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A  Prayer


My  Lord   and  My   God,

I   come   before   you  this  day,

I  lift  up  Holy  Hands

To  the  Ancient  of   days!

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One  hour  in Your  presence

My  dear Sweet  Lord,

Fills  me  with  Strength

To miss  such  I  cannot  afford.

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Father, Help  me and  my familys and friends

I  see  them  suffering  so,

My  heart  cries  out  for them

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Encircle   Us  Oh God,

From  the  storms  that  rage,

Encircles  Us  Oh  God  in your  Love and  Grace.


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Draw  Us  closer  Lord

As time  is marching  on

Fills  Our hearts  with  Your Love

Let Us  praise  in  Mighty  song!


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Let   Us  not grow  weary

as  hardship  they  increase

Keep  Us  strong  in you, Oh  Lord,

for  the battle never  cease!


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You are  Our  strangth, Oh God,

We  must  keep our  eyes on  You,

Through   tested   and tried,

You  have  promised  to  see  us through.

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Help   Us  Oh God we,

Lift  up   weary  hands,

Give  Us wisdom, Mighty  God,

so  we  may  understand.

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Help   Us, Oh  Father

Not  to  succomb,

to  temptation   around  us

though   many   will come!

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Keep   Us  Standfast  and strongh,

As   we  finsh  the  course,

We  know  to whom  we belong!

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 I Bow  down  before  you

Praising  your  Holy Name,

Your  voice  echoes inside  me,

Child  have Faith  in me,

I 'm   Stand  beside you,

To  fight  your  battle!

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Have a  nice  weekend




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