Monday, 12 November 2012

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Bagittoday has cheated me too.I received a scratch card with my order and then the system came out with congratulations you will receive your gift very soon.Later on I got a call asking me to enter promo code .When I called them up for promo code ,they said they are considering my case.

Such cheating from India today is unthinkable.

Mary Verghese

On Sat, Nov 10, 2012 at 12:31 PM, kp unnikrishnan <> wrote:

Dear Members,

Recently I faced a problem.  In fact, I was cheated by Bag It Today (affiliation of India Today Group).  The history is as under:

On September 06, 2012, I received a call from Bag it today (Ms. Suman/Ms. Preeti, I do not readily remember the name exactly)at around 4.20 PM that I won a Dell laptop and Blackberry mobile phone in a lucky draw conducted by them. to avail this free gift, I was supposed to take their schemes of two holiday packages, worth Rs. 5999/- each, that too before 4.30 PM on the same day and I agreed and paid Rs. 11998/- by credit card.  I Received a verification call immediately on payment, verifying the issue.  When I received the verification call I enquired about my free gift and the lady on the other end transferred my call to the customer care section, who once again confirmed that I will get my free gift in a couple of days time.  On their assurance, I confirmed the matter.  Then I received a call from the verification department and confirmed. I again paid Rs. 450+450 towards process charges.

After waiting for a week, i enquired about my gifts, and I was informed that there was no such scheme available and I was given wrong message of free gift.  I,therefore, requested them to refund me the amount paid by me (total Rs. 11888/-) as I do not want to go for their scheme of holiday package, to which they refused to refund since I confirmed the order during verification call.  I was also informed that once the order is confirmed during verification call, the order cannot be cancelled and refund cannot be made.  In fact, I have not availed of their scheme of holiday package and I have not even sent them back the order confirmation form duly filled in and signed by me.

My concern is that whether a customer cannot cancel his order after confirming the same, if he is not satisfied with the service of the party.  In this case, though I paid full amount, I have not availed of any service or received the free gift as promised by them.  This is purely a cheating case to get their business target completed by giving false promises to the customer. 

On going through their website, I come across a number of cheating incidents by this organisation in similar way.  i already made an online complain with Consumer Protection Cell.

I request your expertise opinion and advice whether I can get back the money paid by me. 

K.P. Unnikrishnan
Bhavnagar, Gujarat

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