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Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country


Mr. Menon,
In nut shall  THE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS party will ruin the country. Also you should not forget the year 1984, when Sikh were slaughter like goats by the INC & as per you, its hands are now clean which were coloured with blood of Sikh. It is called the blind faith. 
Ln. P.K. Agreeable

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From: ICS MENON <>
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
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Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013, 7:22 AM

dear agarwal sahab,
in india, i can not find any political party capable of running the country other than THE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS. others, may be making claim that congress is corrupt etc. but they did not get a chance to do corruption. congress ruled the country and there was mis-rule also - say many lapses in the history. inspite of all these Congress only is eligible to take power and lead the country.
Modi is a totally tainted man and notorious for killing innocent people - both muslims and hindus and he can not wash his hands of the blood during his whole life. sahab, for God's sake do not advocate for a person like Modi to lead India. Can you ask him to re-habilitate the people ran away from Gujarat and bring them back to their mother country???
as such, my strong belief is that ONLY CONGRESS CAN LEAD THE COUNTRY AHEAD OF CHINA and lead asia.
there is a very good system of democratic set up here and the judiciary and executives are getting stronger now. you can see many cases against modi govt. getting activated.
I feel that we should reach the ignorant people who cast their votes to regional parties and waste it. they must be made it clear that only congress can run the show, others are all after power and money.

From: Pramod Agrawal
Sent: Thursday, 13 June 2013 11:02 AM
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
Dear Sir,
How the system will clean?? who will take the lead, only I you?
Every one, from left to right, from front to back, from top to bottom is corrupt.
A person like Modi, who is doing well, every one is after him, trying to pull him down from the seat. We need dictatorship not the democracy at least for 10 years.
what do you say,? please share the view.
Ln. P.K. Agrawal

--- On Tue, 6/11/13, Gangadharan Nair N wrote:
From: Gangadharan Nair N
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 7:04 PM
You are absolutely RIGHT Mr. Bala. But our DEMOCRATIC SYSYEM does NOT permit any good people to run the show. What happened to Jawaharlal Nehru, VP Singh, Rajiv Gandhi now Manmohan Singh? Can you say they were corrupted before they become the Prime Ministers. They were all Clean and fresh as a VIRGIN. But what happened later after becoming the PM is history. This shows there is a great structural flaw in our democratic system. Unless and until we correct that system nothing is going to work. We got to define the responsibility of each elected members and fix it on them. Make the number of elected members to minimum so that they can function very well without any opposition. Make our vigilance dept more meaningful and functioning without any fear or favour.
Gangadharan Nair.
On 9 June 2013 10:18, GEORGE THOMAS> wrote:
Whatever one may say indicting the Congress Party of scams and corruption, it seems that there is no alternative in the political arena in the present circumstances. The main opposition party BJP is proved communal which may be bent upon converting India a Hindu country, with one of its main objective in coming to power to build a grand Ram Mandir when the country is embroiled in ever so many problems today. While it is still a developing country with a majority of its citizens under poverty line, its infrastructure still in tatters, medical and health facilities for the poor still inadequate, myriad social and economic problems aplenty remain unsolved, etc., etc., it is really ironical that the party keeps the issue of Ram Mandir construction alive and considers it a prime issue to be resolved ahead of many important problems facing the country, as if once the Temple is considered it would tantamount relinquishing the major problems facing the country ! BJP has been always in the forefront in espousing the religious emotions of the majority community, thus paving the way for a communal imbalance and hatred between communities, with the sole aim of catching votes and thereby managing to come to power by unscrupulous means !
We pride ourselves being a caste less society and an impartial government, but which action or function of the government of the day is free from religious hypocrisy and fanaticism ? We start all government functions or actions with Poojas and religious formalities as prescribed or advised by Purohts and Pandits, at auspicious times prescribed and dictated by the religious heads, all the while priding ourselves with being a non-communal democratic entity. I am of the view that governments should be free from entanglement of religious activism and indulgence of business or trading with a view to make profits.
I am not trying to eulogize the Congress party which is deeply retrenched in corruption and maladministration, but certainly under the given circumstances, Congress is a better option for the country with all other leading national parties equally mired in all sorts of malpractices and inaction.
On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 10:02 AM, Kaikara Shajihan> wrote:
Dear Mr.Bala Agarwal
Your comment against INC is not acceptable. As you said Mr. Menon may be an INC member but sure I am not INC follower. Me an leftist which is totally against corruption, scam and anti people political parties. Comparing other parties including BJP the one and only national party which is having MP andMLA in all states are INC. That means its roots spread all over India.
Corruption is everywhere and in that case BJP as well the regional parties are corrupted same like INC. Its the duty of the judiciary to catch them. But we all appreciate INC's secularism which make harmony in our country and that"s why even the majority hindus are not supporting the hindutavadi BJP which spoiled the harmony of our beloved nation with their anti minority gimmick just to grab the power. As the nation knows this and that's why even in our state when loksabha election comes people vote for secular congress party but when assembly election people vote for leftist front. So we need a strong INC at center as well left front or united front at state. so once again I can say that we Indians vote again for a congress government at centre which can bring harmony among us.
On Fri, Jun 7, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Pramod Agrawal> wrote:
Mr. Bala. p.l, Very well said sir!,
Indian National Congress (I) is a party of scam, fraud, corruption anti public, I fail to understand why Mr. Menon is advocating a party which has ruin the country and create so many National International problem before the country. It is the worst shameless party of India. Mr. menon seems to be the member of INC(I)
Ln. P.K. Agrawal

