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Some moron, who has been fed with the Holy Wine, has been writing some nonsense. I am surprised that the Keralites group has been encouraging such diatribe on its Channel. It's time some put a stop to this nonsense that is being perpetuated by some former fisherman.

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 3:38 PM Xavier William [Keralites] <> wrote:

There was no caste in India. It was the British who introduced caste and discrimination into India to divide and conquer. It was only after that Manu wrote so much about treating Sudras worse than cows. It was after the English introduced caste that Parasuram moved around killing Kshatriyas and Ram slit Shambuk's throat.
Before the British came and after they went there is no caste in India, but only Varna whereby people are divided by their profession and not by birth as during the British Raj.
Yesterday's news reports say "In a grim reminder of the 2016 Una flogging incident, three oppressed caste men were tied up, beaten, forcefully tonsured and paraded around with shoes hung around their necks in Lucknow's Barauli Khalilabad village for stealing a fan from a house of a 'Brahmin man" 
The parents and brothers of these hapless Dalits were running teashops and so they were Vysyas according to the Varna system. However these three became Dalits when they stole the fans. In contrast the man from whose house they stole the fan had been born into another family running a teashop. But he was good at studies and became an Engineer and a Brahmin though his parents were Vysyas.
Bharath was Utopian where all men and women were equal and happy until the Muslims and British came and made it hell. Sara Jeshan se Acha Hindustan hamara. Hindus are saints and they are the foreign invaders who impoverished India so that they could steal from them. However it begs the question how a rich man or a rich country can go on stealing from a poor man or a poor country for some ten or more centuries. Of Sanghis know best.


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