Saturday, 18 May 2013

Re: [] Match Fixing


Dear friends,

Police has revealed all the plots behind the "spot fixing" and media had also shown all the silly tricks made by the blotted cricketers.  But few malayalees are still not accepting the truth and blindly believing  on the guys, who have been trapped red handed by the Delhi Police.  What a pathetic situations...

Shreesanth had already been booked and warned many times by the experts for his immature attitudes and pseudo nature.  Absolutely it was a blot in the cricket world.

In my personal opinion, the IPL should be banned with immediate effect, because it was made for the demand and desire of bookies worldwide and now  its  become a business of billion crores rupees. The most of the people of India especially the new generations are turned to worship on this idiot game, resulting they have no time to think about the Country and its bad economic conditions, as well as not even bothered about the recent vulgar political corruptions.

Shreeshanh is a small fish, and the whales are still around us under the political shelter. 
 Yes, Indeed it is shameful matter for all Indians especially for Malayalees.

Jai Hind



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