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Re: [] MUTUAL FUND-please help


Last month I got a DD from ICIC with amount of IRs. 6000 and the wrote that "there is no more benefit and investment".

I invested IRs. 25000 with a bank manager pressure, he transfered this amount from my account at 2008, it must be pay 3 years continously, I thought he is paying the same way from from account every year.

Now when I get this letter I am surprise, I don't know what is the reason to lapse this policy. I have more than 15 policies from the different banks. Its first time!! The company not doing their duties properly bcz if there is any nonpayment they should inform to the concernd party with letter.

In my experience this kind of business (share market or insurance) NO ANY BENEFIT for us. Now I am decided Not To join with any policy.

Also now all banks are trying to send back DD even if u are not request (after three years) bcz now market down, I got lots calls from HDFC.

KK Abudhabi.

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Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2012 12:21:49 +0530 (IST)
Subject: Re: [] MUTUAL FUND-please help

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Subject: Re: [] MUTUAL FUND-please help
Dear Mr.Rassana
You arecompletelywrong and I thinkignorantabout mutual fund & ULIP investment markets. All equity based mutual funds are investing/trading in share market and is subject market risk. Probelm now market is down so the unit value is going down.

Also for Mutual funds IRDA have no role and need to go to SEBI if any complaint and in case of insurance companies can go to IRDA. Also there is no relation with the banks in this case.

But from the first mail, came to know that is ULIP and can very well know about the scheme if the policy document and prospects read.

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dear sir,
all the banks rules are as like as the same. they must give their rules and regulations.
if you pay remainingfull amount[ you must pay the remaing balance amount ]to relience and may get back full amount.
try with your concern agent also.
in my case also the same with icici bank. i paid two instalment 50000+50000= 100000 one lake
i cannot pay the third instalment . now they forcedme to pay thethird instalment to get full up to date amount, otherwise they pay me back only the balance amount with deduction of their rules.
what can i do? i said ok then you pay me the balance as per your rules and regulations.
but stll they didnot pay yet. first this is our mistake. all the banks and bank agent s are theifs.
first they said some thing, afetr that they completely return to side of the bank.
if we put our deposite in normal sanvings bank account,instead of this type of investment with relienc or like icici bankwe can get ful amount with up to date interest.
totally we are mislead by the bank staffs andagent. this should be erased from the banking law
thismust taken to the irda with a groupof people who they are affected like this.
how we can do it?. please consult with the lawyer.
em. rassana
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Subject: [] MUTUAL FUND-please help

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