Monday, 17 April 2017

[] Migration from Reality to Myth!


Migration from Reality to Myth or Illusion!

I am asked by Sri ASN, who I admire and respect for his authority in so many fields to write under the caption-Myth is a Reality. But after some thought, I decided to write under the heading—Migration from Reality to Illusion.

During the days of faith the basic incapability of the eyes to really see and actually give the false three dimensional representations, was made good by the all connecting concept of God. One needs a basic concept to connect to understand and during the days of faith, it was the concept of God that functioned as the connecting concept for understanding.

The eyes collect the photons of the visible spectrum (just 00.0037% of the total electromagnetic spectrum), send them to the visual cortex in the brain which invariably models only three dimensional shapes. We are actually not seeing at all and are depending on the 3D misrepresentation as seeing. Today we are living in myths.

Prior to the advent of scepticism called science, nature was given the sacred status of God. One actually lived as a macro body, feeling the forests, rivers, lakes, winds, mountains, waterfalls, vocanoes..., there was no mathematical reductionism. That total feeling in which nature was a basic part was the God feeling, and one connected to God by connecting emotionally to nature. We call it faith, the basic connecting paradigm for understanding. The cradle of that great connection to God via nature was Bharat where the wonderful path to the ultimate divinely Truth was developed by Pranayama or the breath based conceptualizations called spiritualism or the great Hinduism.

Spirit means air. Spiritualism means perception by breathing. One achieved 100% emotional intelligence by feeling facts and not by subjecting an imprisoned subject in a definition and subjecting it to mathematical reductionism. The three dimensional representations of the eyes were never totally accepted. Instead one depended on the blooming nature to feel in totality. In those days, Theism, Faith, Emotion based Science were part of nature or ecology. Reality was feeling, and one's body spoke mainly in the body language, the language of real feelings. Reality was feeling based and not some answer to a mathematical question.

Actually before we developed the neo cortex or the 3D based analyzing mind called thinking without feeling (feeling is avoided as bias) and depended mainly on the sense of smell, sound and touch, we perceived commonly with all other organisms as the currency were smells and sounds. Communication was feeling based and communications were sensed.

Today life is mechanized based on the continuous killing of nature. Nature is continuously hunted, forests, rivers, lakes...all are destroyed, the earth is dug up for minerals...Pranayama has become the breathing of toxic fumes. We have lost our macro bodies, and even the illusion of the 3D body is vanishing.

Once understanding was a common feature of the Human Body as a part of the biosphere. Thanks to mathematical reductionism, the so called understanding consisting of complex mathematics has become the preserve of the exclusive prodigies clubs, the member's importance being based more on social standing than real learning. Real learning is actually feeling and not merely solving mathematical equations.

From feeling we have migrated to mathematical myths.


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