Wednesday, 9 September 2020

[] Caste in hair cutting


Vattavada is a panchayat in Kerala on our boarder with Tamilnadu and populated predominantly by Tamilians. The haricutters there have been refusing to render their services to the low-castes in the village. Now someone has complained and Panchayat has closed down all the hair-cutterss who refuse to render their services to the low castes. The haircutters refuse to oblige even if they have to close down-- 
This is the latest news in Kerala. Are the English to blame for this state of affairs? If so why dont some Sanghis from Kerala or TN go there and educate teh haircutters on the difference between Varna and Jathi and persuade them to cut everyone's hair irrespective of caste. And while you are at it watch this video Madame Patti

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