Thursday, 18 July 2013

[] FOREVER FRIENDS............


A God-given gift
You are to me,
An Angel of the heart,
A friend for eternity,

A gem I treasure,
A jewel shining bright,
A ray of sunshine,
A star in the night,

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All are you to me,
All this and more;
I cherish your friendship
So sweet and pure.

Laughter we share,
Endless smiles,
Hardship cannot separate
Nor the many miles.

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For connected we are
By the heart always;
Friends in Spirit
For all of our days.

Praise Lord Jesus
For this connection we share;
Only He could create
This friendship beyond compare.

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For He Himself is love,
He is our Best Friend;
His love for us is unceasing,
Without limit, without end.

So I thank you, dear sister,
From my heart of hearts,
And I praise Jesus
From Whom all love starts.

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You are my friend,
You shine with Jesus' love;
Yes, you are a gift
From Heaven above.

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