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[] Speed Reading - Very important for students and professionals


Understanding The Basics Of Speed Reading

By: Brandon C. Hall
Speed reading is not just a parlor trick you can use to impress your friends and family. For many it's a necessary tool for managing time and information in the fast-paced business world, and for many others, specifically students, it's the only way to get through reading-heavy class loads.

The practiced speed reader can pick up a lengthy document or a thick stack of papers and use their skill to get at the meat of the subject by skimming for the most important details and information. Without developing the ability to speed read, this time-saving technique is merely flipping through pages fast.

Speed reading, or increasing the rate at which you read text, is linked to increasing the rate at which you understand what you're reading. The key to successful speed reading is increasing your understanding of the text as you increase the rate at which you read the words. It takes training and practice, but don't be intimidated by the idea of a challenge. Think of it as the next, natural step to your reading development. Once you've mastered it, it's a skill that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

As a child, when you began to learn to read, chances are you began with the alphabet and the specific sounds each letter makes. Then you learned how to combine and blend letter sounds to decipher words. It's called letter-by-letter reading. Then something clicked and you began to recognize words without having to sound out each letter one at a time and you graduated to word-by-word reading.

With continued practice common words and sentence structure became more familiar and because your brain was tuned and ready, your eye started taking in blocks of words at a time. The difference between average readers and speed readers is in the blocks of words their eyes take in at one time. The larger the blocks, the faster your eye moves through the text.

Speed reading teaches you how to take your reading and your comprehension to the next level. The techniques used in teaching speed reading focus on your individual abilities, namely where you are right now and what might be keeping you from progressing. For example, if you are a slow reader, factors that hold you back may include, but are not limited to, moving your lips or reading out loud or holding the text too close to your eyes.

If you are in the practice of moving your lips, or speaking or whispering while you read, you're slowing yourself down dramatically. Your lips can only move so fast. You should be able to read at least two or three times faster than you can speak. In effect, you're keeping yourself at that word-by-word stage that children generally grow out of in elementary school.

Having the ability to speed read can make a significant difference in your life, especially if reading is a strong component of your work. Implementing some simple techniques can get you reading faster and more efficiently in no time at all.
Speed reading is not just a parlor trick you can use to impress your friends and family. For many it's a necessary tool for managing time and information in the fast-paced business world, and for many others, specifically students, it's the only way to get through reading-heavy class loads. The practiced speed reader can pick up a lengthy document or a thick stack of papers and use their skill to get at the meat of the subject by skimming for the most important details

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[] Mullaperiar controversy


Dear Born to win


You have explained a lot of things as facts, history, politics of both ends and economics underlying in the issue of disputed Mullapperiyar dam, based on only a documentary  storied and fabricated for and Tamil Nadu side, trying to prove in the court that their stand is legitimate. Your search for the truth also seems a copy of one of the statements published/submitted in the court for sustaining their stand. From your email id and name, it is not clear that whether you are from TN or from Kerala. Anyhow, from the tone, style and language used in your article, it seems you are an advocate for supporting TN stands in this controversial issue.

In this article you have cited few maps and sketches to strengthen your arguments but as per my understanding as a Keralite, the proposed new Periyar Dam is still in the stages of preparatory work for carrying out an Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) for building a new dam.

The Hindu Report on 28 November 2011 says

"The Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI), Peechi, has started the groundwork for the EIA of the Kerala Periyar Dam at the behest of the Irrigation Design and Research Board of the Water Resources Department. The institute is planning to approach the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) to obtain accreditation for carrying out the EIA.

The accreditation is mandatory for EIA studies on river valley projects. The Union Ministry of Environment and Forest has stipulated that only accredited agencies will be permitted to carry them out on river valley projects after December 2011. One of the key objectives of NABET, according to its website, is to "set and maintain criteria for the registration of personnel in the practice and assessment of quality and environment management systems." Only a few government agencies in the country have been approved by NABET for carrying out such works. The research capabilities and facilities available at the institute will be detailed in its application for accreditation. The institute may have to partner with a few external agencies for carrying out some components of the EIA, such as geology and geo-morphological studies. The EIA can begin after obtaining the Detailed Project Report of the proposed dam and the board is expected to bring out the document shortly. A team of scientists from the institute had earlier visited the proposed dam site for providing scientific inputs for the preparation of a feasibility report for the new dam".

