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Dear sir
Plese be informed tht this is a scam and advice you not to fall into the trap.
1) oman oil and gas will have its HQ in oman and not uk. Hence training to uk and ceo in uk is all fraud.
2) no co. will send u such personalised mail even without conducting an interview.
3) As long as u work in oman, the renumeration will be in their currency and not british pounds.
4) companies have their own hr and an oil company definitely will have their own hr and pro to process their visas. They wudnt hire an externl agency. And even if they do, no professional consultancy co will have a gmail id.
5) No genuine agency or company wl collect fee fr uk work permit.
6) no oil company will hire through facebook.
7) kindly google the said co. and u wl get to know if its fake cos there will definitely be reviews on tht company. Kindly do this from now before applying to any companies so tht u can be sure.

On Nov 14, 2012 10:41 PM, "mmaugustine mmaugustine" <> wrote:

This seems to be fraud. Oman Oil Co. is in Oman and they do not send anybody directly to UK for training before appointing in Oman (to the best of my knowledge).



From: Shashi Krishnan <>
To: Keralites <>
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 12:35 PM
Subject: [] Job Verification


Oman Oil and Gas Company
From The Office Of The Human Resources 
Employment Services And 
International Vacancies Department 
Oman UK Office Limited
UK Office: 500 milliton way,HD,V3,United Kingdom 
Fax +44 (0) 07006022335


Official Alert Notification:


   We thank you profoundly for taking time to apply for our existing and available job Vacancies, we received your interview and screening answers which you sent to the Oman Oil and Gas Recruiting Department and we are pleased to say that we are very impressed by your honesty and sincerity which you displayed in answering your screening interview.However, after much intensive, consultation and review of your submitted CV, we are very much encouraged by the good working qualities that you possess vis-a-vis the experience you have gained over the period of years you have worked.By this, we are very happy to inform you that you have been found worthy in both learning and character as your application has be favorably endorsed and approved by the Oman Oil and Gas Company UK CEO, HR and Recruiting Department and we say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You HAVE BEEN OFFERED A JOB as an SUPERVISOR in the Oman Oil and Gas Company with a basic monthly salary of 2,600 GBP monthly.

  A one month compulsory Industrial and Technical training will be set up for you and other new staffs immediately on your arrival to the United Kingdom and we expect you to prepare yourself for the training exercise. Oman Oil and Gas UK Limited, follows the United Kingdom Employment rule and be informed that your employment is "at-will" meaning that either you or the Company can terminate your employment at any time for any reason that goes against the company rules and policies.
  Please note that you have been favorably considered for this position due to the good words and reference from one of our staffs Ms.Patti Anderson who spoke highly of you.You are being mandated to contact the agent or your character reference to brief you on the payment of your  working permit processing fees to enable you secure your new job in Oman Oil and Gas Company, UK Limited as your contract will be sent to you immediately we receive confirmation from the agent of the payment of your  working permit processing fees.We also, wish to inform you that this job offer has an Expiration date which is 7TH OF DECEMBER,2012 as you are required to provide all the necessary requirements including the payment for your WORKING PERMIT  Processing before the above mentioned Expiration date or risk the termination and cancellation of your new job.Attached to this employment letter is your OFFICIAL CONTRACT which you are required to SIGN and SUBMIT immediately back to us and you are to proceed immediately you receive this Official employment notification and contract to pay your UK WORKING PERMIT processing fees before the deadline of 7TH DECEMBER 2012 as directed by the company.

May God bless you and we say Congratulations once again as we welcome you to the Oman Oil and Gas Company, UK Limited Working family.

Name Of Employee------Sarath
Credits............ 657HGD. /82TDH
Type.......Phase type (Subject 8312 MHTG/HWT75)
Class......... Second class
Work right.........Immediately on Arrival.
Recommended timing........ Daily (5 Days)
Organization........... Oman Oil And Gas,UK Limited.
Salary-----2,600 GB Pounds.
Job Timing----9am-4 pm (Normal Time), 4 pm-6 pm(Overtime)
Grading-----Depends On Work Done.
Expiry Date Of Job Offered-----7th December,2012.

Jerry Vega.

Dr. Kalad Chan
Human Resources Director,Oman Oil And Gas UK Limited.
Tel: +447045794375

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