kollam Lord Murugan
Sri Mahadevar Temple Agastiacode, Anchal
Vayalil Thrikkovil Mahavishnu Temple Ilamkulam, Kalluvathukkal Lord Vishnu
Kodumootil Sree Badrakali Temple Parippally Sree badrakaali
Sree Chavambalam Poovathoor, pulikuzi, parippally Mahadevan, chavarappupan
Ammachiveedu Devi Temple Lord Ganesha, Chamundi, Yogeshwaran
Ananthavalleeswaram Temple
Kottarakulam Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple Kottarakulam Lord Ganesh
Edakkidom Thettikkunil Sree Maha Devi Temple Edakkidom Devi
Mukathala Murari Temple Mukhathala
Rameshwaram Shiva Kshetram Anchukallumoodu Lord Shiva
Sree Krishna Swamy Temple, Asramom Lord Krishna
Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple Thamarakulam Lord Ganesh
Umikkicham Veedu Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Lord Krishna
Oachira Parabrahma Ksetram Oachira Lord Parabrahman
Shree Subrahmania Swami Temple Alappadu Lord Subramanya
Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Kulathupuzha Lord Ayappan
Pavumba Vishnu And Shiva Temple Pavumba Lord Vishnu
Pavumba Kali Amma Temple Pavumba Goddess Kali
Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi Kshethram Kottarakara Lord Ganesh
Sri Indilayappan Temple Marayikkodu, Karickom, Kottarakara Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Vishnu
Sri Dharma Shastha Temple Achankovil Lord Ayappan
Sri Dharma Shastha Temple Aaryankavu Lord Ayappan
Sri Dharma Shastha Temple Kulathupuzha Lord Ayappan
Sri Shankara Narayana Temple Thenmala
Sri Mariyamman Kovil Devi Temple Thenmala
Azhakiyakavu Devi Temple Manapally
Kadaikodu Mahadeva Temple Kadaikodu near Edakkidom Lord Shiva
Koonambaikulam (വലിയകൂനംബായ്കുളം) )Temple
Chirakkidavu Sree Devi Temple Neduvathur, Kottarakara
Sree Mahadevar Temple Padinjattinkara, Kottarakara
Sree Muthumari Amman Kovil Tb Junction, Kottarakara
Thiruvilangonappan Temple Kamukum Cherry, Pathanapuram
Kulashekharanallur Sree Krishnaswami Devi Temple Kottarakara Lord Krishna
Thrikkupaleswaram Devi Temple Kalayapuram
Sri Durga Bhagavathi Temple Uliyakovil Goddess Durga
Sri Bhagavathy Temple Kollavila Uloor
Poovattoor Bhagavathy Temple Poovattoor
Kumaranchira Devi Temple Soorandu South, Patharam Goddess Durga
Mavelikkonam Devi Temple Nagaroor Kilimanoor
Sri Pazhayidam Narasimha Swamy Temple Anayadi, Sooranadu North Lord Narasimha
Puthiyidam Sreekrishnaswamy Temple Punaloor Lord Krishna
Varattuchira Devi Temple Keralapuram
Sri Mahavishnu Kshethram (Appooppan Kovil) Cheiryaudeswaram, Palkulangara, Trivandrum Lord Vishnu
Vadamon Sreekrishna Swamy Temple Vadamon, Anchal Lord Krishna
Sree Darma Sastha Temple Sakthikulangara Lord Ayappa
Sree Mahadevar Temple Kadavoor
Sree Mahadevar Temple Manalil Mamuttilkadavu
Sree Mahathevar (Mahavishnu) Temple Mamuttilkadavu Lord Vishnu
Anoor Pattupurackal Devi Temple Anoor, Kottarakkara
Ayyampally Devi Temple Chanthoor, Kottarakkara
Sree Mahadeva Temple Kakkakottoor, Kottarakkara Lord Shiva
Vadamon Sree Dharma Sastha Temple (Kochambalam) Vadamon, Anchal Lord Ayappa
Kallada Thondickal Annapoorneswari Temple West Kallada Lord Yogeeswaran
Thenmala Sree Mahaganapathy Temple Near Railway Station Lord Mahaganapathy
Anasthanathu Kudumba Kshetram Alumpeedika Lord Shiva
Peroor Karinalloor Bhagavathy Temple kollam


Name Location Deity
Karunattukavu Sree Krishnaswamy Temple Kavumbahgom, Thiruvalla, Kerala Lord Krishna
Karunattukavu Sree Bhagavathi Temple Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla, Kerala Goddess Bhagavathi
Sri Subramaniaswami Temple Melukara, Kozhencherry Lord Murugan
Anikkattilammakshethram Anicadu, Mallappally Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi
Puthuppallil Sri Bhagavathi Temple Melukara, Kozhencherry
Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Poothamkara Elamanoor Lord Ayappa
Palliyarathalam Shree Badhrakaali Kshethram Nedumprom East Thiruvalla Goddess Badhrakali
Shree Vaipur Mahadeva Temple Vaipur Lord Shiva, Lord Krishnan, Lord Ganesh
Perumpetty Sree Mahadevar Temple Perumpetty Lord Shiva
Kottangal Bhagavathi Temple Kottangal
Sree Dharmasastha Temple Puthoorpadi Kottangal Lord Ayappa
Kulathoor Devi Temple Kulathoormoozhi, Kulathoor
Kulangarakavu Devi Temple Vaipur, Mallappally
Kottanadu Pranamalakkavu Devi Temple Kottanadu, Perumpetty
Kunnam Annapoorneswari Devi Temple Valyakunnam, Chalappally
Shree Shiva Temple Ezhumattoor Lord Shiva
Ezhumattoor Devi Temple Ezhumattoor
Sree Krishna Swami Temple Ezhumattoor Lord Krishna
Thirumalida Mahadeva Temple Mallappally Lord Shiva
Mahadeva Temple Kaviyoor, Thiruvalla Lord Shiva
Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple Sabarimala Lord Ayappa
Sri Malayalappuzha Devi Temple Malayalappuzha
Sri Parthasarathy Temple Aranmula
Pullad Bhagavathikave Devi Temple Pullad Goddess Bhagavathi
Kadammanitta Devi Temple Kadammanitta Goddess Bhagavathi
Naranganam Madathumpadi Devi Temple Naranganam Goddess Bhagavathi
Srivallabha Temple Thiruvalla
Gurunathanmukadi Sree Ayyappaguru Temple Pandalam Lord Ayyappa, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganapati, Sri Bhadra, Sri Nagaraja, Nagayakshi
Thelliyoor Kavu Bhagavathy Temple Thelliyoor Goddess Bhadrakali
Thumpamon Vadakkumnatha Temple Pandalam Buddha
Sree Rekthakanda Swami Temple Omalloor
Mahadeva Temple Mulampuzha, Pandalam Lord Shiva
Thrichenda Mangalam Mahadevar Temple Peringanaru, Adoor Lord Shiva
Sree Bhadra Dharma Shastha Temple Chennampallil, Adoor
Sree Bhadrakali Temple Pannivizha, Adoor Goddess Bhadrakali