As the fact is so, it is suspect  that the shown maps/sketches in the trailing article has been fabricated for misleading people or courts purposefully.

As India is a union of states (Not federation of states), so many states have issues regarding water, electricity and so on. Each and every state has been developing by the help and cooperation of neighboring or other states in India by the means of manpower, natural resources, food grains, vegetables, electricity etc.

Therefore, after admitting by yourself that "Tamil Nadu (TN) is getting water for irrigation of around 2,08,000 acres from Mullaperiyar (MP) dam.  The water resource is being used in four districts in TN. It produces around 400 Cr value of food and provides life support to 1 million farmers. This water is used as drinking water for 6 million peoples in TN", it is not understandable your statement  "Kerala should understand that TN's growth is directly related to their own".

You also said that the 999 year contract is illogical. It was actually made forcibly by the then ruled British and Travancore was hapless to abide. Again it was not renewed happily in 1970 by the Government of Kerala but at that time this issue was not so crucial since the area was not an earthquake prone in 70's. But now it has happened to evidenced that the area is an earthquake prone by more than 20 small and medium earthquakes.

The govt. of Kerala has assured the necessity of water from Periyar River for TN by submitting the undertaking to the Centre that it would continue to provide the same quantum of water to Tamil Nadu, as is being given now, if a new dam was constructed in the place of the existing 116-year old Mulla Periyar dam in the Idukki district. Besides, the State would construct the dam from its own funds. This assurance in writing, as sought by Union Water Resources Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal from Kerala a few days ago, was jointly given by State Water Resources Minister P.J. Joseph and Revenue Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan, as authorised by the Oomen Chandy's Cabinet.

On this critical scenario, we Keralites could not understand, on which ground you and TN still arguing that the Dam is safe and not giving any value for the 50 million lives and the whole resources of 4 major districts in the state of Kerala under the fear of this water bomb.

It is absurd to believe that it will survive for the entire period of the inter-state contract period of 999 years.  Sooner or later a new dam to meet the present seismological conditions is to be built. Then why to oppose the construction of the new dam as the Kerala Govt. is committed to meet the construction cost and agreeing to continue with the water sharing agreement?


Sudarsan Kumar Vadaserikara



From: [] On Behalf Of Born to win
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2011 3:50 PM
Subject: Re: [] Mullaperiar controversy



Mullai Periyar Dam – Search for Truth:


I strongly believe that none in Tamil Nadu (or any other place) wants innocent people to die because of the Mullaiperiyar Dam. They would extend their full support to the cause of properly demolishing the weakened dams with full safety if it is proved beyond evidence that it is indeed weak.


I strongly accept that 999 year contract is illogical given the complexity of the contract, even though Kerala govt happily renewed it once again in 1970. So I was probing through the facts to know the Tamil Nadu's side of story for protest against the construction of new dam in Kerala.  A friend of mine forwarded a video link to a documentary created by PWD (Public Works Department) of Tamil Nadu a year ago. Here is the link to the video: The Mullai Periyar DAM Problem


The documentary is a very good account of both historical and in-depth scientific facts about the dam and its issues. But it's a bit lengthy and in Tamil without subtitles. So in this blog, first I would like to mention some key points from the documentary and then I would also like to present my views about the issue at the end.


Key Notes from the Documentary:

1.   Tamil Nadu (TN) is getting water for irrigation of around 2,08,000 acres from Mullaperiyar (MP) dam.  The water resource is being used in four districts in TN. It produces around 400 Cr value of food and provides life support to 1 million farmers. This water is used as drinking water for 6 million peoples in TN.

2.   In 1956, based on an agreement exchanged between the two Governments, Tamil Nadu was allowed to produce electricity using  forebay dam in lower stream, its capacity is 175 MW. Kerala Government was allowed to do fishing in the dam water.

