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[] To feed her girl child this 'single mother' disguised as man for 43 years [2 Attachments]


To feed her girl child this 'single mother' disguised as man for 43 years :- The story of the single mother is true to the line that Mother are truly angels on earth commissioned by God Himself.

Sisa had to spend four decades of her life as a man on the streets of Egypt while working as a daily wage labourer.

She only did to ensure work in the male-dominated society and provide two square meals to her only child.

Her hardships got recognition in March this year when Egyptian government honoured Sisa Abauu Dauh El-Nemr as "the ideal mother".  Moreover, a Russian English-language news agency made a documentary on her unconventional life, sailing her to the world of limelight.

Married at the age of 16, Sisa lost her husband when she was six months pregnant.

The determined lady didn't bow down to society's pressure of marrying another man and gave birth to a girl child.  

She was not given work, as females were still considered weak in comparison to their male counterpart.

It was around 1970 when, in order to earn a living, the courageous lady opted for hardcore man jobs like lifting bricks and cement bags and cleaning shoes. The only way for her was to disguise as a man.

"If I hadn't, no one would have let me work. So as to protect myself from men and the harshness of their looks and being targeted by them due to traditions, I decided to be a man… and dressed in their clothes and worked alongside them in other villages where no one knows me " she revealed when asked why she took the tough decision of posing as a man.

To feed her girl child this 'single mother' disguised as man for 43 years

Once started, Sisa, who runs a small kiosk selling convenience items in her hometown of Luxor nowdays, continued to disguise for the next 43 years of her life as man.

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