Thursday, 18 July 2013

[] Rioghteousenss



ho I coudnt resist
She was soooo innocent looking
Pretty with Just the apt body language
Justifies my decision she is all good
Told me that I am all yours
We will together raise a family
For all to see and admire
When she entered our house the first steps were correct
The last was also perfect
Mum was thrilled
I was thrilled
Second day marriage was consummated
as it was difficult to enter the first night
She vowed that You will be my only man
never will there be another
Days passed months passed
I felt giddy and tired
Never was I well and vigorous
As I used to be
Then came the day
Lo there was some sort of smell
In my food ,suspicion arose
I watched to my astonishment
Diesel oil in coconut oil
soap water in milk
Dish washing powder, Ala clothes whitener in curry and rice
Wow with all these in my stomach
I coudnt get up no wonder at all
My face was taunt and eyes inside the hollow
cheeks shrunk with sores all over
When questioned she shouted you like to be an 18 year old
Old man I dont want you to be that

Wow dear she is a feminism
Never wants men to be fine and good
Always wants males subjugated
and a hen pecked person
carrying out her wishes
ho dear its it sad bad and dreadening
Then comes another young man "Son'
Ho this fool child is all fault
Growls the feminist
creates all fetters in the well being of the boy
call all sorts of bad words
Ultimately lamenting why it was not a girl my first baby

ha ha ha a feminist

This is the marriage with feminist
She cant do anything for the good of the family
she dosent want hubby to succeed
Being straight dosent help
shaves off the hair on the back of hubbys legs
To make it appear that he is a homosexual
Ha ha ha...this is feminism
Lo now I am alone in my house
but getting healthier and healthier
But the thought of feminist coming back haunts me
My son ..I dont know how he is
Just a three years old innocent
Law says he should be with his mother
I am pathetic disillusioned thinking about my son
Ho mine I regret marrying a feminist
what can I say except one cant look inside a person.

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Nadakav Calicut-Kerala India

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