--- On Thu, 6/6/13, Bala p.l> wrote:
From: Bala p.l>
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
Date: Thursday, June 6, 2013, 9:37 AM
Mr. ICS menon,

there was a msg almost identical to yours projecting the Indian National Congress and branding BJP as communal.and calling to give a clear majority to the so called Indian national Congress which according to you is the national party some time back from this keralaites group . You have further said that those who oppose congress in the election on winning support the congress. Is it not a defection. No it is breach of contract and faith the people reposed on our leaders, How about parties electing their leaders to Rajya saba who have lost in the Loka saba elections. Dont you think sir this is worst than defection.
I have the following for you to ponder please.
a) The Indian national congress that stood for patriotism and full of statesmen was stabbed to death by Indira gandhi in 1969 at Bangalore AICC meet and formed Indian National Congress( I) I representing her name. she ruined the country to her best and after a short stint by Rajive Gandhi, the present INC has become Indian National Congress Itally pvt ltd. and still people like you say it is INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS
2) Regarding the growth of regional parties again the congress is the one which supported the birth and growth of these to keep their hold in the centre and leaving the sates to get ruined under this power and money centred regional parties and its leaders.
3) Sir , please tell me is there any state in India where you can see a united congress leadership and followers. Each state unit has more leaders and factions than the members. Please take the example of our Kerala State. How many fcations. The drama that is unfolding for the last 10 days on Chandi/Chennithala episode make one to vomit.
4) You call INC as a national party. How many states are they ruling sir and just count how many regional parties they have at center on whose support they run this ineptive Govt.
So Please let us advocate for a clean Govt by choosing clean people which ever party they belong to.
Bala Chennai

From: Gangadharan Nair N>
To: Keralites>
Sent: Thursday, 6 June 2013 6:50 AM
Subject: Re: [] Make democracy more beneficial to the country
Mr. Menon, Your ideas are very GOOD but the present system of Government should go and a new presidential form of government should come. Then what you said is imperative. The Indian Democracy will not function properly because of its own structural flaw and NOT the political parties. A 5 tier Democracy with over 30 lakh elected members, where in each tier is opposing the other will not take a nation to any where except destruction. For your information today each member of Parliament represents an average 22.2 Lakh people. In the world there are 104 countries which do not have a population of even 20 Lakh and most of them advanced very well in the past 20 years. So it is better to hand over each Parliament constituency to its own member of Parliament and let him rule the constituency with the help of the Collector. ( More or less like old Naattu Rajaas) The member will be so serious and he will do everything for his constituency and the nation will progress. What the nation needs is a strong Vigilance Dept. to check the corruption. Let Central Ministry is formed from Rajya Sabha Members like our Manmohan Singh.
Gangadharan Nair.
On 4 June 2013 18:59, ICS MENON> wrote:

"Make Giving Bribe is Legal Birth Right of a citizen
Taking Bribe is Illegal a willful act of Crime"

"Dharmam Saranam Gachhami"
Gangadharan Nair N

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