3.   Till 1979, which is 85 years after the dam construction, there were no issues raised about the dam.  On 16.10.1979, following a minor earthquake in the MP region , Malayala Manorama (newspaper) reported about the possible danger that the weak dam can cause to the people living around that area.This article created quite a flatter at that time.

4.   The dam was inspected by a group of experts and it was reported to be safe. But they suggested to take some steps to strengthen the dam. Following the report and based on talks between two states in Thiruvanathapuram, three stage process to strengthen the MP Dam was proposed. In order to carry out this process, the water level of the dam was reduced from 152 feet to 136 temporarily to reduce pressure of the water.  Different technical methods like Capping, cable strengthening was done to strengthen the MP Dam.

5.   Near to the MP Dam there is small dam called Baby dam, which will get water only when MP Dam's water level reaches 112 feet. So that is when MP Dam is having 152 feet water in its belly, Baby dam will have only 40 feet of water. TN Govt decided to strengthen this dam also for safety. But Kerala forest department stopped TN engineers from working on the strengthening process of the baby dam (Documentary states that the Kerala Forest Department slapped some false legal cases against the TN Engineers). if it would have been finished, Kerala Govt couldn't have raised any issues about the dam. So in 1994, they stopped TN govt to raise the water back to 152 feet.

6.   Both the Governments went to the Supreme Court of India for the issue.  From 2000 to 2006, Supreme court conducted various studies and gave its Judgment as below.


"We permit state of Tamil Nadu to carry out further strengthening measures as suggested  by CWC and hope that state of Kerala would cooperate in the matter. The State of Kerala and its officers are restrained from causing any obstruction".   


And the TN Govt was allowed to raise water from 136 to 142 feet.

7.   So immediately Kerala govt added an amendment to its 2003 "Kerala Irrigation and Water Conservation"  as below


" No civil court shall have jurisdiction to settle, decide or deal with any question of fact or to determine any matter which is by or under this Act required to be settled, decided or dealt with or to be determined  by the authority under this Act. "  


It says only Kerala Govt have the authority to determine the water capacity of its 22 dams. (Guess what MP Dam is first in the list.  And the maximum allowed height for MP Dam is 136 ft.)


8.   The issue of 999 year agreement: The agreement between Madras State and Travancore kingdom for 999 is not for a Dam but it is for the land which are covered by water if the water level is raised to 155 feet. The exert from agreement is given below:


"All that tract of land part of the Territory of Travancore situated on or near the Periaur River bounded on all sides by a Contour line one hundred and fifty five fez

et above the deepest point of the bed of the said Periaur River at the site of the dam to be constructed there and shown in the map…."  


It means that the 999 year agreement is not for a MP dam, and it is for the area covered by water when the dam level is 155 feet.

9.   Further the documentary claims that the dam structures can be strengthened and its age can be increased by proper maintenance. The best example for this claim is the "Grand Anicut" ( Kallanai ) dam on river Kaveri in TN which is constructed in BC 200 is functioning for more than 1500 years. There are lots of other examples for 2000 years old functioning dam like The Roman dam at Cornalvo in Spain.


10.  Kerala Govt claims, if rain starts, within three days the water capacity will increase to 16 TMC, so it will demolish the dam. It means, to fill dam in three days, it requires 63,000 cusecs water to flow, at the same time the water out vent (total thirteen including three new vent outlets) capacity is 1,20,000 cusecs  so this claim also disproved.


Role of Idukki Dam:


Keral's Idukki hydro generator plan: Idukki dam was constructed on 1975. It's India's largest hydro-power plant with 555 feet height and has a capacity of 70 TMC (MP dam has a capacity of 15TMC). The installed power house capacity is 780 MW with 6 generator units of 180 MW each. But even after three years of commissioning the Moolamatton power project (idukki dam power project), it didn't manage to generate the expected power. That is when the problem of MP dam started 1979. Even today it is generating only 280 Mu power.  Link



Water flow map from MP dam to Idukki dam:


11. On a worst case scenario, even if the dam breaks (nobody wants it), the Idukki dam can easily accommodate the 15 TMC water. Even if it is full at the time, the water takes four hours from Mullaiperiyar dam (MP) to travel 45 km to reach Idukki dam. The water venting capacity of Idukki dam is 4 Lakh cusecs feet/ second, I hope my educated friends can easily calculate how much time it will take to empty 15 TMC water or more to give space. The land height difference of idukki dam and MP dam is 856 feet, it means lot of water flow downwards, (it won't go to any village or city to reach idukki, )since water flows from top to bottom.