Sree Parthasaradhi Temple Adoor
Thazhoor Bhagavathy Kshetram Vazhamuttom Goddess Bhagavathi
Chakkulathukavu Devi Temple Thiruvalla Goddess Bhagavathi
Sree Subrahmanya Swamy Temple Kodumthara Subramanya Swamy
Sree Rakthakandha Swamy Temple Omallur
Vettoor Aayiravillan Temple Vetoor
Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Kozhencherry Lord Krishna
Valamchuzhy Devi Temple Valamchuzhy
Vettoor Sree Mahavishnu Temple Elakolloor Lord Vishnu
Sree Mahadeva Temple Elakolloor Lord Shiva
Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Anaprambal Lord Ayappa
Sri Malayalappuzha Devi Temple Malayalappuzha
Puthenkavu Devi Temple Nedumprom
Karunattukavu Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Kavumbhagom Lord Krishna
Ezhamkulam Devi Temple Ezhamkulam, Adoor
Aduparkavu Devi Temple Vayalathala, Ranni
Thetalikkal Devi Temple Niranam, Thiruvalla
Thattayil Orippurathu Bhagavathy Kshetram Thattayil Lord Ayyappan, Lord Krishna, Devi Bhagavathi
Kaipattoor Sree Muppudaathi Amman Kovil Kaipattoor
Thrichannamangalam Mahadeva Temple Peringinad, Adoor Lord Shiva
Thrikkalanjoor Sree Mahadeva Temple Kalanjoor Lord Shiva
Sreenarayanapuram Temple Manakala, Adoor Lord Vishnu
Punthalavetildevi Temple Pazhakulam
Srebadradharmasastha Temple Chennampillil, Adoor Lord Ayappa
Kuttungal Devi Temple Peringinade
Thiruvampadi Sreekrishnaswami Temple Kizhakkummuri Lord Krishna
Nenmelilkavu Devi Temple Kizhakkummuri
Govindankulangara Devi Temple Mathilbhagom
Thiruvatta Mahadevar Temple Mathilbhagom Lord Shiva
Paliyekkara Subrahmanya Swami Temple Mathilbhagom Subrahmanya Swami
Sree Rama Temple Mathilbhagom Lord Ram
Kadalimangalathu Devi Temple Venpala
Thukalasserry Mahadevar Temple Thukalasserry Lord Shiva
Erankavu Devi Temple Kavumbhagom
Manippuzha Devi Temple Manippuzha
Podiyadi Sreesastha Temple Podiyadi Lord Ayappa
Muthoot Devi Temple
Shri Indilayappan Temple Vayala Vadakku, Kaippattor
Anandeswaram Shiva Temple Kavumbhagom Lord Shiva
Yammarkulangara Temple Peringara
Sri Hanumanswami Temple Paliyekkara
Thrikkayil Subrahmanya Swami Temple Venpala Subrahmanya Swami
Thrikkovil Sree Padmanabha Swami Kshetram Vallicode Lord Vishnu
Thondukulangara Devi Temple Niranam North, Thiruvalla
Pattazhy Devi Temple Pattazhy
Kadakkilathu Adi Parashakthi Temple Kozhencherry -East
Ammummakavu Devi Temple Parakode North, Chiranickal
Chilandi Devi Temple Kodumon Adoor
Kodiyatt Sree Badhrakali Temple Kodumon Adoor Goddess Badhrakali
Churakunnil Malanada Mahadevar Temple Aicad Kodumon
Sree Mahavishnu Maha Kshethram Vazhamuttom Lord Vishnu
Manakkattu Bhagavathy Temple Angadickal Kodumon
Anandabhoodeswaram Mahadevar Temple Mezhuveli Near Pandalam
Elavumthitta Sree Bhagavathy Temple Elavumthitta, Near Pandalam
Kallada Thondickal Annapoorneswari Temple West Kallada, Near Kollam City


Name Location Deity
Sri Chakkulathukavu Bhagavathy temple Neerattupuram Goddess Durga
Konath Sree Bhadra Temple Pallickal, Kayamkulam Goddess Bhadra
Edayilaveedu Sree Bhadra Bhagavathy Temple Kallummoodu, Kayamkulam Goddess Bhadra
Oorukuzhy Sree Shaktheesha Temple Kattanam, Kayamkulam
Chunakkara Sree Mahadeva Temple Chunakkara, Charumood Lord Shiva
Vettathethu Mannadi Bhagavathi Temple South Monkuzhy, Kayamkulam
Thuruthiyil Sree Bhadrakali Devi Temple Karimulackal, Kattanam, Bharanickavu Village Goddess Badrakali
Kannanakuzhi Sree Krishnaswami Temple Vallikunnam, Thamarakkulam Lord Krishna
Karimarathinkal Devi Temple Chingoli
Padanilam Parabrahma Temple Padanilam Lord Parabhrahma
Chettikulangara Devi Temple Mavelikkara Devi Bhagavathi
Sarngakkavu Devi Temple Venmoney
Mahadeva Temple Venmoney Lord Shiva
Jnaneswaram Sree Mahadeva Temple Cherukara (15 km From Changanacherry) Lord Shiva
Kandiyoor Mahadeva Temple Mavelikkara Lord Shiva
Sri Krishnaswamy Temple Mavelikkara Lord Krishna
Adichikkavu Sree Durga Devi Temple Pandanad, Chengannur Goddess Durga
Anandeshwaram Mahadeva Temple Pandanad, Chengannur Lord Shiva
Vetticottu Sri Nagaraja Temple Mavelikkara Nagaraja
Shiva Temple Kurattiyil, Mannar Lord Shiva
Vettiyar Palliyarakkavu Devi Temple Mavelikkara
Kunnathoor Devi Temple Kuttemperoor, Mannar
Harippad Sree Subrahmanyaswamy Maha Kshetram (Harigeethapuresan) Harippad Subramanya Swamy
Mannarshala Temple Haripad
Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple Ambalapuzha Lord Krishna
Erattakulangara Sri Mahadeva Temple Erattakulangara Lord Shiva
Vethalan Kavu Mahadeva Temple Kappil East, Krishnapuram, Alappuzha, Kayamkulam Lord Shiva
Sastamkulangara Narasimhamurthy Temple Chenganoor Lord Narasimha
Angadickal Devi Temple Chenganoor
Mahadeva Temple Chenganoor Lord Shiva
Bharanikkavu Devi Temple Kattanam, Mavelikkara
Sree Devi Temple Chettikulangara
Kottamkulangara Temple Kottamkulangara
Mahadeva Temple Kalarcode, Alapuzha Lord Shiva
Koottummel Devi Temple Eara (Kottayam - Kainady Route 16&Nbsp;km)
Karumathra Temple Kainady (Kottayam - Kainady Route 18&Nbsp;km)
Kottaram Bhagavathy Temple Nedumudy
Mahadeva Temple Kudassanad/anikunnathu Ambalam
Kuttikattu Shree Bhadrakali Devi Temple Kuttikattu Goddess Bhadrakali
Dhanvanthari Temple Prayikkara, Mavelikkara
Panayanaarkavu Devi Temple Mannar
Munnootimangalam Mahavishnu Temple Mannar Lord Vishnu
Thulishalle Mahadeva Temple Mannar Lord Shiva
Sri Surya Temple Mannar
Vetticottu Sri Nagaraja Temple Kattanam, Mavelikara Nagaraja
Sri Shankara Narayana Temple Ambalapuzha
Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple Alapuzha
Karthayayani Devi Temple Chertala Town
Vellorvattom Mahadevar Temple Vellorvattom Lord Shiva
