Friday, 12 June 2020

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Why are we adamant that we should have Kashmir?
In his bestseller "the third wave" the author Alvin Toffler explains the different stages of human socio-economic history.
According to Toffler, Some 10000 years ago we lived nomadic lives hunting, gathering and scavenging. There was no private property and land had no boundaries. Then we turned to agriculture which Toffler called the first wave, and land became the the main factor of production. Subsequently we turned to industry and and capital became the critical factor of production. Toffler called it the second wave. Now we are the digital phase and Toffler calls it the third wave.
In the agricultural wave land was the most important factor of production and we fought over land. In the Industrial second wave we fought over raw materials and markets. In the third wave ... I will explain it later.
India, China and our neighbors now live in the industrial age for matters of production. But our mindset is agricultural and we fight over land which is of no consequence in the industrial age. So we have India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh et al fighting their neigbors over worthless land like the Sia Chin Glacier and the Rann of Kutch because of our agrarian or first wave mindset even though land is of no consequence in the Industrial age.
When will we start asking ourselves as to what use is Kashmir is to us.
Some thirty years ago my son, then aged about 8, asked me "Papa, what is this Kashmir problem" "WE say that Kashmir belongs to us. Pakistan says it belongs to them" I explained. Bang came the next question "What do the Kashniris say?"
This shows that even a child knows the solution to the Kashmir problem. But we adultify it and make it too complicated because of our agrarian mindset.


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