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[] Mahashivratri Vrat-20 Feb 2012


Mahashivratri Vrat-2012 | Mahashivratri Vidhi | Mahashivratri Puja

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The Mahashivratri Fast is very special for the devotees of supreme Lord Bhole Nath. The fast is observed on Trayodashi of Falgun Krishna Paksh. In the year 2012, this auspicious Vrat will be kept on 20 February, Shravan Nakshatra, Wednesday. Observing this fast, pleases Lord Shiva easily, and person's wishes are fulfilled. This fast is kept by all, men, women, children, youths and old aged.

By observing fast of 02 March 2011 in a systematic manner, worshiping Lord Shiva, reading Shiva Katha and Shiva scripture and doing Jagran at night, while chanting "उँ नम: शिवाय | Om Namah Shivay" , gives fruit as of Ashwamedha Yagaya. On the next day of fast, Brahman are satisfied by giving clothes and alms.

Significance of Shivratri Vrat

It is believed that, the person who observe this fast, enjoy all happiness and comforts of life, and, then gets salvation after death. This fast destroys all sins. And, after observing this fast for 14 years continuously, it should be concluded in a systematic way.

Resolution of Mahashivratri Vrat (Fast)

Resolution of this fast should be taken with pronouncing your Samvat, name, month, date, Nakshatra, Gotra(caste), party(Paksha). To take this pledge keep water, rice, flower etc in your hand and offer it on Shiva Linga.

Mahashivratri Fast Materials

Materials used in this Puja are:- Panchamrit(Ganga jal, milk, curd, ghee, honey), sweet smelling flowers, clean clothes, leaf of Bel, incense sticks, Navedy(sort of Pradasm), paste of sandalwood, seasonal fruit etc.

Mahashivratri Fast Procedure 

Person observing this fast should meditate of God Bhole Nath, the whole day. After the early morning bath, an auspicious mark of Bhasm(Residue after incineration) is put on the forehead and beads of Rudraksha is wore. Lord Shiva is worshiped with incense, flowers and other worshiping Samagri, facing towards the Ishan Kon.

In this fast, worshiping is done in all the four phases of the day. In the Puja of every phase, one should keep chanting  "उँ नम: शिवाय | Om Namah Shivay"  and " शिवाय नम: | Namah Shivay" If it is not possible to do this meditation in the Shiva temple, then sit in a peaceful place of your house, in the east direction and do this chanting. Special merits are gained by chanting of this mantra in every phase of day. Additionally, doing Rudrabhishek(ritual offering of Panchamrit), get Lord Shiva very much pleased.

Shiva Abhishek Method

For doing Shiva Abhishek on the day of Shivratri, first of all, water is taken in a utensil made from mud.In this water, leaves of Bel, rice, Datura flower, etc are mixed and offered to Shiva Linga. Shiva Purana should be heard on the day of fast. Don't let any negative thoughts come to your brain. On the next day of Shivaratri, the fast is concluded by doing Hawan using barley, Kheer, sesame and leaf of Bel.

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