Friday, 12 June 2020

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This lives matter is going on for long why isnt this benign curtailed....As this is repeated nwo it is going to be repeated why One has to ponder over the possibilities and the remedy thereto. Here floyds death has caused a furore and flutter but the malady continues for a possible attack in future also .. The Police is as to be accepted by all an organisation established and maintained by the State to further the aims of Justice and ensure progress of humanity in peace is further stressed.The Supreme court of Indian has as earlier as 197y4 held that "The duty of the Police is to bring out the unvarnished truth and not to bolster up a prosecution case to enable the courts to record a conviction" bringing in the[proportion that the duty of Police is investigation of truth of an incident and if its found that a crime has been  committed place it before the courts. This duty implies that all police personal should be clean Honest ., open minded and should compulsorily have a sense of following the rule of law in all circumstances. If these qualities are compulsorily adhered to these wont be much atrocities by the Police. Thus the qualities that are a deterrent of the atrocities are personal to the human being who are appointed as police officers ..its there in the mind and works up the body to further the ways and means as is contemplated by rule of law. Take the case of arrest....An arrest of a person is made by an officer in the police only if that particular officer is satisfied by objective evidence that the person is concerned in  the crime.. If the satisfaction is not on objective satisfaction it entails the police officer with dire consequences. When sufficient evidence is not there to arrest the person the arrest becomes illegal . The Statutory protection given to Police officers and personnel for acts in the course of duty is available only when the complained acts are actually in the course of official duty..This protection is not available to malafied acts done under plausible color of office and also to illegal acts and deeds. Illegal acts or illicit acts and deeds are not official xo protection is not available. . Thus what one can deduct form these is that the qualities that deter any Police officer from committing any atrocities including racial discrimination is inherent int he Mind of the Police officers or the person appointed as police officers. As a corollary the attributes of the person personal to the human being appointed as police officer assumes importance.  Persons who are honest ,with an open outlook and an inclination to follow law won't commit these types of atrocities or crimes or any atrocities. These relates causes one to say that  only people or persons who are having a open minded outlook , honest in ways and means  with an inclination to follow law in all cases should be appointed as Police officers to see that these types of atrocities or crimes or any crimes are not committed by Police The selection process of the Police personnel should be streamlined so as to achieve these objectives to ensure that police won't commit much or any crimes against humanity.Moreover blaming all Police personal for crimes committed by one is not good or sensible. 
Only by insulating the Police force of criminal minded people will the contemplated objective of Police being the protector of rights and instrument of progress in peace and happiness will be achieved,.

Gadhadharan Punathil
3/604 Punathil hosue
Manipuram lane

On Thu, 11 Jun 2020 at 02:56, Scientific American <> wrote:
Scientific American

Dear Reader,

Scientific American is committed to advancing knowledge about structural racism, violence against Black lives, bias in science, and ways to make the world safer and more equitable for all.


In response to the Black Lives Matter movement and worldwide protests this month, our parent company, Springer Nature, has launched a hub with free access to a powerful collection of relevant research and journalism. The books, scholarly journal articles, analysis, and news stories come from Scientific American, Nature, and across the global publishing and education company's imprints.


At Scientific American, we have recently covered the dangers of tear gas, how racism is responsible for disproportionate COVID-19 deaths, why silence can mean complicity, the challenges for Black birders and other field biologists, how autopsy results have been used to cover up police violence, lessons for police reform from an ER physician, and the #ShutDownSTEM movement, which calls on non-Black researchers to learn about and fight racism.


We plan to build on this coverage throughout the year with related features, news, and opinion pieces. We plan to publish more work from writers, photographers, artists and experts from underrepresented groups, and to amplify the voices and research of people of color. Thank you for your support and interest during this historic year, and please stay in touch through our letters to the editor and social media.


Wishing you good health,
Laura Helmuth
Scientific American

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