Thursday, 13 October 2016

[] Wish and make things happen


Wish and make things happen


The visible spectrum is the most misleading spectrum. You are actually blinded but you think you are seeing. It allows you to see only 00.0037 per cent of the truth. And you think that you are seeing. At the most basic level, you are not three dimensional. You are part of the energy flows, blending and changing with the rest of the energy transformations in the world. As a result thoughts happen in you continuously—thoughts that blend with the thoughts in the rest of the world. But you are also a thought station, starting your own thought waves. By your thoughts you are actually transforming on your own and contributing to the general transformation.


To see in the visible spectrum that transformation created by you, the transformation must be very strong. But the events in the invisible spectrum in terms of the things in the invisible spectrum are not languageable on the basis of the language based on the visible spectrum. We feel but there are no words and certainly no sentences with subject, verb and predicate, the fundamentals of expression in the language totally dependent on the visible spectrum. In the invisible or the true spectrum, the subject, predicate and verb fuse into one.


So the key is feeling. The feeling has to be sincere, unconfused and able to fuse with the thought flows in the rest of the world as far as possible. Actually you have made a little of what you want by merely wanting it. But it is an extremely tiny part of the objective. To make the objective happen, you have to make it spiritual, make it your breath. Spirit means air. You actually inhale and exhale thoughts. Spiritualism is blending your thoughts with your breath. Then it becomes the objective directed breath.


If your objective is to bring a general smile in everyone and everything, you begin breathing good thoughts. Always remember you are part of the Universe, creating your own thought waves and also being subjected to the waves in the rest of the Universe.


To make things happen in the way you want, you must believe that you are succeeding and strive for it. Actually your thinking has an integral part of actually happening. If you are optimistic, you get what you want. If you are a coward, you dread and the things that you dread also happen. But egoism which has created the self centered egocenricism actually arrests the thought flow. Ego makes one fail ultimately. Because arrests one in one's self image and one becomes the frozen time, not blending with the space-time.


The most foolish question is asking for proof which means that one is demanding explanation in terms of the language and mathematics based on the visible spectrum. The actual reality is there are no things, but only thought fields. If you want proof then try on your own. Try to catch hold of a thought sample of yours to examine and experiment on it in the things of the visible spectrum. The problem is, it is very difficult to arrest a thought, in spite of your definitions etc.Thoughts are dynamic and they blend and transform. But if you are definite with your definition and strive for it sincerely with the objective of giving general help, then you succeed in making your wish happen. Start meditation. Meditation means realizing that you are part of the earth and trying to imagine like one who is not self centered.


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