Varanaadu Bhagavathy Temple Varanaadu, Chertala
Kottaram Sridharmasastha Temple Near Ottapunna Nh47 Bypass Lord Ayappa
Dhanvanthri Temple Maruthorvattom
Vellappally Sree Dharma Dhaiva Kshetram Maruthorvattom
Kandmangalam Devi Temple Kandmangalam, Cherthala
Nalpathenneeswaram Sree Mahadeva Temple Panvally, Cherthala Lord Shiva
Thrichattukulam Mahadeva Temple Panvally Lord Shiva
Mahadevar Temple Tiruvizha, Cherthala Lord Shiva
Mahadevar Temple Mararikulam, Cherthala Lord Shiva
Thycattuserry Bhagavathy Temple Thycattuserry, Cherthala
Sreekandeswaram Mahadevar Temple Poochakkal, Cherthala Lord Shiva
Mahadevar Temple Pattankad, Chertala Lord Shiva
Kanichukulanghara Bhagavathy Temple Kanichukulanghara, Cherthala
Thuravoor Narashimha Moorthy-Sudharshana Moorthy Mahakshethram Thuravoor,Cherthala
Purandareswaram Sree Mahadevar Temple Proposed Thuravoor Pamba Road,Alappuzha Lord Shiva in Sarabha Moorthy
Thuravoor Tirumala Devasom Lakshmi Narasimha Temple ThuravooThuravoorr
Nalukulanghara Bhagavathi Temple Parayakad, Thuravoor, Cherthala
Karthayayani Devi Temple Aroor, Cherthala
Kalavancodam Saktheeswara Temple Cherthala
Shiva Subrahmanyapuram Temple Nadubhagom, Thyckattusery, Cherthala
Kadambanakulangra Temple Pallippuram, P.O, Cherthala
Subrahmanya Temple Puthanambalam, Cherthala Lord Subrahmanya
Kochanakulangara Bhagavathy Temple Kayippuram, Muhamma, Cherthala
Malimel Devi Temple Thekkekkara. P.O, Mavelikkara
Ramapuram Bharanikavu Devi Temple Ramapuram, Kayamkulam
Evoor Sree Krishnaswamy Temple Evoor, Kayamkulam Lord Krishna
Malimel Devi Temple Mavelikkara
Puthuparamb Sree Bhagavathy Temple Thalavady, Kunthirickal
Mullikulangara Devi Temple Ponakam, Thekkekkara, Mavelikkara
Puthiyidom Sreekrishna Swamy Temple Kayamkulam Lord Krishna
Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Eruva, Kayamkulam Lord Krishna
Madampil Devi Temple Kandalloor (S), Kayamkulam ( Shree Bhadra
Cheruvaranam Sreenarayanapuram Temple (Puthanambalam) Cheruvaranam, Cherthala
Moncompu Bhagavathy Temple Moncompu, Kuttandu


Name Location Deity
Kidangoor Subhramanya Temple Kidangoor Lord Subhramanya
Neendoor Subhramanya Swami Temple Neendoor Lord Subhramanya
Kottaram Devi Temple Kattampakk, Kottayam
Maniyassery Vaishnava Gandharva Swamy Temple Maravanthuruthu, Vaikom, Kottayam
Chozhiyakadu Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Kottayam Lord Krishna
Manikandapuram Sree Krishna Swami Temple Vakathanam, Kottayam Lord Krishna
Kavinpuram Devi Temple Ezhacherry Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi
Thrikodithanam Mahavishnu Temple Near Changanassery Lord Vishnu
Kalarickal Manikanda Swami Temple Changanacherry Lord Shiva
Vazhappally Mahadeva Temple Vazhappally Lord Shiva
Panamattom Devi Temple Panamattom Badrakali
Veliyannur Temple Panamattom Lord Ayyappa
Kuzhikattu Temple Panamattom
Kavummuri Temple Panamattom
Vadakara Temple Panamattom
Kaniyamparampil Temple Panamattom
Ettumanoor Mahadevar Temple Ettumanoor Lord Shiva
Perumattom Mahadeva Temple Veliyannoor Lord Shiva
Sree Mutharamman Kovil Elamgulam
Sree Dharma Shastha Temple Elamgulam Lord Ayyappa
Puthiyakavu Devi Temple Ponkunnam
Madhura Meenakshi Temple Kanjirappally Madhura Meenakshi
Ganapathiyar Kovil Kanjirappally Lord Ganesha
Nellikkakkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Veliyannoor
Sree Bhagavathi Temple Anicad
Panachikat Saraswathy Temple Kottayam Saraswathy Devi
Sree Maha Ganapathy Temple Malliyoor Lord Ganesh
Mahadeva Temple Ettumanoor Lord Shiva
Vaikom Mahadeva Temple Vaikom Lord Shiva
Subramaniyan Temple Udayanapuram Lord Subramaniya
Shri Subramanya Swami Temple Arpookara (Near Medical College), Kottayam Lord Subramaniya
Sree Narasimha Swamy Temple Kozha, Kuravilangad Lord Narasimha
Kalikavu Devi Temple Kuravilangad
Thirunnakara Mahadeva Temple Kottayam Lord Shiva
Sri Krishna Swamy Temple Thiruvarpu, Kottayam Lord Krishna
Kumaranalloor Devi Temple Kottayam
Nagampadom Mahadeva Temple Kottayam Lord Shiva
Perunna Subramanya Swamy Temple Changanacherry, Kottayam Subramanya Swamy
Naal Ambalam Kottayam Lord Rama, Lord Laksmana, Lord Bharatha Lordshathrugna
Cheruvalli Devi Temple Cheruvalli Bhadra
Kudamaloor Devi Temple Kudamaloor
Manakkat Bhagavati Temple Manakkat
Sankaranarayana Swamy Temple (Thevarmala) Kayoor, Pala
Kadappattur Mahadeva Temple Pala Lord Shiva
Lalam Mahadeva Temple Pala Lord Shiva
Sree Gandharvaswamy Temple (Andoor), Pala
Antheenadu Mahadeva Temple Pala Lord Shiva
Bharananganam Sreekrishna Swamy Temple Pala Lord Krishna
Thidanadu Mahadeva Temple Eratupetta Lord Krishna
Pallikunnel Devi Temple Poonjar Thekekara
Subramanya Swami Temple Poonjar Thekekkara Subramanya Swami
Sreekrishna Swamy Temple Poonjar Lord Krishna
Mankombum Kavu Devi Temple Poonjar
Sri Dharma Sastha Temple Poonjar Lord Ayappa
Mulakulam Sree Lakshmana Swami Temple Mulakulam Lakshmana Swami
Peruva Sree Narasimha Swami Temple Peruva Narasimha Swami
Chirakkadavu Mahadeva Temple Chirakkadavu Lord Shiva
Parekkavu Bhagavathy Temple Parekkavu
Sree Dharmasastha Temple Urukkary Lord Ayappa
Kuttikattu Kottaram Bhagavathy Temple Ettumanoor West, Athirampuzha, Kottayam Bhagavathi
Pundareekapuram Mahavishnu Temple Midayikunnam, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam Lord Vishnu
Ayyankovil Temple Midayikunnam, Thalayolaparambu, Kottayam
Thaliyil Mahadeva Kshetram Kaduthuruthy Lord Shiva
Kandattukavu Devi Temple Kuruppanthara
Keezhoor Devi Kshetram Keezhoor
Kottaram Devi Temple Kattampack
