Wednesday, 8 February 2012

[] ☛A Letter To ♥Love♥ ☚

 A Letter to my Love..

Dear Love,
Is that you? I see the telltale signs and sense your nearing presence. I feel the joy, the laughter, the happiness, the tenderness the eagerness, the need as you get closer an closer. You are such a mysterious and inexplicable creature. You arrive quite unexpectedly, from out of the clear blue sky, flirting, teasing. You creep in swiftly and silently. I look up and there you are.

Love, why do you pound at the door of my heart, demanding to be let in? You promise anything and everything to gain entry into my fortress, spinning my head around, quickening my pulse, bringing with you, as always, joy and pain. Haven't I asked you not to visit me again? For though your visits lift me to heights of heaven, when you go, I am dropped to the depths of despair.
Nevertheless, I let you in once again, even though I should know better by this time. Please be careful with my heart, as it is only recently recovered from your last visit.
Come on in, and perhaps, this time, you've really come to stay.
Your old friend


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