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Re: [] Democracy in My country


A beautiful article, but what is the solution. The tragedy is such that each MP represents an average 22.2 Lakh people and there are 104 countries in the world which do NOT have even 20 Lakh people. This shows the importance of each MP in INdia. But these MPs do NOT realise that. They are like Head of State or King of a small country. Last financial year the citizens have paid an amount of Rs. 25 Lakh crores towards direct & indirest taxes. If that amount is equally devided by the no of MPs it will be  Rs. 6,000 crores per constituency. The half of that amount, Rs. 3,000 crores, is much more than sufficient for the development of each constituency provided a systematic and scientific system is implemented.

On 10 October 2013 15:08, kartha chandrasekharan <> wrote:

Yes, a common man can not do anything with kind of Pay Increase, Fuel rate increase, Cooking Gas rate increase with the result Price increase of all commodities etc etc. It is but very surprising to read from the mail that still all our representatives at State or Central are not happy with their salary, inspit of getting all allowance. Is there any Minister or MLA who can say 'Ok, this is enough for me and for my family, Let me save my country from the present situation.....................' I doubt we can find any one. Govt. employees get immediate pay increase very often. But what about a common man, who is not employed or get any pension or any other benefit from the Govt. The ruling and the opposition party convenientely forget them except when they ask or Vote.

I agree with Mr John Thomas that we get all this information because we are in a Democratic country , otherwise we all are kept under darkness and suffer.

But at the present condition who will save this country and save the people.
The debarred ministers know that once they will come out and they can live happily with the wealth they made during their tenure. They enjoy their life more safe when they are 'INSIDE' Is there any way to get the wealth back to the Govt or Agencies or Department they made through their wrong doing? This is also a Democracy!

Let our 'SUPREME JUDGE', theAlmighty take a decision and save us, the common man.

On Thursday, 10 October 2013 8:19 AM, John Thomas <> wrote:
In democracy at least you can calculate how much the elected representatives are taking away.

But if it is autocracy or theocracy, there is will be no account of anything.

Citizens will be reduced to work, eat and make love level.

It doesn't mean that I support all these atrocities.

With all its problems, democracy is great. We the people are supposed to fight against the problems within democracy. Instead of voting for the same party for the entire life time, should show open mind to give a chance to new thoughts. Ballet is our weapon. Support people who come forward for a change. Do not buy sugar quoted, nice to hear opinions like we need only two party in the country, Congress and BJP. These people got their chances already and could not prove any difference in terms of governance as well as between themselves; it includes the left parties as well. This nation should give a chance for the AAP and Arvind Kagriwal, I think.

It is my opinion. You can agree or disagree.


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Democracy in My country .......
Who will assess these parliamentarians work whether they deserve what they are giving themselves ????????
Parliament Secretariat must be having email sent for circulation to all MPs
An Important Issue!Indian government approves 200% MPs salary hike Still some MP's are unhappy.
Now , MP's take home salary is Rs 45 lakh per annum + other allowances.


TOTAL expense for a MP
[having no qualification]per year :Rs.60,95,000

534 MPs, the expensefor 1 year:

Rs. 325,47,30,000

3254730000 X 5years =

1627,36, 50000( One Thousand six hundred crores plus..)

This is the present condition of our country:

1627 crores could make their lives livable!!

Think of the great democracy we have
Do MP's really need salary hike? Do they really wait for 30th of every month for salarycredits to their bank accounts, like we do every month ????FORWARDTHIS MESSAGE TO ALLREAL CITIZENSOF INDIA !!

know hitting theDeletebutton is easier...but....try to press theFwdbutton & make people aware!PLz!!!
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[] Native American farmer grows amazing multi-coloured corn - see


What would the Jolly Green Giant say? Native American farmer grows amazing multi-coloured corn

  • Glass Gem corn developed by Carl Barnes was passed on after his death
  • Now the seeds are available online and have attracted huge demand


These extraordinary images may appear to show colourful boiled sweets or even glass beads - but in fact, they show specially bred ears of corn.

Glass Gem corn was developed by a Native American farmer who noticed that every so often, a cob showed signs of unusual colouring shining through.

Now the unique strain is available for purchase online, and is in hot demand from gardeners keen to add a touch of colour to their vegetable patch.

Fun & Info @

Gleaming: The kernels are so brightly coloured that they look like precious stones or glass beads


Fun & Info @

Bright: The colours which make up the corn include blazing red and black as well as the usual golden


The crop originates from Oklahoma, where part-Cherokee farmer Carl Barnes had the idea of gathering colourful ears of corn and breeding them together.

As the years went on, he managed to produce corn displaying dozens of different colours on a single cob.

Shortly before he died, Mr Barnes passed on his seed collection and breeding know-how to his friend Greg Schoen and asked him to safeguard the Glass Gem tradition.

In 2010, Mr Schoen decided he had to find a permanent home for the collection, and gave the seeds to Bill McDorman, owner of a small seed comany in Arizona.

Fun & Info @

Contrast: The different varieties of Glass Gem can appear starkly divergent from one another


Fun & Info @

Popular: Native Seeds/SEARCH, which sells the corn, frequently sells out thanks to the high demand


Fun & Info @

On the branch: Despite its rainbow colours, Glass Gem is grown in the same way as other types of corn


'I was blown away,' Mr McDorman said of the first time he grew Glass Gem corn. 'No one had ever seen corn like this before.'

The seedsman is now head of Native Seeds/SEARCH, a non-profit organisation which seeks to preserve the agricultural heritage of the Native Americans.

The organisation sells Glass Gem seeds through its website for $7.95 (4.90) per packet, although they are so highly sought-after that they are frequently sold out.

The corn can be used to make flour or popcorn, although it is not recommended to eat it straight off the cob.

Fun & Info @

Pioneer: Carl Barnes spent years developing Glass Gem corn and passed the secret on before he died

Full article , more pictures and video in the link below

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[] First time


Give this a while for pictures to load. Some of the pictures didn't come out the first time I scrolled through but as I scrolled back up they were there.
First time watching fireworks:
First time being dunked into water that's way too cold:
First time getting caught in a bubble shower:
First time driving through a dark tunnel:
First time chatting with a puppet:
First time finding a new recipe in a cooking magazine:
First time forgetting how spoons work:
First time seeing ice cream:
First time meeting a puppy:
First time having their toes licked by a cat:
First time watching New Year's fireworks:
First time living in a hollowed-out fruit:
First time "drinking" out of a hose:
First time forgetting how glass windows work:
First time smelling of someone's foot:
First time opening a present:
First time experiencing the sweet, sweet glory of television:
And finally, the first time experiencing the taste of sour:
This should have made you smile!

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