Keezhoor Dharma Shasta Temple Keezhoor Lord Ayappa
Subramania Swamy Kshetram Iravimangalam Subramania Swamy
Devi Kshetram Manjoor South
Pudukulangara Devi Kshetram Manjoor
Adithyapuram Surya Deva Temple Adithyapuram Lord Surya
Ayamkudi Mahadeva Kshetram Ayamkudi Lord Shiva
Thiruvambadi Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Thiruvambadi, Kaduthuruthy Lord Krishna
Manjoor Velachery Rudhiramala Bhagavathy Temple Manjoor, Kottayam
Velloor Sree Vamanaswami Temple Velloor, Mevelloor Po, Kottayam
Velloor Padinjattukavu Devi Temple Velloor, Mevelloor Po, Kottayam
Mudakari Sree Bhagavathy Temple Peruva
Kalampookavu Sree Bhagavathy Temple Mevelloor
Paruthuruthikavu Bhagavathy Temple Vayala, Kottayam
Ngaralappuzha Sridharmashasta Temple Vayala, Kottayam
Sri Subramanya Swami Temple Vayala, Kottayam Subramanya Swami
Ponadukavu Bahagavathy Temple Palai
Sri Vana Durga Bhagavathi Temple Kothanalloor
Sri Narasimha Swami Temple Aymanam Narasimha Swami
Pandavam Ayappa Swamy Temple Pandavam Lord Ayappa
Kulathumkal Sree Devi Temple Manimala Bhadra
Kizhakkedathu Siva Parvathy Temple Lakkattoor, Kottayam Goddess Parvathy
Nethalloor Devi temple Karukachal Kottayam Goddess Durga(Mahishasura mardini)


Name Location Deity
Sree Subramanya Swami Temple Karimkunnam Subramanya Swami
Sri Varaha Swamy Temple Pannoor, Karimannoor
Ayyappa Swamy Temple Vazhathope Lord Ayyappa
Srikrishna Swamy Temple Thodupuzha Lord Krishna
Kanjiramattam Sri Mahadeva Temple Thodupuzha Lord Shiva
Karikkode Sri Bhagavathy Temple Karikkode, Thodupuzha
Uravappara Sri Subhrahmanya Temple (Malayala Pazhani) Thodupuzha Lord Subhrahmanya
Annamala Nathar Temple Karikkode Thodupuzha
Muthaliyar Madam Temple Thodupuzha
Srikrishna Swamy Temple Sreekrishnapuram, Thodupuzha Lord Krishna
Vaalliyanikattu Bhagavaty Temple Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha
Thachukuzhikavu Annapoorneswari-Bhadrakali-Navagraha Temple Thodupuzha Goddess Bhadrakali
Sri Narasimha Swami Temple Manakkadu, Thodupuzha Lord Narasimha
Nellikkavu Bhagavathi Temple Manakkadu, Thodupuzha
Alppara Sri Uma-Maheswara Temple Chittoor, Thodupuzha
Kaippilli Kavu Sri Durga - Sri Bhadra Temple Periyambra, Thodupuzha
Thrikkekkunnu Mahadeva Temple Vazhithala, Thodupuzha Lord Shiva
Kolani Sree Krishna Swamy Temple Kolani, Thodupuzha Lord Krihsna
Amaramkavu Devi Temple Kolani, Thodupuzha
Puthuchirakkavu Sri Bhadra Kali Temple Purappuzha, Thodupuzha Goddess Bhadrakali
Sree Ayyapa Swamy Temple Anachal, 14 Kilometers From Munnar Ayyapa Swamy
Moozhikkal Bhagavathi Temple Arikuzha, Thodupuzha
Puthukkulam Nagaraja Temple Manakkadu, Thodupuzha Nagaraja
Putheyakavil Devi Temple Nariyampara, Kattappana
Sree Siva Parvathi Temple Anakkara
Sree Krishna Temple Peerumade, Peerumade Lord Krishna
Mankombu Kavu Devi Temple Kudayathoor, Thodupuzha
Mariamman Covil Kumily, Idukki
Sree Bhadrakali, Dharmasastha Temple Chakkupallam, Kumily
Sree Ganapathy Bhadrakali Temple Kumily
Devi Temple Thekkady, Kumily
Ganapathy Temple Vandanmedu, Idukki Lord Ganesh


Name Location Deity
Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple Thrippunithura Lord Poornathrayeesa
Chottanikkara Devi Temple Chottanikkara
Siva (Eranakulathappan) Temple Ernakulam Lord Shiva
Azhakiyakavu Devi Temple Palluruthy, Kochi, Ernakulam
Chengamanad Mahadeva Temple Chengamanad Lord Shiva
Hanuman Temple/ Subramania Swamy Temple Near Siva Temple, Ernakulam Lord Hanuman, Lord Murugan
Thamaramkulangara Sree Dharmasastha Temple Thamaramkulangara Lord Ayyappa
Thrikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple Thrikkakara Lord Vamana
Eravikulangara Temple Nedumbassery Lord Shiva, Lord Ayappa
Sree Bhavaneeswara Temple Palluruthy
Blandevar Mahavishnu Temple Blandevar, North Mazhuvannoor Lord Vishnu
Irapuram Bhagavathi Temple Blandevar, North Mazhuvannoor Goddess Kali
Kavipallathu Siva Temple Blandevar, North Mazhuvannoor Lord Shiva
Thiruviraanikulam Shiva Temple Aluva
Pazhoor Perumthrikkovil Near Piravom
Sree Krishnapuram Temple Paingyarapilli Lord Krishna
Kolamkulangara Bagavathy Temple Paingyarapilli
Mattapillikavu Bhagavathy Temple Thuruthikara
Sree Bagavathy Temple Arayankavu
Ameda Snake Temple Near Nadakavu
Chakkamkulangara Shiva Temple Thrippunithura Lord Shiva
Cheranalloore Siva Temple Cheranalloore Lord Shiva
Thottuva Dhanwanthari Temple Thottuva
Chittoor Sri Krishna Swami Temple South Chittoor, Cochin Lord Krishna
Ravipuram Sreekrishna Temple Ravipuram, Ernakulam Lord Krishna
Valanjambalam Devi Temple (Valanjambalam/ Pallimukku) Ernakulam
Narasimhamurthy Temple Perumpilly, Mulanthuruthy Lord Narasimha
Vailpilly Sreekrishna Temple Perumpilly, Mulanthuruthy Lord Krishna
Paadathukavu Devi Temple Perumpilly, Mulanthuruthy
Nadakkavu Bhagawati Temple Nadakkavu
Neduvelil Devi Temple Udayamperoor, Nadakkavu
Subramaniya Swami Temple Elankunnapuzha Subramaniya Swami
Krishna Temple Elankunnapuzha Lord Krishna
Saraswathy Temple Pukadu, Elankunnapuzha Goddess Saraswathy
Kanathi Temple Elankunnapuzha
Poovathoor Sree Krishna Swamy Dakshina Guruvayoor, Poovathoor Lord Krishna
Sree Dharma Sastha Temple East Desom, Aluva Lord Ayyappa
Nulely Sree Siva Narayana Temple Asamannoor
Kunnath Thali Temple Chendamangalam, North Parur
Puthiyathrikkov Temple Chendamangalam, North Parur
Jayanthathrikkov Temple Chendamangalam, North Parur
Arangavu Subrahmanya Sree Dharma Sastha Temples Chedamanglam, North Parur Lord Ayyapp
Peruvaram Mahadeva Temple North Parur Lord Shiva
Dakshina Mookambika Temple North Parur
