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[] The Angels in our life


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The  Angels  in our  life

Some  people  come  into  our  lives

through  strange  coincidences.

They   appear  in  our  life  to help us.

Sometimes  their light  is  so  bright  and,

their  words  are  so kind  and warm

that  we  feel  we are  wxperiencing

angels  in  the  form  of   a  human  being.

The  Angels  in  our  life

guide  us  and support  us  through difficult,

times , They  help us  discover  our  inner,

strenght  and  our  own beauty.

They  give  us hope  and encouragement

when  we  feel   lonely  or discouraged.

They  make  us  believe in  ourselves,

and   trust  our  intuition.

The   Angels  in our  life

show  us  new  perspectives  and

help us  fulfill   our  dreams.

They  teach  us  the importance of

patience  and  that never  giving  up

is  our   greatest  power.

The  Angels  in  our  life

show  us  that  even  the

smallest  act  of  caring  has

the  potential   to  turn  a life  around.

They  help   us  realize   that  life  is short

and  that  we  can control  our  destiny  by,

making  the  right  choices.

They  help  us  realize  that  being  positive,

is good  but  that  saying  no is often the,

right  thing  to do.

The   Angels  in our  life

help  us  realize  that  giving

is more  important  and satisfying,

than  receiving.

They show  us  that helping  others  can

be  an  amazing  way  to help  ourselves.

The   Angels  in our life

are   those  special   people  who

we   feel    we'd   be  lost  without.

The   Angels  in our life

help  us   with  anything   they can

they   were  sent  by  God

to  help  us  in times  of  need.


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Some  people  come  into  our lives,

through  strange  coincidences.

Their presence  seems  mysterious, but  they

are  here  for a reason,  We  don't  always,

understand   where  they  come  from or why

they  manifest  in our  life.

Usually  they  are compassionate individuals

who  we  have  attracted  by  something ,

we have  said  of done, But  sometime  their,

light  is  so  bright  and  their  words  are so,

warm  and kind  that we  feel  we are,

experiencing  angels  in the  form ,

a  human  being...


Have a beautiful  day  my angels  friends.

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