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Re: [] Honesty and poverty


A real incident

A shopkeeper in Alappuzha was surprised when an adivasi looking man purchased a sack of sugar>50 kg.He informed the matter to the police.Next day police found a man and his family selling honey on the road side as original honey collected by adivasi.Police raided their residence and found the artificial honey production unit and they were arrested.

On Wednesday, 22 June 2016 8:38 AM, "Xavier William [Keralites]" wrote:

Recently I made a trip to a forest area east of Chalakudy in Trichur district and there right in the middle of the thick forest is a hamlet called Malakkapara where they sell forest products brought in by Adivasis. As I normally do, this time also I bought some 5KG of forest honey which is supposed to be richer than local honey which comes mostly from rubber plantations. I brought the Adivasi honey home and began to take it daily in the morning. But then I began to have doubts about its quality. So I searched the net and came to a youtube presentation on ascertaining the quality of honey at One of the best tests is to dip a cotton wick in the honey to be tested an set a match to it. If it burns it is good honey.

On the other hand a cotton wick dipped in honey adulterated with sugar syrup - the common adulterant in honey - will not burn. I tried this out and found that the Adivasi honey is adulterated. On the other hand when I lit a wick dipped in Dabur honey it burned steadily. So dont trust products and medicines only because they come from simple adivasis. The impression promoted by movies and novels that villagers and adivasis are simple and can be trusted is just another of those urban myths which has no foundation whatsoever. According to me the poorer a man or society is there is more chance of dishonesty.

Thus in the past clothes hung out to dry as well as footwear left outside before entering churches and temples used to be stolen and so temples like Madura Meenakshi temple had a guardian for footwear. Similarly towels, bedsheets and other movables used to be stolen from hotel rooms. But not anymore as we Indians do not have to risk being caught in an embarrassing position since we are richer than 30 years ago. But if the stakes are higher we might still resort to such unsavory and dishonest practices. In conclusion for most people honesty has a price.



Xavier William
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