Pallarimangalam Siva Temple Pallarimangaiam Kothamangalam
Kozhipally Sri Bhagavathy Temple Koothattukulam
Thalamattom Mahadeva Temple Kappu Lord Shiva
Vanarkavu Bhagavthy Temple Kappu
Kurinjilikadu Bhagavthy Dharamasaahtha Temple Kappu Lord Ayyappa
Poonoth Kavu Bhagavthy Temple Achankavala
Puthoorppilli Sri Krishna Swami Temple Manjapra Lord Krishna
Karppilli Kavu Sri Maha Deva Kshethram Manjapra Lord Shiva
Aakkunnu Sri Dharma Shasta Kshetram, Navagraha Kshethram Manjapra
Sree Anandhapuram Mahavishnu Temple Desom, Aluva Lord Vishnu
Sree Pallippattukavu Devi Temple Desom, Aluva
Sree Kattilekavu Devi Subrahmanya Swami Temple Desom, Aluva Subrahmanya Swami
Sree Cheriyathu Mahavishnu Temple Desom, Aluva Lord Vishnu
Sree Datta Anjaneya Temple Desom, Aluva
Pattupurakkavu Devi Temple Kakkanad
Sree Kurumbakkav Bhagavathy Temple Poikattussery , 2.5 Km from Athani
Puthupparakkavu Bhagavathi Temple West Vengola Goddess Bhadrakaali


Name Location Deity
Kulappurakkal Sree Mahavishnu Shathram Annanad, Chalakudy Lord Vishnu
Veluppilly Sree Dharma Sastha Temple Annanad, Chalakudy Lord Ayappa
Kudungappuzha Siva Temple Annanad, Chalakudy Lord Shiva
Ammathiruvadi Temple Ūrakam Bhagavathi
Chembuthara Kodungallurkaavu Temple Chembuthara Bhagavathi
Koodalmanikyam Temple Irinjalakuda Bharata (Ramayana)
Mammiyoor Temple Mammiyoor Lord Shiva
Mannuthrukkovil Mahavishnu Temple Pullazhi Lord Vishnu
Sreerama Temple Thiruvilwamala Lord Rama
Vadakkunnathan Temple Thrissur Lord Shiva
Aarattupuzha Shasta Temple Arattupuzha Lord Ayappa
Avittathur Siva Temple Irinjalakuda Lord Shiva
Cherpu Bhagavati Temple Cherpu Bhagavathi
Cherumukku Mahavishnu Temple Cherumukku Lord Vishnu
Kartiayani Devi Temple Anthikad
Kartiayani Devi Temple Maruthur, Cheroor Bhagavathi
Keezhthali Sree Mahadeva Temple Keezhthali Lord Shiva
Kizhe Thrikkovil Temple Cheruvathery
Kodungallur Bhagavathi Temple Kodungallur Bhagavathi
Kuttumukku Shiva Temple Kuttumukku Lord Shiva
Midhunappilli Shiva Temple Midhunappilli Lord Shiva
Nambiyan Kavu Siva Temple Irinjalakuda Lord Shiva
Paambumekaatu Mana Mala, Thrissur
Vadakekettil Bhagavathi Temple Vadama, Mala Thrissur
Poonkunnam Shiva Temple Poonkunnam Lord Shiva
Pulloor Siva Temple Irinjalakuda
Kudumba Kshethram Elambalakat
Sree Guruvayoorappan Temple Guruvayur Sri Krishna
Shree Bhagavathy Temple Olarikara
Sree Harikanyaka Devi Temple Arikanniyur
Sri Mahavishnu Temple Mangalam, Vadakanchery Lord Vishnu
Sree Narasimhamoorthi Temple Palissery, Palakkal, Thrissur Lord Narasimha
Sri Paramekkavil Bhagavathi Khetram Goddess Bhagavathi
Sri Rama Kshethram Triprayar Lord Rama
Sri Vailikulagara Bhagavathi Temple Kakkassery
Thiruvambadi Sri Krishna Temple Thrissur Lord Krishna
Thiruvanikkavu Temple Machad, Vadakanchery
Uthralikkavu Temple Vadakkanchery
Mayannur Kavu Sri Kurumba Bagavathy Temple Mayannur, Thrissur
Viyyoor Shiva Temple Viyyoor Lord Shiva
Sreeduga Bagavathi Temple Nellenkara Goddess Durga Devi
Kokkulankara Bagavathi Temple Mukkattukara Goddess Bhagavathi
Thechikotukavu Temple Peramangalam
Perathrikavu Temple Peramangalam
Naithilakavu Temple Kutoor Goddess Bhagavathi
Thiruvanikavu Temple Nadathara
Kodungallorkavu Bhagavathi Temple Mannuthy
Thiruvullakkavu Sastha Temple Perumbillissery, Cherpu, Thrissur Lord Ayappa
Karimpanakkavu Devi Temple Kathikkudam, Koratty, Trichur
Vaimpuzhakkavu Devi Temple Pulikkakkadavu, Koratty, Trichur
Vazhappully Sree Rajarajeswari Devi Temple Kazhimbram
Nerukkavu Mahavishnu Temple Neruvissery, Thrissur
Pisharikkal Bhagavati Temple Kadalassery Goddess Bhagavathi
Peruvanam Mahadeva (Irattayappa) Temple Peruvanam, Cherpu, Thrissur Lord Shiva
Thayamkulangara Subrahmanya Temple (Kerala Pazhani) Cherpu, Thrissur Lord Subrahmanya
Mekkavu Bhadrakali Temple Cherpu, Thrissur Goddess Bhadrakali
Mithranandapuram Vamana Murthi Temple Perumbillissery, Cherpu, Thrissur Lord Vamana
Vettukunnathukavu Devi Temple Karuvannur, Irinjalakud Via Thrissur
Thiruvanchikulam Sree Mahaadeva Temple Thiruvanchikulam Via Kodungallur Lord Shiva
Vadakkunnathan Temple Thrissur Lord Shiva
Thiruvambadi Temple Thrissur Lord Krishna


Name Location Deity
Karimpuzha Sree Ramaswamy Temple Karimpuzha, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad Lord Ram
Sree Guruvayoorappan Temple Pattambi, Palakkad Sri Krishna
Kaithali Temple Pattambi, Palakkad
Mookambika Temple Kalapetty, Kuzhalmannam, Palakkad
Kodikkunnu Bhagavathi Temple Kodikkunnu, Pallippuram, Pattambi
Chakkiam Kavu Ayyappa Temple Kuruvattoor, Thiruvazhiyode Lord Ayappa
Eswaramangalam Temple Sreekrishnapuram
Maathur Ganapathi Temple Thottakkara, Ottapalam Lord Ayyappa
Mathur Mannampully Bhagavathy Temple Mathur Po, Palakkad
Chinakkathoor Bhagavathi Temple Palappuram
Yajneshwaram Shiva Temple Thrithala Lord Shiva
Pariyanempatta Bhagavathi Temple Kattukulam, Mangalamkunnu
Vayilyamkunnu Bhagavathi Temple Kadampazhipuram
Erinjupuraan Temple Perumudiyoor, Pattambi
Pookottukavu Bhagavathi Temple Pookottukavu
Kodarmanna Mahavishnu Temple Punchapadam Lord Vishnu
Punnamparambu Bhagavathi Temple Manampatta
Thalayanakkad Siva Temple Thalayanakkad Lord Shiva
Cherplery Siva Temple Punchapadam Lord Shiva
Killikkurussi Mahadeva Temple Killikkurussi Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva (Brahmeeswaran) Temple Lord Shiva
Mangottu Kavu Temple
Njangattiri Bhagavathi Temple Pattambi
Sri Nellikulangara Bhagavathi Temple Nemmara Lord Shiva
Sree Kunnumel Anjaneya Mandir Gangothri Nagar, Nemmara
Lakshminarayan Temple Shekaripuram