12. So even if the water flows in 100 feet height from MP to Idukki, there wont be any causalities for the 4.5 million people living in the downstream.


13.  Kerala Govt wants to construct a new dam because for the past thirty years after reducing the water level to 136 feet, Idukki project is not able to produce the expected electricity generation. (the details already provided before)


14. Now coming to the point, where Kerala Govt says they will provide water to TN,  the sketch of proposed new dam





The proposed (new) dam height is 52.13 meter but the water vent will be opened when water reaches 148 to 149 feet. So given the geographical conditions, Tamil Nadu can take the water which is above 154 feet in new proposed dam, which will never occur. The documentary claims that the very aim of the new dam seems to divert the water to idukki dam, also to construct the hydro-electric generation plant in new proposed dam. It means taking water for 24* 365 for electricity generation. So even if Kerala Govt want to give water to TN, there wont be any sufficient water in the proposed Dam.


Kerals's direct benefit because of MP dam

a. Fishing in dam and tourism in thekkadi ~ 300 cr per year

b. The rent for 8590 acre land from TN to Kerala = 1.5 lakhs per year

c. The royalty given to Kerala, to produce electricity in lower camp is  = 6 lakhs per year from TN

d. The salary for kerala security person's in MP dam  = 12 lakhs per year from TN


Kerala and Tamil Nadu are mutually dependent on each other. 70% of Kerala's border is TN, 12 highways are connecting TN and Kerala which is used to carry food and all essential items for Kerala. Other than this, even though Kerala has 44 riverbeds to take sand, previous CM of Kerala state banned taking sand from those riverbeds, so for Kerala state's all Government and private building construction they take sand from TN. So considering all this, Kerala should understand that TN's growth is directly related to their own.

Kerala Govt's counter response to TN's stand is given in this blog: Thanks to Anu for this. 

Our Understanding:


Kerala water resource minister Mr P.J.Joseph is demanding to destroy the baby dam, reduce the water level to 96 feet and to demolish the upper part of dam till the construction of new dam. This process will take a minimum of 4 years but we know that our Government will take more than that.


Based on the water storage sketch (above), you can see that water below the height of 104 feet cannot be used by TN, so reducing the water level in dam to 96 feet means no water for TN. It will cause famine in TN and will impact Kerala also.


I strongly believe that the people lives are more important and should be given first priority than a water dispute for agriculture or the dam itself. So considering this sensitive issue, both the Governments should discuss and come to a good conclusion by talking rather than playing with people's emotions and for some personal political gains on each side.


These are all my findings about MP dam. Not my final stand, I welcome healthy discussion in this post.


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 12:35 PM, Dani Varghes <> wrote:


Dear Indians,


      I know all we are concern about the mullaperiyar issue. but  am doubt that certain pocket of humanity doesn't have any awareness about this matter.There is no need to pin-point them, our thought and protest should not be against a state or certain humanity ,we should have to protest against certain people who carry certain evil thoughts. people in kerala lost their

protesting power, now  days malayalees are used to protest by taking leaves and simply sit in their homes or engaged in their own activity. I should confess that am also one among them.And am ashamed that we are born in the land of great warriors.

I have a humple request to the reders that please donot waste your time . act suddenly. even a message can make little change. PLEASE THINK ONLY ONE THING "THAT PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"






From: Ramakrishnan T.S. <>

Sent: Monday, 28 November 2011 6:33 AM

Subject: Re: [] Mullaperiar controversy



Friend let us think cool. It is not good for any one to utter some thing that will hurt others. I am a Malayalee.But first I am an Indian.

Crux of the problem is our politicians in both states and centre have no initiative to solve the problem. Because they are afraid that may erode their vote bank. So they will not take any positive step to solve this issue.

They will drag on this issue till something untoward incident occur. Then also these politicians try to score a point on opponets.

