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Chitra Poornima

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Chitra Pournami –subha divasu Konkani Bhajan

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A full moon in the Tamil month of Chitra (month of April and May), and an exalted Sun in the sign Aries mark the day of Chitra Poornima.

In 2017, the full moon night occurs on 10-05-2017 Again, the full moon is aligned in the most brightly shining Chitra star in the Libra constellation. This magnifies Moon's brilliance on the day.

A full moon is considered auspicious in many religions because of its effects on the attitude of people. Full moon is said to promote creativity and positive sentiments. Sentiments are said to ride on higher waves of consciousness leading to abundance of positive energy and higher consciousness.

Just like any financial accountant, there is a divine accountant or bookkeeper called "Chitragupta" who maintains a transaction of each individual's old set of programs, the bad and good, in a heavenly database known as "Akashic" Records, which is your divine personal log. Appease Chitragupta, and make your final day of judgment less severe.

Human beings acquire sins due to wrong deeds committed consciously or unconsciously. These deeds make their bad karma, which will end in the life of Hell. By balancing your sins through powerful remedies, you can get liberty from all your negative karmas. Worshipping on the Chitra Full Moon will help you gain the blessings of the divine judge and avail the rewards after life by becoming a purified soul.

Chitra Full Moon – Chitra Poornima

Chitra Full Moon, also known as Chitra Poornima, occurs when the Sun is in an exalted position in the sign Aries (close to the Earth) and the Moon is aligned with the bright star called Chitra in the constellation of Libra. Full Moons are an ideal time for creation and manifestation. It is a time when the mind begins to weigh and balance its own thought forms. The exalted Sun in Aries energizes your soul, and you are further empowered to make wiser "karmic" choices which will decide the destiny of your existing life and also the life beyond.

Chitra Poornima is the day sacred to Chitragupta, the Keeper of Deeds.

According to ancestral belief,  Chitragupta tallies our positive karma against the negative and declares the result to the Judge on High. Lord Brahma created Chitragupta through the Sun God, and he is considered the younger brother of Lord Yama.

Full Moon days are auspicious to gain Chitragupta's blessings to wash away all your sins and to bag the virtue for the life beyond! In 2016,

Chitra Poornima falls on April 21st (IST).

On this day, the Moon is in the star Chitra, ruled by Mars. Chitra is one of the few asterisms represented by a single star and is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Superficially, Chitra means "artful." The Sanskrit word "Chitra" also means "illusory, visually exciting, or magical." In keeping with its name, its symbol is a bright and shining jewel.

Chitra Poornima is the right day to initiate actions to create new wealth and new destiny for you. While the star lord Mars, positioned in his own sign, Scorpio, emphasizes the fructification of efforts, his sharing the sign with Saturn shows that you have to work meticulously with a deep sense of gratitude to the creator for receiving countless blessings so far. The Mars-Saturn combination in the 2nd House to the Moon helps you receive the spark of divine grace and takes you to higher level of spiritualism.

This star represents beauty and richness on one hand. On the other hand, it also compels us to delve into our own pleasure-seeking nature. All evils happen due to overindulgences in sensory pleasures.

Chitragupta, the assistant of Lord Yama, is the record keeper of good and bad deeds or karmas of human beings on Earth.

The concept of Chitragupta being vigil on the activities of humans on Earth is to tell humans on Earth not to commit any sin, especially on such an auspicious day. This will help in preserving goodness of mind and goodwill in the hearts of people by urging them to commit to good actions only, thus not getting our souls entrapped in the birth-and-death cycle, until the karma is exhausted.

Knowing the underlying philosophy of the star Chitra and being watchful of the intricate functioning of our minds, thoughts, and actions will evolve our conscious nature to higher levels.

The "Jewel" can thus be seen as the apex of man's striving for beauty, perfection, and goodness in life.

Chitra is also called the star of opportunity.

The prayers should be focused on attaining freedom from ambiguity, judgements, and discriminatory nature, because this is the perfect day to come out of your illusions and maya. This is the right day to chip away bad thoughts and karma and accumulate good ones by doing good deeds to deserving people.

