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Re: [] Victory of muscle power - Nurses strike



It is right that nurses should be paid well compared to all the working force.
Also want to think strongly why the nurses alone under paid ? the basic reason behind it ?

Is because of the work force or simply because of the hospitals are big exploiters ?

I am not sure but I think our kerala people to send the poor girls/boys for nursing more than the requirements in Kerala believing some overseas chances. So for experiance the students ready to work for less salary is the reason. Same time the right candidate also less paid becuase of this.

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Well it is very difficult to understand y the nurses are getting very less payments in Kerala.....even daily wages for a worker in the paddy field or farm house gets more than Rs.300.

Medical staff must get at least minimum salary initially and 10% increment minimum annually...


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Dear Hospital Owners,

Major Healthcare players against each other

The owner of Lakeshore Hospital, an NRI, employing more people than the Govt. of Kerala, has come to the rescue of nurses ignoring the Minimum Wages Notification of the Kerala Govt. questioned in Hon'ble High Court of Kerala.

The QPMPA filed a case in Kerala High Court against the 2009 Minimum Wages Notification -- W.P. (C) No. 1981/2010 and there is a stay. The details are there in our QPMPA Journal "February 2010" issue

The Govt is not coming forward to take up this case and help the Court to dispose it. They are more interested in developing muscle power and chaos. If the so-called "Public Servants" are made aware of the meaning of that word things would have been much better in India. They are responsible for 35% of the cases in all our Courts. The Judiciary is helpless in many cases. I hope they have powers to direct the Govt. to settle issues faster when the number of people involved is large. In this case (Minimum wages) 5 lakh people are involved.

There are more than 5,000 hospitals and clinics employing more than 5 lakh people in Kerala. Majority of them are in rural areas owned by dedicated and qualified doctors. The sad fact is that the children of these hospital/clinic owners are not interested in taking up these institutions. These hospitals/clinics were the backbone of Kerala Healthcare Model acclaimed the world over.

The competition between the big players in healthcare to yield and respect muscle power of the Nurses will be a turning point. When M/s. Amrita promised Rs. 115 as annual increment, it was Rs. 500 by M/s. Lakeshore!

Next in line will be the Paramedics and trained nurses. They too will demand more than the minimum wages declared by the Govt.

If things go as planned nurses in all hospitals will be demanding the salary paid by the major players.

That means, we will soon give a ceremonial burial for the Kerala Model and the poor citizens will suffer. The service oriented hospitals and clinics working 24 hours a day will disappear for ever. Most of them are manned by doctors above 60 years. They will slowly disappear.

Let us be better united like the others. Join for faster communication. That is a Facebook group and if you have a Facebook account visit QPMPA Kerala and join.

May God bless this country.



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