Tuesday, 6 November 2012

[www.keralites.net] Siebel CRM Application Administrator Vacancies in Gulf-based Telecom Company


As received

Job Description: Siebel CRM Application Administrator Vacancies

He / She shall be in-charge of supporting Siebel CRM Application for UAE telecom operator , minimum 3 years of experience in Siebel/CRM , experience of data migration will be given advantages

1. The administrator is responsible for interpreting, editing and customizing the CRM to fit the needs of product and services , it is extremely important that the administrator is confident in his abilities to work with all facets of the Siebel CRM
In addition to maintaining the CRM system, the administrator must also train, coach and support the employees who use the Siebel

2.On a daily basis, the CRM administrator will respond to questions from users throughout the company. He/She will also provide support and troubleshooting on the system, making changes as needed.
In addition, the CRM administrator is often involved in meetings when management wishes to discuss changes to the system. In these discussions, the CRM administrator represents the interests of her users within the company and also the integrity of the CRM system.

3.CRM administrator(s) shall have a strong information technology (IT) background. A bachelor's degree preferably in computer science or a related field--is required. Additional education, particularly in database management, business, programming or IT infrastructure, is beneficial.

4.Salary -10 to 12 lakhs indian carrency

5.Interview will take place with in 7 days in India (Bangalore)

Send your CVs to me (shakeeluae@gmail.com) if you qualify ... and pass on to those who may qualify for the above positions.

May Allah bless you with true success of this world as well as of the hereafter!


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