Hope to get a good Government at States as well as as Centre. Till such time we all pray GOD to save us from any disaster..


From: Rajendra Mohan <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Monday, 28 November 2011 1:13 AM
Subject: Re: [] Mullaperiar controversy


Shenba khand

What are you trying to convey???????

If you are a pandi you should understand one thing that you are drinking water today is coz of our mercy.  If we stopped donating water then you pandi's will not sell vegetable to us produced using the water we stored and supplied to you almost free of cost.  You will not produce electricity with the free water and making profit on it.

You know, the subject dam can be busted anytime and around 4,000000 humanbeing is in trauma.  An earthquake is not required to burst but even if jayalalitha walks surrounding 10kilometre of the dam is more than enough to bust into water bomb. 

So do not challenge a malayalee who can keep his promise.

Also dont forget that the Tihar jail is now filled with Original Tamilians.  (since u said vaikol is from andra, lalitha from karanataka)

--- On Sun, 11/27/11, Shenba Khan <> wrote:

From: Shenba Khan <>
Subject: Re: [] Mullaperiar controversy
To:,,, "Moinudheen Fazil" <>,
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2011, 12:56 AM

Dear All Keralites .. From the Last 2 days i was reading your good comments on mullai periyar controversy.... As a Tamilan and Indian should share my comments with u guys... 

first off all who is supporting ,mullai periyar dam issue in tamilnadu most of them not from tamils.. vaikoo he is not orginated from tamil he is from andhra and now he is talking with his family only in telugu.. and madam jayalalitha the whole tamilnadu knows where she is from(karnataka) and some of the peoples supporting the party leaders coz of brandy ,whisky,biriyani,fish curry ,money,like some of malayalies doing there ... 

as a tamil i can talk for all , we also dont wanna see the peoples die for us thats not our intension ,kerala is our vry good neigbour state ,more tamil's are there for work and even more mallu's r in tamilnadu surviving theirs life in both states..  u should not see the leaders see the peoples heart,soul is equal weather that is tamil or mallu.. due to some political cheap reasons both state leaders r playing with us..

i will give one good latest example how peoples in our country:

here before this article i have read another one that is regarding "DO U NEED GOOD" there 3 guys or fighting for theirs religions one is abusing christian and one is abusing others.. coz these fighting we can understand that nobody dont have standard policies,no body care about country,no body care about other religion,no body care about other states,if this bad thing wil continue our mother land will be 30 countries like ex soviet russia.. 

that is your state,your river, your water ,you peoples can do what ever you want then still your govt is waiting for whom??? u may say we r in india .india is united country,we r  respecting  the indian constitution .. if all peoples will think the matter will slove very soon 1 or 2 guys i dont want to point exactly they r totally out of mind and talking like uneducated ,he is always saying that all tamils r bad,they r murders,terroriest ,theivs.. to him i can say the religion what he is following that only having more bad murderers,terroiests may he will be also coz his thoughts looking like abdul kasib. and see the news papers how many finance company cheaters ,child kidnappers and prostitudes from kerala there getting arrest in tamilnadu..

another one my friend is saying he is calling all peoples to reject tamil products .i am challanging to that guy. if u r true mallu first do it that..before talk about others please watch around u that u r clear and ur state.... sorry for my words .coz ur peoples talked first for that i gave my reply.. i am hesitating to talk like this 

On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 11:46 PM, Babu davis Arimpilly <> wrote:

Mullaperiyar is a burning issue in kerala and all our politicians are silent why? because everybody had huge investments in tamilnadu and getting huge sums as bribe, they are frightening us of rice and vegetables then how we say India is a federal state and everybody is equal ,we should have our rights, we had given 20 members for LDF in the last govt and we got 72 kms of railway track for giving Palakkad Rly division to tamilnadu, that is our politicians boneless fellows, dont trust them for our life.

whether there is only one way to kerala, we have 600kms of coastal line and we can purchase from anywere. Dont get panic of tamils we should get united and people will start cultivating items, when they study a lesson .

What the problem is we dont have good leaders who loves kerala to take bold decisions.

And our daily manorama has more interest in MRF than kerala so they will not say anything.

