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Re: [www.keralites.net] Food for cholesterol affected people


Cholesterol and Health:

The most important thing to consider in controlling cholesterol is to reduce the use of oil. Whichever may be the oil, limit the usage.

To be:

Eat lots of soya bean, sardines, mackerel

Curry Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Guava (not that much ripened), Garlic has to be included in your daily diet

Include Cabbage, Carrot, Beans, Pulses, Boiled Potato (with skin) in your diet

Bran cereals, Oats, Barley to be included in your routine diet. Consumption of almonds, cashew nuts (in limited quantity) is also good.

Not to be:

Reduce the intake of meat. Can take skinless chicken/lean meat/small fish occasionally. Fried items must be avoided completely.

Reduce the intake of salt. Instead use refined salt (potassium chloride). This can help the balance maintenance between sodium and potassium.

Avoid sweets and savories, cool drinks, coke, cakes and pastries, cookies, noodles, chocolate and ice-cream.

NB: The best home remedy to cut down the cholesterol level is to have oats regularly. Because it contains a fibre betaglucon that helps in lowering (ejecting) the LDL cholesterol from your body.

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Dear Group member,

I shall be very grateful to you, if this information translate in English language and send to me because my cholesteroal level is always high.

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