Legend of Chitra Poornima

Chitragupta is the assistant of Lord Yama, the God of Death. It is believed that when a person dies his soul first goes to Lord Yama, where Chitragupta reads out the good and bad deeds of the person. There is only one temple in South India for Chitragupta at Kancheepuram. Chitra Pournami is a very auspicious day here which is considered to be the birthday of Chitragupta.

Another important legend associated with Chitra Poornima, involves Lord Indra, the king of Gods, and his Guru Brihaspati. Once Indra and Brihaspati had an altercation, and the Guru stopped advising his pupil. Without the sound counsel of his Guru, Indra committed numerous sins. Finally, when Brihaspati relented and took up his duty. He then advised Indra to undertake a pilgrimage to the earth to alleviate the burden of sins committed by him in his absence.

One day during his pilgrimage, Indra had a sudden realization that he has been redeemed from his sins. He looked around and noticed a Shivling under a Kadamba tree. He was sure that it was Lord Shiva who had helped him in alleviating his sins. He decided to worship the Lingam and to his surprise he found golden lotus in a nearby pond. He prayed to Shiva by offering the golden lotus. This happened on a Chitra Pournami day and the place was Madurai in Tamil Nadu. In remembrance of this event, in the Madurai Meenakshi temple, a Devendra Puja is observed on Chitra Poornima.

According to Vedic tradition, Brihaspati is the guru, or preceptor, of Lord Indra, the King of the Gods. Once, Indra disobeyed his Guru, and so Brihaspati, in order to teach a lesson to Indra, temporarily gave his advisor role to Indra. During the Guru's absence, Indra did many evil deeds. When Brihaspati resumed his duty, Indra wanted to know what he should do to expiate the wrongs he did in his Guru's absence. Brihaspati told Indra to go on a pilgrimage.

While Indra was on the pilgrimage, one day he suddenly felt that the load of sins had been taken off his shoulders at a place near Madurai in South India. After investigation, Indra discovered a Shiva linga there. Indra attributed the miracle to this linga and immediately constructed a temple on the site. When Indra proceeded to worship the linga, Lord Shiva magically created golden lotuses in a nearby pond. Indra was greatly pleased and blessed. The day on which Indra worshipped Shiva was Chitra Poornima.

It is known that any sin can be nullified by doing good to the victim and through sincere prayers and powerful remedies. Participating in the Chitra Poornima rituals will help you wash out your sins and reserve a special place for you in heaven.

Chitragupta not only makes an account of the bad deeds, but any attempt at remedying those sins is also taken into consideration. He helps us reap good rewards and avoid punishment after death. Your sin can be forgiven if you repent sincerely, vowing not to repeat the errors, and pray to Chitragupta with faith and devotion.

Temple' Clebrating  chitra Pornami

Mangaladevi Temple

Mangaladevi Temple is a 1000-year-old temple inside the dense forests of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Made of huge pieces of granite, it stands at an altitude of 1337 m above the sea level.

The temple is dedicated to the deity of Mangaladevi, who is also known as Kannaki. Even today, Kannaki remains as a symbol of the moral power that resides in an ordinary woman who is able to take on royalty because her cause is just.

For centuries, Kannaki has remained a symbol of the great moral power that even an ordinary woman is capable of. Kannaki's tale has been immortalized by the poet-prince Ilanko Adikal in the Tamil epic, Silapathikaram. Silapathikaram is one of the five epics of ancient Tamil Literature. The epic, which contains three chapters and a total of 5270 lines of poetry, revolves around Kannaki.

The temple is open to devotees only once a year during the month of April / May for the Chithrapournami celebrations. On this full moon day, priests of Tamil Nadu and Kerala conduct ritualistic prayers at the temple.

The main deity, Goddess Managala, is decorated with flowers, silk etc and poojas  are conducted through the day. Thali (the necklace worn by married Hindu women) and glass bangles of women devotees are blessed during the festival. The women also cook and offer pongala (the sweet dish made of rice) to the Goddess on this auspicious day.

Chitragupta Temple(Kanchipuram) :

According to the scriptures, Chitragupta is the assistant of Lord Yama, the God of Death. It is believed that when a person dies his soul first goes to Lord Yama, where Chitragupta reads out the good and bad deeds of the person. There is only one temple in South India for Chitragupta at Kancheepuram. Chitra Pournami is a very auspicious day here which is considered to be the birthday of Chitragupta.

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