Kalikavil Bhagavathy Temple Mathur
Mathur Mannampulli Bhagavathy Temple Mathur
Panayoorkavu Bhagavathy Temple Kadamboor, Ambalapara
Vettaykkorumakan Temple Convent Road, Ottapalam
Poozhikkunnu Sree Krishna Temple Sunder Iyer Road, Ottapalam Lord Krishna
Vengeri Temple Ottapalam
Parthasaradhy Temple Thottakkara, Ottapalam
Neellikavu Bhagavathy Temple Kayarampara, Ottapalam
Sree Mahadeva Pandekkal Shiva Temple Cherukode, Vallapuzha Lord Shiva
Sree Mariyamman Temple Vennakkara, Palakkad
Sree Manappullikavu Temple Vennakkara, Palakkad
Sree Mulayankavu Bhagavathy Temple Mulayankavu, Kulukkallur
Sree Anjumoorthy Temple Anjumoorthy Mangalam, Vadakkencherry, Palakkad
Sree Mariyamman Temple Palayam, Vadakkencherry, Palakkad
Sree Thiruvara Shiva Temple Vadakkencherry, Palakkad Lord Shiva
Sree Parakkattu Bagavaty Temple Kavassery, Palakkad
Udayarkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Mannarkkad
Chitturkavu Devi Temple Chittur, Palakkad
Cherpalchery Ayyappankavu Temple Pattambi Road, Cherplachery, Palakkad Lord Ayyappa
Cherpalchery Puthanalkal Bhagavathy Temple Palakkad Road, Cherplachery, Palakkad
Sree Mariyamman Temple Valiapadom, Chokkanathapuram, Palakkad
Chenganikkottukavu Bhagavathi Temple Vellinazhi
Kanthallur Sree Krishna Temple Vellinazhi Lord Krishna
Kalarikal Bhagavathi Temple Pattambi
Kallarakode Shiva Temple Pattambi Lord Shiva
Swayambhoo Durga Parameshwari Temple Vilayanchathanur, Thenkurissi, Palakkad Goddess Durga
Maariyamman Kovil Kallekulangara
Kulapully Sreekrishna Temple Kulapully, Shornur-2, Palakkad Lord Krishna
Vithanassery Pookot Valiya Ayyapan Kavu Vithanassery Pookot Lord Ayappa
Mannathu Bhagavathy Temple Peringottukurussi
Sree Vayankavu Bhagavathy Temple Vayankavu Road Vengassery
Sree Mulanjoor Bhagavathy Temple Mulanjoor
Sree Muthalapara Bhagavathy Temple Ambalapara
Sree Emoor Bhagavathy Temple Kallekulangara, Palakkad
Sree Mariamman Temple Kallekulangara, Palakkad
Oottukulangara Bhagavathi Temple Peruvamba, Palakkad Bhagavathy


Name Location Deity
Thirumanthamkunnu Temple Thirumanthamkunnu
Alayakkadu Vishnu (Narasimhamoorthy) Temple Perinthalmanna Narasimhamoorthy
Alattiyur Hanuman Temple Alathiyur, Tirur Lord Hanuman
Thrikkavu Temple Ponnani Goddess Durga
Thirunavaya Temple Thirunavaya Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi
Devi Temple, Kadampuzha Kadampuzha Goddess Durga
Sri Narasimha Murthy Temple Vazhenkada Narasimha Murthy
Vayambatta Vishnu Temple Kolathur Lord Vishnu
Trikandiyoor Mahadeva Temple Tirur Lord Shiva
Koddikav Bagavthi Temple Karimpuzha
Chamravattam Sasthavu Malappuram Ayyappa
Chitti Chathakudam Sasthavu Lord Ayappa
Niram Kaithakkotta Sasthavu Malappuram Lord Ayappa
Thiruvarchanamkunnu Malappuram
Aalathiyur Hanuman Temple Alathiyur Hanuman Temple Lord Hanuman
Eravimangalam Subhamanya Temple Eravimangalam Lord Subhamanya
Elangunnapuzha Subhramanya Temple Elangunnapuzha Lord Subhramanya
Harippadu Subhramanya Temple Harippadu Lord Subhramanya
Karikkadu Subhramanya Temple Karikkadu, Malappuram Lord Subhramanya
Kattukukke Subhramanya Temple Kattukukke Lord Subhramanya
Kayinikkad Mahavishnu Temple Jubily Road, Perinthalmanna
Kumarakulam Subhramanya Temple Kumarakulam Lord Subhramanya
Kuzhoor Subhramanya Temple Kuzhoor Lord Subhramanya
Koottumadam Subhramanya Temple Koottumadam Lord Subhramanya
Kodakara Kunnathrikkovil Subhramanya Temple Kodakara Lord Subhramanya
Kodunthara Subhramanya Temple Kodunthara Lord Subhramanya
Paloor Kalarikkal Subhramanya Temple Paloor Lord Subhramanya
Choolattippara Sri Annapoorneswari Devi Choolattippara
Bhakthapriyam Bhagavathy Temple Edavanna
Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple Malappuram
Kattukambal Bhagavathy Temple Kattukambal
Kamothu Bhagavathy Temple Kamothu
Karamukku Bhagavathy Temple Karamukku
Karanhgattu Bhagavathy Temple Karanhgattu
Karapuzha Ambalakadavu Bhagavathy Temple Karapuzha
Mookkuthala Bhagavathy Temple Mookkuthala
Moothedathu Kavu Bhadrakali Temple Moothedathu Goddess Bhadrakali
Moothrukunnu Bhagavathy Temple Moothrukunnu
Moozhakunnu Mridanga Saileswari Temple Moozhakunnu
Morkulangara Bhagavathy Temple Morkulangara
Njangattiri Bhagavathy Temple Njangattiri
Nadakkavu Bhagavathy Temple Nadakkavu
Nadumandam Bhagavathy Temple Nadumandam
Nanamukku Bhadrakali Temple Nanamukku Goddess Bhadrakali
Nadhikara Thaniyil Bhagavathy Temple Nadhikara
Thrikkavu Durga Malappuram Temple Thrikkavu
Thrichambaram Bhagavathy Temple Thrichambaram
Thrikkapuram Bhagavathy Temple Thrikkapuram
Thrikkanikadu Bhagavathy Temple Thrikkanikadu
Thriplery Bhagavathy Temple Thriplery
Thrithala Bhagavathy Temple Thrithala
Thrissala Bhagavathy Temple Thrissala
Thekkiniyammakkavu Bhagavathy Temple Thekkiniyammakkavu
Thekumpadu Thazhekavu Bhadrakali Temple Thekumpadu Goddess Bhadrakali
Thekkemadam Bhadrakali Temple Thekkemadam Goddess Bhadrakali
Thechikkottukavu Durga Temple Thechikkottukavu Goddess Durga
Thekkumthala Bhagavathy Temple Thekkumthala
Thelliyoor Kavu Bhagavathy Temple Thelliyoor
Thethana Bhagavathy Temple Thethana
Thevalakkara Bhagavathy Thevalakkara
Thevalakode Bhagavathy Temple Thevalakode
Thaikkattusery Durga Temple Thaikkattusery Goddess Durga
Thottippal Bhagavathy Temple Thottippal
Thottappaly Bhagavathy Temple Thottappaly
Thozhuvankodu Chamundi Devi Temple Thozhuvankodu Goddess Chamundi
Thozhuvannur Bhagavathy Temple Thozhuvannur
Thonnal Bhagavathy Temple Thonnal
Thirumaandamkunnu Bhagavathy Temple Thirumaandamkunnu Goddess Parvathi
Thrikkavu Durga Temple Thrikkavu Durga Temple
