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Dear Mr. Bala

Thanks for your views. The posting of Mr. Singh represent the mindset of the communists, intolerance to criticism; Stalin sent people sent his critics to Siberia and in Kerala it is abuses and in extreme cases annihilation as happened to TP.
Now Mr. Singh,  coming to the university politics. In how many universities in India, SFI exists, or in how many states CPM exists? Regarding the elections in Universities,  if you conduct an analysis you will find that not more than 30% of the students vote, out of which a group which gets about 10-15% of the votes in a multi-cornered election gets elected. Very few serious students get involved in college politics and 99% of the students involved in college politics spoil their education and lives, though some manage to get  degrees. Your friend graduate head load worker represent that class, the literate but not educated  person. If he is properly educated, he would have gone for better jobs as I am sure the head load worker job is not his choice. 

Mr. Singh, learn to participate in a discussion in a civilized manner, learn to use decent words. If I reply using the same type of language you have used, I will be lowering myself to a literate uneducated person 

T. Mathew

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Dear Mr. Singh
You have commented on Mr Mathews msg. Iam sorry for your poor understanding of the essence of Mr Mathews messages. please note that
a) He never said all communist memebers are undereducated or illitrate. What he meant was that since mjority of the members of CPM are workers( read as farm workersin kerala. rt from paddy field to rubber tapping to toddy tapping) are less educated and are an easy prey to the gimics of this prty leaders since they are promised everything under the sun.
Do you know sir in early 1950s and 1960s in Palghat these leaders used to sing a song addressing the farm workers which is ".OH! the parrots the field now you harvest will become yours one day. Iam a land owner from Palghat and doing direct cultivation. The Palghat which was grannery of kerala which had 1,65,000 hectors of paddy lands to day reduced to some 60,000 plus.  So the song sung by the cpm saw to it that there is neither the parrot today nor the harvest. 
Or You may please justify the drama now unfolded at TVM the so called strike by the CPM making it clear that they will not budge anything less to Cm's resignation and judicial enquirey. Here also as usual they fooled their commrades.
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Dear Mr. Mathew,
I am keenly observing your views and now i found that your observation about the cpm followers as they are non educated and they are blindly following there leaders and the udf followers are well educated and only go for the polling booth for voating.
I pitty on you Mr. Mathew. Because in my kwnoledge most the universities the studends are electing only the SFI and it is a leftist studends federation and this is from long back.
Then how you can say 90% of the leftistd are un or less educated. And how you can say all the laboures are less educated. I know myself my colleuge who is a graduate who working as a loading-unloading worker.
So dont say thid type of stupid comments and can understand your political stands by observing all of your comments in this fourm.

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Dear Mr. Ramachandran
What I have seen in Kerala is that the UDF supporters belong to the educated class and they do not go on processions or raise slogans. So if UDF tries to start an agitation or go for hartal, they will not succeed as the LDF. In the case of LDF, especially CPM, as admitted by CPM leaders themselves, 90% of their members belong to the labour class, who are less educated and blindly follow the directions of the leaders and they are brain washed to the views of the party as they read only Deshabhimani and see only Kairali channels.
T. Mathew
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