Monday, 17 April 2017

[] The Reality of Super Position!


The reality of the super position and the unreality of position!

As per the Quantum Physics everything is in a wave or super position state, and that state changes into a shape with limits—length, breadth, height and time as a result of conscious notice. Now what is that conscious notice? What is observation? The so called physical features are due to our inability to see into the invisible spectrum. Suppose you get the capacity to use the ultra violet rays also. Then do you get the power to kill bacteria by your seeing? Suppose your power extends to using the X-rays also. Then can you look right into the insides of the organisms etc and also damage them by seeing? Suppose you can use the gamma rays also. Then can you create nuclear explosions by mere seeing? How does consciousness operate under those situations? Are there such different organisms somewhere else in the Universe? If you can use the radio rays, you can see very large distances. On the basis of your varying capacity to see and observe and notice, the features—length, breadth, height and time must vary. I am curious to know whether already mathematics has been developed imagining these different situations. As it is by the time a proposition is changed into a position, the needed mathematics has been already developed by the mathematicians. Are there adventurers in mathematics who have already taken up this subject---permutations and combinations under the different situations of conscious notice? The absolute key factor is consciousness and its various situations. Most important of all-does conscious notice precede every event? Most terrifying of all, can robots or cyborgs be created with those powers---robots and cyborgs capable of synthesized consciousness?

In the visible spectrum our consciousness can cover only four dimensions. Will it be possible to synthesize robots that can handle ten or even more dimensions which we cannot imagine or visualize now? If we choose the yogic path can the power of the mind itself be expanded to handling such large number of dimensions? Can the yogic path be ignored any longer in the name of the (Newtonian) rationalism? Is it not time to merge physics, meta-physics, spectrum psychology and normal psychology into one subject?

Is the Universe a huge ocean of consciousness with ebbs and tides called galaxies, quasars, vacuum etc?

If you can see everything—atoms, energies etc, then you cannot see you,me,it,she,he,they...,you see a huge cauldron of energies blending,re-blending. As it is your eyes collect the photons of the visible spectrum which are less than one per cent of the total electromagnetic spectrum. The eyes send them to the visual cortex in the brain which can model only three dimensional shapes. Actually the visual cortex is conditioned to lie.


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