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 Kokum – Garcinia indica Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects
Kokum – Garcinia indica is an anti oxidant rich fruit used in the name of Vrikshamla in Ayurveda. Kokum butter juice, prepared from its fruits is a famous coolant summer juice widely used in South India. 
Botanical name – Garcinia indica Lin
Family- Guttiferae
Garcinia indica 
Garcinia indica
Names in different languages:
Hindi name- Kokum
English name – Kokum butter tree
Sanskrit synonyms:
Amlashaka, Chukramla, Amlapoora, Chudamla, Beejamla, Phalamla,Shreshtamla – sour tasting fruit
Raktapooraka – The dried fruit is red in colour and makes the water red when mixed
Tittidi phala, Tintideeka, Tittideeka
Mahiruha, Chukra
Distribution: Found in western Ghats of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Kokam butter leaves 
Kokam butter leaves
Garcinia indica chemical composition:
Leaves- L-Leucine
Heartwood- Cuxanthone, Volkensiflovone, Morelloflavone, Comboginol
Fruit – Garcinol, Isogarcinol, Comboginol.
Seed – Neutral lipids, glycolipids
(Reference: Illustrated Dravyaguna VIjnana, Vol. II, by Dr JLN Shastry)
Polyphenols have anti bacterial activity.
kokum butter
Classical categorization
Charaka- Phala varga (Charaka Sutrasthana 27 ) Hrdya (Charaka Sutrasthana 4)
Raja Nighantu – Pippalyadi Varga, Panchamla Phala,
Kaiyadeva Nighantu – Aushadhi Varga
Dhanvantari Nighantu – Shatapushpadi Varga
Bhava Prakasha – Chaturamla, Panchamla, Amradi Phalavarga
kokum butter tree
Kokum butter medicinal properties
Rasa (taste) – Amla (sour), Madhura – sweet
Guna (qualities) – Rooksha(dryness), Guru (heavy to digest)
Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion) – Amla (sour)
Veerya (potency) – Ushna (hot)
Effect on Tridosha:
Ripe fruit balances Vata and Kapha Dosha.
unripe fruit pacifies Vata dosha but increases Kapha and Pitta dosha.
Part used- Fruit, root bark, seed oil
kokum juice
Dosage –
Root bark decoction 40-80ml,
Fruit syrup 0-20ml,
Seed oil 3-5 drops.
Garcinia indica uses
Garcinia indica uses:
Ruchikrut, Rochana – improves taste, relieves anorexia
Deepana – improves digestion strength
Sangrahi – absorbent, useful in diarrhea, IBS
Grahi – absorbent, useful in diarrhea, IBS
It is indicated in –
Kapha Arsha – Hemorrhoids of Kapha origin
Trushna – excessive thirst
Vataja Udara – Bloating, Flatulence
Hrudgada – Cardiac disorders – It is a very good cardiac tonic
Gulma – Tumors of the abdomen
Atisara – diarrhoea, dysentery
Vrana Dosha – Ulcers, infected wounds
Grahani – IBS, sprue, altering diarrhea and constipation
Shoola – abdominal colic pain
Jantu – worm infestation
It is used in the preparation of fermented fruit wine product called as Raaga.
Ayurvedic medicines with Garcinia indica as ingredient:
Hingvadi Churna – used in Ayurvedic treatment of indigestion, bloating and abdominal pain.
Yavanyadi Choornam – used in Ayurvedic treatment of respiratory diseases.
Anti oxidant and hepato protective activity – Aqueous extract of fruit protects liver from Anti TB medication induced liver damage.
Anti oxidant activity
Anti bacterial activity against S. typhi
How to use kokum:
Its fruits are dried, soaked in water to prepare its juice – administered in a dose of 100 ml, 2 – 3 times a day.
Its fruit powder is also dried and consumed.
Its root bark is made into decoction and administered.
Side effects:
Its sour fruits are not healthy for people with Kapha and Pitta imbalance.
There are no other side effects.
Kokum juice is generally considered as safe during pregnancy, lactation and for children.
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