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Is wine good for the heart?

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Most of us think that when we are on a diet or simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle that alcohol is out of the question. Others have heard that a glass of a wine a day is good for you. So what is the truth? Red wine is especially pointed to
as being healthy for you.

How many types of waxing are there?

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There are three "waxes" to remove hair. Hot waxing is beeswax and natural resins melted, applied to hair, and then pressed onto cotton cloth. As the cloth is pulled off, the hair is removed at the roots. Hot wax provides tight grip on coarse and short hairs and is less irritating.

Why does your skin get dry?

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Have you ever experienced flaky, cracked and itching skin? If you have, you know what dry skin is. It can be uncomfortable and unsightly. In order to prevent it, you need to know what causes it.
Winter weather is especially harsh on your skin. Cold temperatures result in dry weather.

How Facebook can positively affect your health with its online resources?

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We often think of Facebook as a website that we use to socialize, sometimes play games on, and often we do little else. However, for many people, Facebook has helped them change their lives. There are actually many ways Facebook can help your life become a little healthier.

Lighten your hair with beer

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Beer – bad for bellies, but great for hair! Full of Vitamin B and natural sugar to help clean and fortify your hair, combined with chamomile tea it makes a natural lightener and conditioner.

What is the diet to strengthen hair and nails?

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Many beauty problems, including our hair and nails, are easily fixed by a correct diet. So what diet helps our hair and nails? The best diet is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and water.

What is melatonin?

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Although the hormone melatonin is naturally found in the human body, it is also synthetically manufactured for medicinal purposes. The main function melatonin performs in the body is regulating night and day cycles. When it gets dark the body produces more melatonin, preparing it to sleep.

Nutrition Values of Milk

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We all know the popular commercials that say we should get milk, but do you know why? It's because milk is packed with minerals and macro nutrients that help our bodies grow and continually repair themselves! The nutritional value of milk is as a great source of protein and other necessary nutritive....................

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