Thursday, 28 March 2013

[] "Ur mom carried u in her womb for 9 months"-MUST SEE


Ur mom carried u in her womb for 9 months.
She felt sick 4 months with nausea.
She watched her feet swell & her skin
stretch & tear. She struggled 2 climb
stairs, she got breathless quick,...She
suffered many sleepless nights. She
then went through excruciating pain 2
bring u into this world.
Then, she became ur nurse, ur chef, ur
maid, ur chauffeur, ur biggest fan, ur
teacher, & ur best friend.
She's struggled 4 u, cried over u,
hoped d best 4 u, & prayed 4 u.
Most of us take our mom 4 granted.
But there r people who have lost or
never even seen theirs.
If you have a loving Mother who did all
of this for you, you are very lucky,
never devalue her worth because one
day, you'll wish you hadn't!.
To every women who is a mother, and
to every other women who is going to
be one day.

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