Thrichambaram Bhagavathy Temple Thrichambaram
Thrikkapuram Bhagavathy Temple Thrikkapuram
Thrikkanikadu Bhagavathy Temple Thrikkanikadu
Thriplery Bhagavathy Temple Thriplery
Thrithala Bhagavathy Temple Thrithala
Thrissala Bhagavathy Temple Thrissala
Thekkiniyammakkavu Bhagavathy Temple Thekkiniyammakkavu
Thekumpadu Thazhekavu Bhadrakali Temple Thekumpadu Goddess Bhadrakali
Thekkemadam Bhadrakali Temple Thekkemadam Goddess Bhadrakali
Thechikkottukavu Durga Temple Thechikkottukavu Goddess Durga
Thekkumthala Bhagavathy Temple Thekkumthala
Thelliyoor Kavu Bhagavathy Temple Thelliyoor
Thethana Bhagavathy Temple Thethana
Thevalakkara Bhagavathy Temple Thevalakkara
Thevalakode Bhagavathy Temple Thevalakode
Thaikkattusery Durga Temple Thaikkattusery Goddess Durga
Thottippal Bhagavathy Temple Thottippal Bhagavathy
Thottappaly Bhagavathy Temple Thottappaly
Thozhuvankodu Chamundi Devi Temple Thozhuvankodu Goddess Chammundi
Thozhuvannur Bhagavathy Temple Thozhuvannur
Thonnal Bhagavathy Temple Thonnal
Angadipuram Thali Temple Angadipuram
Aluva Mahadevan Temple Aluva Lord Shiva
Edavanna-Thirubali Kailasa Temple Edavanna
Karikkadu-Manjeri Siva Temple Karikkadu-Manjeri Lord Shiva
Manjoor Siva Temple Manjoor Lord Shiva
Methrikovil Sivan Temple Methrikovil Lord Shiva
Puthur Siva Malappuram Siva Venugopalamurthy Puthur
Punnathur Siva Temple Punnathur
Puramundekkadu Sivan Temple Puramundekkadu
Pulachikkadu Sivan Temple Pulachikkadu
Pulaamanthol Rudra Danwanthari Temple Pulaamanthol
Puliyenoor Mahadevan Temple Puliyenoor Lord Shiva
Pralayakkadu Thrichudalamangalam Mahadeva Temple Pralayakkadu Lord Shiva
Pukkattiyur Shiva Temple Pukkattiyur Lord Shiva
Pukkodu Shiva Temple Pukkodu Lord Shiva
Sukhapuram Dhakshinamoorthy Temple Sukhapuram Lord Shiva
Thrikkandiyoor Mahadevan Temple Thrikkandiyoor Lord Shiva
Thrikkapalam Siva Temple Thrikkapalam Lord Shiva
Thriprangottu Mahadevan Temple Thriprangottu Lord Shiva
Thrikkalangoge 32-Manjeri Siva Temple Thrikkalangoge Lord Shiva
Vellattuputhur Shiva Temple Vellattuputhur Lord Shiva
Alathiyur Sree Rama Temple Alathiyur Lord Ram
Chirangara Sree Rama Temple Chirangara Lord Ram
Chiralayam Sree Rama Temple Chiralayam Lord Ram
Chittoor Thekke Gramam Sree Rama Temple Chittoor Lord Ram
Chokoor Sree Rama Temple Chokoor Lord Ram
Jeralathu Sree Rama Temple Jeralathu Lord Ram
Ramapuram Sree Rama Temple Ramapuram Lord Ram
Garuda Temple Malappuram Lord Garuda
Kappattu Kavu Deivathar Temple Kappattu
Thirumanikkara-Manjeri Guruvayoorappan Temple Thirumanikkara-Manjeri
Edavanna Chembakkuthu Thazhethirubali Maha Vishnu Temple Edavanna Lord Vishnu
Ananthayur Vishnu Temple Ananthayur Lord Vishnu
Thirunavaya Navamukunda Temple Thirunavaya
Sree Subramaniaswami Temple Valiapadam Subramania Swami


Name Location Deity
Lokanarkavu Temple Vatakara Goddess Durga
Vatayam Sree Krishna Temple Vatayam, Kuttiadi Lord Krishna
Vengeri Sree Subrahmanya Swami Temple Vengeri, Kozhikode Subrahmanya Swami
Arakkiladu Siva Temple Arakkiladu, Vatakara Lord Shiva
Tali Siva Temple Kozhikode Lord Shiva
Sree Valayanad Devi Temple Govindapuram, Kozhikode
Pisharikavu Temple Koyilandy, Kozhikode
Kizhur Maha Shiva Temple Payolli, Kozhikode Lord Shiva
Thazhe Komath Durga [Bhagavathy] Temple Ayancheri, Vatakara Goddess Durga
Kuttiyattu Paradevada Temple Karaparamba
Bilathikulam Sri Siva Temple Bilathikulam Lord Shiva
Varakkal Devi Temple Westhill
Balussery Kotta Vettakkorumakan Temple Balussery
Kaliyamvelli Devi Temple Edacheri, Vadakara
Kakkanure Temple Edacheri, Vadakara
Hanuman Kovil S M Street, Kozhikode
Sree Shakthan Kulangara Temple Kollam, Koyilandy
Kuniyil Temple Ashokapuram, Kozhikode
Muthappan Kavu Kozhikode
Azhakodi Devi Kshetram Kozhikode
Siva Temple Vellikulangara, Vadakara Lord Shiva
Benglavu Devi Temple Calicut
Thiruvachira Sree Krishna Temple Calicut Lord Krishna
Uravankulam Ayyappa Temple Calicut Lord Ayappa
Trisala Bhagavathy Temple Mankave Palace, Calicut
Sreekandeshwara Temple Govindapuram, Calicut
Vadakkillath Sri Paradevatha Kshethram Rarichan Road, Calicut-6
Kottukulangara Ayyappa Temple Kottupadam, Makkada Lord Ayappa
Yogimadam Sree Bhagavahi Temple Kottupadam, Makkada
Thekkekanattu Parambathu Bhagavathi Temple Badiroor, Makkada
Mattuvai Sreerama Swami Temple Karadi, Thamarassery Lord Ram
Thodannur Siva Temple Thodannur Vadakara Lord Shiva
Kalleri Kuttichathan Temple Kalleri Vadakara
Paravattath Bhagavathi Temple Mandarathur Vadakara
Sree Renuka Mariamman Kovil Palayam Kozhikode
Ariyallur Ravimangalam Maha Vishnu Temple Ariyallur Lord Vishnu
Ariyallur Siva Temple Ariyallur Lord Shiva
Kozhikode Sree Kundulerry Temple Thalakkulathur Kozhikode
Machamadath Sarppakave (Nagathan Kotta) Vengeri
Sree Vettakorumakan Kshethram Machamadath, Vengeri, Kozhikode
Sree Sivankal Siva Temple Vengeri Lord Shiva
Sree Sakaleswari Devi Temple Vengeri
Sree Koottencheri Siva Temple Kannadikkal Lord Shiva
Ponmana Sree Ayyappa Kshethram Karuvassery, Kozhikode Lord Ayappa
Thiruthiyil Sreekrishna Temple Karuvasseri, Kozhikode Lord Krishna
Mappurathu Sree Bagavathy Temple Ulliyeri, Kozhikode
Vishnu Temple Vengeri, Kozhikode Lord Vishnu
Sreekandeswara Kshethram Kozhikode
Bhoodathankotta Temple Mookkuthala
Kunjallur Sree Narasimha Moorthi Temple Kunjallur Lord Narasimha


Name Location Deity
Adiyerimadam Devi Kshethram Aralam, Iritty Bhagavathi,Bhairavan Manthramurthies
Kappattukavu Kshethram Kappad, Kappad , Kannur
Oorpazhachi Kavu Lord Vettakkorumakan, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Bhagavathi