I will say cancel this agreement and block all water to tamilnadu ,then they will come to us ,of-course there will be problem for some days, and also new agreement should be for a lesser period, will be renewed frequently and should take enough price for our natural resources and be used for the development of our homeland.

Now they are giving free laptops TVs with our cash.

All malayalies should be united at this point and teach this tamils a lesson and also those who makes unnecessary strikes & harthals here and make investments some were.

be united everybody for our own existence,

thank you

From: Gopalakrishnan Palakizh <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Saturday, 26 November 2011 9:02 PM
Subject: Re: [] Mullaperiar controversy

There is no word to describe the present day dangerous situation we face due to Mullaperiyar Dam. It appears that this was created by our own people and our own government.

Long back I remember to have seen an article (may be in this column or elsewhere) wherein it was mentioned that there was a doubt of the agreement period of "999" years. It said that one "9" appears to be of different shape and might have added later. If that was so, without the knowledge of officials (those times) of Kerala government, it never happens. In a such a case, the officials involved become No.1 wrongdoers.

Can we believe that whether man can make agreements for a period of 1000 years ?! This is beyond one's imagination. Maximum life span of 'Homo Sapiens' (Biological nomenclature for human beings) is 100 years (exceptions are there). Present day average life span of man is, say about, 60 years. (It was less than 50 years when the Mullaperiyar agreement was executed). A man who, in every possibility, does not live up to 100 years, has got no right to make "agreements" beyond his maximum life span, ie., 100 years. This is the logic. When the Mullaperiyar agreement was executed, both parties might have thought this "logic" and in every possibility they might have made it for a period of 99 years only.

The original agreement was executed by the Madras (British) government and the Travancore Kingdom. Naturally, after the Independence, all the agreements executed by the British government would have been treated as lapsed. But unfortunately, this Mullaperiyar Dam agreement continued. We Keralites and our government failed to foresee the consequences because of our casual approach on serious matters.

Moreover, the cunning TN (the then Madras) political set up made Kerala government ratify the old agreement. This has happened in 1970. The Achutha Menon Ministry at that time, also failed to foresee the problems, Kerala may face in future while ratifying the agreement executed by the British government.

Now we are paying for all those mistakes we, ourselves, committed earlier. Our political set up is ineffective. Ruling as well as the opposition parties can only fight verbally.

Only God can save our "God's Own Country". Pray for that.

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 12:42 PM, Moinudheen Fazil <> wrote:

If Kerala govt have the will, it is the right of Kerala to de-commissioning the dam. No need of an approval from Union Govt. Unfortunately the matter goes to Supreme Court. We can't do anything now, in a federal system. We have toadherethe court orders.

Even when Chami raped and killed our Soumiya, the 100% innocent, the Tamil Media demanded release of the killer. Tamil Assembly demanded the Rajiv Gandhi murder to be freed. I do not know what the tamilians needed? Do they need the right to kill anyone in India?

LTTE killed thousands of Srilankans. India supported that terrorists group. We never open our eyes.

Let 35-40 lakhs of Keralites die! Let our govt be blind!!

From: "" <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 12:56 AM
Subject: [] Mullaperiar controversy

In today's Newsroom program me of the Timesnow, while participating in the discussion relating to a film "Dam999" the famous film actress, speaking on behalf of DMK, had expressed her views. She said the film will hurt the sentiments of Tamil people and will create great amount of disharmony between the people of Kerala and Tamil Naadu. Hnce this film has not been released in TN theaters. Mr.Mohan Roy the producer/director of the film defended the theme and said that it is not about the Mullaperiar dam the film is made. There are more than 4000 dams in this country which are hundred years old and they all require, urgent attention. Since Mullaperiar is the live controversy between TN and Kerala at the current time, it catches the attention of the people when the film is shown.

Mme Jayalalithaa the CM had written to the PM, asking him to interfere in the controversy. Since Kerala has brought to the notice of the center about the dangerous situation after the recent earthquake in Idukki dist. PM had volunteered to mediate between the TN and Kerala over this issue. Ultimately the proposal of the Kerala state for the construction of a new dam, may fructify. Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.Error! Filename not specified.




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