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Mongolia is no way connected to us.Why give a huge Aid to it.
 Tamilnadu is deficit in power.But it has developed in all fields.Regarding Insurance for common man there was Janatha insurance in 1975 that too in Indhra Gandhi period.
When she went to US to gather support for 1971 war when India was purdened with East Pakistan refugees US media portrayed as she came begging with a bowl for food.
Things didn't change overnight after May 2014.
I am writing from US.In Newyork he was given a big reception by Gujarathi business people who wants to develop their business.
Just roads and metros are not real development .Just by citing Kerala any state can escape from their deeds.But things are changing in Kerala also.
Congress made Basic infrastructure .Sam Pitroda started communication revolution.BJP piggy rode saying India shining.Facts are facts.A good oration will not give results.It may fetch votes.
By the by My family is waiting for 15 lakhs each.When will I get?
The prohibition state of Gujarat is high with bootlegging and illicit liquor.
Farmers suicide is more.
Education is just so so

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I think what Ms. Mary Praxy is telling that Gujarat Progress is a eyewash is purely partisan opinion, in India development doesnot mean it will be like switzerland. If there was so much investment in infrastructure, that is the buzz word for development in Gujarat. Most of the people like us are the beneficiaries of the development in Gujarat. Had it been kerala, do you think they will let so much people eat ur jobs. What Narendra Modi has done is beyond imagination in most of the states. I may agree that he may be exaggerating in what he tells, but it is better than doing nothing. In Kerala, no projects takes off. As regards politicisation of religious issues, which state it doesnt take place. Be it Jammu Kashmir or North East or any other region, it does take place then why pin point particular man. 

Do you want to know what happens by just opening the bank account? It is a gateway to any of the development programme for the needy. Did any governmernt think of Financial Inclusion. Can any poor think of availing insurance at Rs. 15/- . Insurance is as important as health. If any poor dies, Life Insurance plays a vital role. Before this the previous governments have done is just promoting Indira, Nehru and Rajiv...Didnt other leaders like Sardar Patel, Shastri, Maulana Azad, PC Alexander etc. work for the development? Had previous government done even a bit we would be having 40 crores of people under poverty. 

As regards our present PM meeting few people abroad, it is these peoples who lobby for India in US congress and Modi has never been to Switzerland or fancy land ...When he has chosen some countries it is purely to build rapport with these countries. It is important if China has to be shown its way...During the previous regimes, India has never strongly responded to China. 

Progress never comes in a nick of time. If wishes were horses crows will be drying the chariot. 

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Buddha and Mahavir are Spiritual Leaders.They taught love and compassion for humanity.Did they ever ridicule a single human being?.It is unfair to compare them with Modi who is always ridiculing opposition and calling names.He is a selfish egoist.He meets Indians abroad to prove his popularity.Building a Temple in saudi or having a world Yoga day does not help billions of unemployed Indian youth.Bullet train was a dream he sold, what India needs a safe train that would reach you on time with basic facility like a clean toilet and clean blanket and pillow.Opening a large number of bank  a/c , how is it benefitting people who have no morsel to eat?Gujarat progress is an eye wash, thousands  of B ED gradutes are employed as Shiksh sahayak with just 5000 /- pm.

Today is samvatsari, Jain festival.Mahavirand Buddha are real jewels ofIndia.


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Nostradamus Prediction

In the current Lok Sabha the Party strength are:
BJP = 283 Seats 2 + 8 +3 = 13
NDA = 337 Seats 3 + 3+ 7 = 13
UPA = 58 Seats 5 + 8 = 13
OTHERS = 148 Seats 1 + 4 + 8 =13

"450 years ago Nostradamus predicted Modi Era":

French prophet Nostradamus wrote in the French language in the Century text that from 2014 to 2026, a man will lead india, whom initially, people will hate but after that people will love him so much that he will be engaged in changing the country's plight and direction.

This was predicted in the year 1555.

It was written in French Language, which is translated into Marathi language by the famous astrologer of Maharashtra Dr.Ram Chandra Joshi.

It is clearly written on the 32-33 page, "Wait Ram Rajya is coming"

A middle aged superpower administrator will bring golden age not only in India but on the entire earth, who will revive his Sanatana Dharma and will make India the best Hindu nation by defeating the evils and would be placed on Power of its Own.

Under his leadership India will not only just become the Global Master, but many countries will also come into the shelter of India.


Buddha was married, but he left his wife and went out in search of the truth.His wife lived alone. His wife's name was Yashodara

Mahavira was also married, but he also left his wife and became monastic.His wife lived alone. His wife's name was Yashoda.

Modi also married,but he left his wife and put his life in serving the nation.His wife is also living alone. His wife's name is Yashodaben



Ability determines what you are capable of doing.
Motivation determines how much more you can do,
but Attitude determines how well you can do.

love me little but love me long


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