Muthappan Temple Parassini Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Hanumarambalam Cheruthazham Lord Hanuman
Thiruvangad Sreerama Temple Thalassery Lord Ram
Rajarajeshwara Temple Taliparamba Lord Shiva
Kadalai Sreekrishna Kshethram Kadalai Lord Krishna
Mundayamparamba Devi Temple Iritty
Sree Subrahmanya Swami Temple Kanichar Lord Subrahmaniya
Sree Andalur Kavu - Sree Rama Temple Thalassery Lord Ram
Kalarivaathakkal Bhagavathy Temple Kannur
Kanjirangad Vaidyanatha Temple Taliparamba
Peralasseri Subrahmanya Temple Kannur Lord Subrahmaniya
Sundareswara Temple Talap, Kannur
Sree Muthumariyamman Kovil Thalikavu, Kannur
Sree Thalikavu Bhagavathi Kshethram Thalikavu, Kannur
Trichambaram Sreekrishna Temple Taliparamba Lord Krishna
Sree Jaghanantha Temple Thalassery Lord Shiva
Mamani Kunnu Maha Devi Temple Mamanam, Irikkoor
Sree Thiruvatoor Devi Temple Madai
Sree Subrhamanya Temple Payyanur Lord Subrahmanya
Sree Chala Bhagavati Temple Chala
Aneekkara Poomala Bhagavathi Temple Kunhimangalam Goddess Poomala Bhagavathi
Sree Ayyappa Temple Cherupuzha, Kannur Lord Ayappa
Sree Ayyappa Temple Padiyotchal, Near Cherupuzha, Payyannur, Kannur Lord Ayappa
Kankol Siva Kshetram Kankol, Near Payyannur, Kannur Lord Shiva
Shankara Narayana Temple Pulingome, Kannur District
Ramapuram Mahavishnu Kshetram Eramam, Near Payyannur, Kannur Lord Vishnu
Muchilot Bhagavati Temple Kannur
Muzhappilangad Bagavathi Temple Muzhappilangad
Sree Maha Vishnu Temple Nadal, Edakkad Lord Vishnu
Kannadiparamba Sree Dharmasastha Temple Kannadiparamba Lord Ayappa
Kannadiparamba Sree Siva Temple Kannadiparamba Lord Shiva
Madathumpadi Sree Subrahmanya Swami Temple Kokkanisseri, Payyanur. Lord Subrahmanya
Sree Mahadeva Temple Palarinjal, Keezhppally Lord Shiva
Sree Bhadrakali Temple Keezppally Lord Bhadrakali
Sankara Narayana Temple Ezhimala, Ramanthali, Kannur District
Durga Bhagavathi Temple Naikkali, Irikkur, Kannur District
Sree Mahalakshmi Temple Ezhilode Goddess Lakshmi
Sree Mariyamman Kovil Ezhilode
Sree Ramapuram Mahavishnu Kshethram Ramapuram, Pazhayangadi.P.O, Lord Vishnu
Madayi Sree Thiruvarkkatt Kaavu Bagavathi Kshethram (Madayikkavu) Pazhayangadi
Sri Uma Maheswara Kshetram Kizhuthally, Kannur
Aady Kadalayi Sri Krishna Kshetram Kadalayi, P.O. Thottada
Inderi Shiva Kshetram Edakkad, Kannur.
Makeri Subramanya Swamy And Hanuman Temple Makreri, Kannur
Chovva Maha Shiva Kshetram Mele Chovva, Kannur
Charapuram Muthappan Kshetram Thilanoor Road, Kannur
Sree Thiuvambadi Sree Krisha Temple Kelalur, Mambaram, Kannur Lord Krishna


Name Location Deity
Ananthapura Lake Temple Ananthapura
Madhur Sri Madhanantheswara Sidhivinayaka Temple Madhur
Mallam Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple Mallam Goddess Durga
Palakkunnu Sri Bagavathy Temple
Kundamkuzhy Sri Panchalingeshwara Temple Kundamkuzhy
Velakkunnu Sri Shiva Temple Velakkunnu Lord Shiva
Pakkam Sri Pakkathappan Mahadeva Kshethram Pakkam Lord Shiva
Kannamvayal Ambalathingal Sri Mahavishnu Kshetram Pakkam Kannamvayal Lord Vishnu
Athiyambur Sri Subramanya Kshetram Athiyambur Lord Subramaniya
Panayal Sri Mahalingeshwara Kshetram Panayal Lord Shiva
Alakkode Sri Mahavishnu Kshetram Alakkode Lord Vishnu
Nagathingal Sri Jaladurga Kshetram Nagathingal Goddess Durga
Kodoth Bhagavati Temple, Kodoth, Kanhangad Kodoth, Kanhangad
Kakkat Mahavishnu Temple Kakkat, Madikkai Lord Vishnu
Sri Umamaheshwara Temple Narampady
Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple Agalpady
Sri Mahadeva-Mahavishnu Temple Paikana
Sri Thulurvanth Bhagavathi Temple (Kizakoolom) Panathur,
Sri Mahavishnu Durgaparameshwari Temple Mundol
Sri Subramannya Temple Bandadukka Lord Subramaniya
Kamballore Bhagavati Kshetram Kasaragod District
Ayannur Siva Kshetram Ayannur, Kasaragod District Lord Shiva
Belur Sree Siva Temple Attenganam, Kanhangad Lord Shiva
Sri Mannampurathu Kavu Nileshwaram
Sri Thaliyilambalam Siva Temple Nileshwaram Lord Shiva
Kundamkuzhy Sri Panchalingeshwara Temple Kundamkuzhy
Velakkunnu Sri Shiva Temple Velakkunnu Lord Shiva
Pakkam Sri Pakkathappan Mahadeva Kshethram Pakkam Lord Shiva
Kannamvayal Ambalathingal Sri Mahavishnu Kshetram Pakkam Lord Vishnu
Athiyambur Sri Subramanya Kshetram Athiyambur Lord Subramaniya
Panayal Sri Mahalingeshwara Kshetram Panayal
Alakkode Sri Mahavishnu Kshetram Alakkode Lord Vishnu
Nagathingal Sri Jaladurga Kshetram Nagathingal
Kodoth Bhagavati Temple Kodoth, Kanhangad
Kakkat Mahavishnu Temple Kakkat, Madikkai Lord Vishnu
Sri Umamaheshwara Temple Narampady
Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple Agalpady
Sri Mahadeva-Mahavishnu Temple Paikana Lord Vishnu
Sri Thulurvanth Bhagavathi Temple (Kizakoolom) Panathur
Sri Mahavishnu Durgaparameshwari Temple Mundol
Sri Subramannya Temple Bandadukka Lord Shubramaniya
Kamballore Bhagavati Kshetram Kasaragod District
Belur Sree Siva Temple Attenganam, Kanhangad Lord Shiva
Sri Mannampurathu Kavu Nileshwaram
Sri Thaliyilambalam Siva Temple Nileshwaram Lord Shiva


Name Location Deity
Thirunelli Temple Wayanad Lord Vishnu
Pulpally Sita - Lavakusa Kshethram Pulpally Sita - Lavakusa
Bathery Ganapathy Kshethram Bathery Ganapathy
Valliyoorkkavu Temple Wayanad Goddess Durga
Muttil Maha Vishnu Kshethram Wayanad Lord Vishnu
Pazhur Maha Vishnu Kshethram Kappuvayal-Thariode, Wayanad Lord Vishnu
Mazhuvannur Maha Siva Kshethram Wayanad Lord Shiva
Eriyappally Sita - Lavakusa Kshethram Pulpally Sita - Lavakusa

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