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Re: [] Indian MP asking VIP Treatment at Heathrow Airport Sent to Mental Asylum


its fake news. about Indian MP sent to Asylum

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 5:12 PM, Pramod Agrawal [Keralites] <> wrote:

Indian MP asking VIP Treatment at Heathrow airport sent to mental asylum London: 

An Indian lawmaker who was in London on a government visit had to face difficult time there as Heathrow airport officials refused to give him special treatment he sought. Mr. Chand Kumar, son of Mr. Surya Kumar, is 2 time MP from Baadshahgunj. He had contested from the seat which his father used to contest for several decades, and vacated for him on his 25th birthday. Mr. Chand kumar has good reputation in his constituency and known as Yuva Hriday Samrat. He has not traveled much outside India though. 

Sadly for Indian politicians, VVIP Racism doesn't work at Heathrow After his recent victory and formation of government he was selected to represent India in one of the seminar in UK on 'Citizen Empowerment'. He left his bungalow in Delhi 1 hour after scheduled departure time of Air India's Delhi-LHR flight. A phone call from his PA to Air India managed to create technical issue in the flight, which resolved itself after Mr. Chand Kumar boarded the flight. His 5 days visit to UK went very well. He touched all important points of the list that he prepared before the seminar, a visit to Madame Tussaud, Selfridges, personal visit to Soho and a fine Gentlemen's Club in west London. Having experienced all the perks as empowered citizen, he reached Heathrow airport and boarded a return flight to Delhi. Just before the flight was about to hit the runway he recollected that he forgot to buy souvenir for his family and friends from duty free shop. He immediately summoned the captain and asked him to return the flight. Captain tried his best to calm him down and requested him not to create a 'Situation' as these things may not be manageable with authorities here.

But Mr. Chand kumar kept on insisting on taking the flight back to the boarding gate. While the plane was stopped and missed its take off time the ATC took note of it and alerted airport security. Security personnel first thought it may be an act of terror but after captain's explanation over radio they concluded that its matter of unruly passenger. The MP was off boarded from the flight and taken for interrogation. This was huge shock for him as such requests never bothered anyone in India. In fact several employees in government and private sector feel blessed on getting such requests from an MP. During interrogation Mr. Chand started behaving rudely with the security staff. First he said, "Perhaps you don't know Who I am," and once you know about me you all will regret. Then he said "Tum Janate nahi ho mera Baap Kaun hai", then he told that he will transfer them from the airport. When security staff were not  responding  he threatened to suspend them with immediate effect. After interrogation the chief of airport security concluded that there is more than unruly behaviour They found it fit to send him to mental asylum to be treated for this disorder. Meanwhile, our sources tell us that Mr.Chand's father is writing to MEA to try and get his son out of the asylum.

 Is this guy for real?

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