Friday, 19 July 2013

[] Dance Expressions

In an ever-changing world, some basic human traditions and behaviors endure. For over a century, National Geographic has been capturing people around the world as they move and express themselves through dance.

Two entertainers perform an East Indian dance in April 1916.

Children dance in front of a shop in Caracas, Venezuela.

A young girl performs a sword dance over a crossed saber and scabbard in Scotland, 1957.

Teenage girls dance in evening gowns at a 1993 prom in Stearns, Kentucky.

Street dancers perform a skirt dance in Delhi, India, in April 1907.

Instructors tango during a class at the Teatro Nuovo dance studio in Torino, Italy.

Young Tutsi boys dance and reenact "bow-and-arrow combat" in 1939 Rwanda.

Women dance during morning worship at Bethlehem Abhaya Bhavan Charitable Society in Kerala, India.

An Egyptian belly dancer performs for tourists in a Cairo nightclub in May 1972.

Ballet students practice under the eye of a Russian instructor in Cairo, Egypt, in May 1972.

Locals stage a Days of '98 show for visitors to a gold-rush community in Skagway, Alaska, in June 1965.

Dancers at a Chicago nightclub move to the music in April 1978.

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