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Hi Friends,

I was also experiencing lot of problems from the Private Operators in Chennai. They also send exorbitant bills. Every month I have to fight with them on this matter. Frustrated, now I shifted to BSNL both mobile and broadband. Now the bills are reasonable and accurate with the transparency.
Whatever said and done Govt. organization is better than so called modern Private ones.

This is my experience.

Ramakrishnan (jigguram)

From: ramakrishnan chenampulli <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Sunday, 17 June 2012 3:54 PM
Subject: RE: [] Beware of mobile companies

email sent by me to reliance. be careful while taking reliance connection.
To Reliance Communications (
Subscription ID: 326882764015/Tel:30226255
I am residing in Annanagar West, Chennai and have taken a Reliance Broadband connection with above ID.
This service is unavailable for the sixth day today. It went off around noon on Tuesday, i.e. 5th June 2012. Following are some of the recorded complaints:
(1) 180732177 at 3 PM on 8/6/12 (2) 2805503253 at 9.35 AM on 9/6/12 (3) 180821778 at 7.30 AM on 10/6/12
There are many calls which are not recorded as customer care refused to allot complaint number. Even at 3.30 PM on 10/6/12 they refused to take a complaint. Even on 9/6/12 evening the customer care executive refused to give a complaint number. Again on 10/6/12 and at 9AM on 11/6/12 customer care executive refused to record a complaint and allot a number.
On 8/6/12 a target time was fixed at 10.30 PM which was not met. Again on the morning of 11/6/12 the time set was 4.45 PM which also passed without any result. Telephone also did not work during the period 5/6/12-12.6.12.
Customer Care says this disruption is due to upgradation of service while the local technicians say server is down and/or cable is cut by road repair people. Whatever be true, a delay of 7 days is unacceptable by subscribers. Whatever be the truth reasons advanced for such long delays for upgrade and/or repairs seems to be suspect. What is the need for such an upgrade giving subscribers so much inconvenience?
Finally the fault was rectified at 9 PM on 12.06.12. On 13.6.12 there was connection problems in the morning. The PC connects to reliance website but other sites were not available. Normal service is available from 14.6.12.
This is the second time in last two months that Reliance Broadband was not available for more than 36 hours. But this one from 5-12 June is the longest outage in the recent times. Even before the service used to become unavailable for a few minutes to less than one hour but I did not complain about it.
It appears Reliance is employing incompetent people. Subscribers suspect that the real problem was not cable cut/upgrade but something else which the company does not want to disclose.
I request Reliance to give rebate in rental for 8 days from 5th to 12th June 2012 during which period the internet service + telephone was completely faulty.
S. Ramakrishnan

Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 12:41:39 +0800
Subject: Re: [] Beware of mobile companies
This is very true.We also had similar experience from reliance mobile.We had to run nearly a dozen times to service centre to get it disconnected.This is truely a harrowing experience.We had to discard the SIM and go for airtel SIM.Now airtel persons are also doing a similar acts.TRAI can introduce some type of fine for such acts of theirs if they are found guilty.

From: Thomas Mathew <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Monday, 21 May 2012 11:04 AM
Subject: [] Beware of mobile companies
I got a reliance mobile recharged in the first week of the month. A few days later an SMS came that a caller tune has been downloaded for which there would be charges. After a day got another message that an English music has been downloaded for which another Rs 15 has been charged. On the third day yet another message came that CRBT services haven been subscribed for which the monthly subscription is Rs.30.( I do not know what is CRBT). As I have not asked for any of these downloads/services, I spoke to their customer service and asked for an explanation. The person sitting there was evasive and gave the reply that I might have accidently pressed some button to download these things. When I shouted back at him that no person in senses can press the download button, if such a one exists, three times in three consecutive days accidently and that I would complaint to TRAI, he disconnected the telephone saying something inaudible, probably some abusive words. Then I took up the matter with the customer relations through emails, and after exchange of mails two-three times, they were "kind enough" to wave all the money recovered from me for these unsolicited value added services and regretted the inconvenience caused to me; but were not all apologetic for deducting the money unauthorisedly and also gave no assurance that they would not resort to such acts in future.
Thomas Mathew

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