Friday, 19 July 2013

[] “Plastic Fantastic” A Fashion Photography by Tomaas.


Wear a headgear made out of a plastic bag and make a fashion statement! .Before the idea was crazy today a reality. A trendier use of plastics by a New york based photographerTomaas. Tomaas shot this collection of fashion photography "plastic fantastic" using a single model supporting different looks by using a number of accessories and outfits designed and executed out of plastic, a very common material of daily use.
German photographer Tomaas has spent most of his career in New York. He started out as a travel photographer but now specializes in fashion and beauty photography. This Plastic is the New Black series is a lot of fun and a trend setter.
It is a beautiful collection with a very fine and innovative perspective of using plastics. Plastic forks, plates, tubes, bottles, domes, cellophane, straws, tin foil and more, are used as headdresses and body wraps for the model.
Plastic, before this, was never perceived as exquisite and wearable. It was a material which could not be recycled but in this collection it has been up cycled and used as a fashion element giving the model a very luxurious and trendy look.
Inspiration for this series came from a previous beauty story done by Tomaas called "eco-beauty" which was based on materials used in daily life. This was published and exhibited at the Icon Gallery in Chelsea NYC. Tomaas says that the team which worked on that shoot had so much fun putting it together that they decided to do another one but this time focusing on one material only and plastic was chosen cause of its versatile usage.


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