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[] Coconut Oil Effective in Treating Diabetes



Coconut Oil Effective in Treating Diabetes

 Coconut Oil and Diabetes

Indeed Virgin Coconut Oil has a substantial effect on blood sugar levels. My wife and daughter (both have type 2 diabetes) measure their blood sugar levels at least three times a day. When they eat the wrong foods and their blood sugar levels get to 80-100 points above normal, they don't take extra medication, they take 2-3 tablespoons of the coconut oil directly from the bottle. Within a half hour their blood sugar levels will come back to normal. Ed, Coconut Diet Forums

Diabetes Epidemic

25.8 million children and adults in the United States, 8.3% of the population, have diabetes.1 The current rate of people becoming diabetic in the United states is doubling every 10 years. This has resulted in a windfall for pharmaceutical companies capitalizing on this "disease" with drugs designed to treat type 2 diabetes, but not deal with the underlying cause. These drugs have serious side effects.

One of the most popular diabetes drugs, Avandia, was pulled off the market in 2011 after a number of studies showed that the drug increased the risk of heart attacks among type 2 diabetes patients. The manufacturer of the drug reached a $3 billion settlement in December 2011 over its fraudulent marketing of the drug, the largest federal criminal drug-company settlement to date.

Coconut Oil and Type 2 Diabetes

Information that is finally making its way into the mainstream media is that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle and diet issue that can be reversed without drugs. This information has been known for years, however, among those in the alternative health crowd. Consider these testimonials (some over 10 years ago) from individuals who did not follow typical doctor's advice:

I also wanted to pass along a bit of my experience in regard to diabetes. I have been taking Coconut Oil (CO) since about the end of February of this year. I first started cooking with it and replacing the vegetable oils in my home. Then I started taking it by the spoon as well, about 2 tablespoons daily around the first of March.

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in July of 2001 and immediately put on the Amaryl RX (1 in am and 1/2 in the pm.) I have been looking for a way to reverse this condition since diagnosed. I have found a world of info out there on various supplements and diet, BUT not from my doctor who just said "welcome to the club" and told me to take my meds. (I was crying and he seemed happy!)

He also sent me to a nutritionist to take diabetic classes. Fortunately, I had already learned enough on my own to know that A LOT of what they are teaching is NOT correct and their recommendations are NOT what you want to do UNLESS you want to further the condition, NOT improve or reverse it.

Bottom line is this. I have been able to slowly remove myself from the RX and now control my blood sugar by diet, supplements and with CO! Cool, huh? I do still check my blood sugar levels once or twice daily… and they are as good and usually BETTER than when I was on the Amaryl RX! And I have been off the RX since the end of March of 2003. I was taking several supplements for a year or so before CO but still had to take the RX. It wasn't until I removed most of the vegetable oils (all of them at home and careful when out to eat) and added the CO that I noticed I was beginning to crash while on the RX at different times during the day… so I would cut down on the RX and still maintain good blood sugar levels. Gradually I was NOT taking the RX anymore!!! Hope this may help someone and God Bless all… Sharon, Coconut Diet Forums

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