Thursday, 25 May 2017

[] Temperaments of Homeopathic Physicians!


Temperaments of Homeopathic Physicians.


⏩ "The Alumina Homeopath wants you to share his opinion".

⏩ "The Argentum Homeopath will impress you".

⏩ "The Arsenicum Homeopath considers the relevance of every detail with his analytic mind".

⏩ "The Aurum Homeopath take personal responsibility for your recovery".

⏩ "The Baryta Homeopath smiles a lot, and makes you laugh".

⏩ "The Calcarea Homeopath will mother you and make you welcome".

⏩ "The Cuprum Homeopath has a scientific or classical approach".

⏩ "The Ferrum Homeopath attacks your delusions in a very penetrating way".

⏩ "The Kali Homeopath is a reductionist. He want the facts".

⏩ "The Lycopodium Homeopath has many certificates/degrees from different universities".

⏩ "The Manganum Homeopath will talk about the weather, or the modalities".

⏩ "The Mercury Homeopath charts and measures everything. His amusing quips contain glimpses of the truth".

⏩ "The Natrum Homeopath is aloof, but full of kindness".

⏩ "The Nitrous Homeopath is in a rush, and you only get one chance to state your case".

⏩ "The Phosphorus Homeopath approaches you in a sharing and intimate manner".

⏩ "The Platinum homoeopath thinks she stands alone in the world".

⏩ "The Pulsatilla homeopath is always a good counselor rather than a great prescriber".

⏩ "A sepia homeopath will have indifference towards patient's problems and might not care about disease and feeling".

⏩ "The Silicea Homeopath usually has a delicate approach".

⏩ "The Sulphur Homeopath fits you into his theory".

⏩ "The Tungsten Homeopath is always detached and clinical".


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