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Dear all,

Something to ponder about when receiving registered letter.

How often do we take the trouble of opening the letter before signing the Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter acknowledgement slip?

Read to find out more.... in future be cautious.

Open letters BEFORE signing to acknowledge receipt of the Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter..!!!

Folks, the next time the postman or courier guy comes to deliver a Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter, a Certificate Of Posting Letter or Parcel, do the following:

a) Check who is it from..??

b) If you do not know the source, reject it.

If you accept it without knowing the source, the following has happened and can happen to you too…
There have been cases where lawyers have done the following:

a) Mailed empty / sealed Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter to people on behalf of their clients for some court case matter.

b) The Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter either, consisted of brochures promoting sale of new real estate or some car model or just an empty A-4 size paper inside.

In normal circumstances, when one receives an empty letter or junk mail, they will just tear it up and throw it away,
 BUT, here lies the danger:

a) You signed the Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter acknowledgement card and it is returned to the law firm. That signed Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter acknowledgement card is proof that a letter was delivered and confirms the delivery and can/will be used against you in court.

b) Same applies to the so very convenient "CERTIFICATE OF POSTING" mail.

When the grace period for you to respond is over, they quietly go to court and show proof that a Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter was sent to you as a reminder and you did not bother to defend it and thus convince the court officials and get a judgement against you.

Next another Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter is sent to you asking for damages approved by the court, or just another empty envelope and you discard it once more and this time the white collar crook will go to the court quietly and seek the assistance of the court to seal/attach your property to recover the amount awarded by the court and soon the court bailiff will be at your door step to execute the order.

What happens next..?

You frantically call your relatives in disbelief and seek legal advise. You are lost not knowing what's happening.
Anxiety, stress, palpitation, sleepless nights cannot be compensated as this is a reality check. You engage a lawyer's firm, spend a many thousand rupees for paper work and an appeal to the Higher court to set aside this matter… and also spend several days in court trying to prove your innocence.
What are your rights.??

a) You have every right to reject any mail / parcel that comes from unknown sources, be it a debt collection company, law firm or some individual.

b) You have every right to ask the postman or the person delivering it to open the mail and let you see what is inside and the contents of the letter.

c) REJECT IT if you are not comfortable… or ask them to deliver to a law firm that you know.

d) If you have inadvertently signed and collected the empty Registered AD (Acknowledgement Due) Letter/mail, lodge a police report and also report to the bar council… as this will help in your case to protect you… if the matter goes to court.

Eye opener isn't it, crime is no longer just house break-ins and snatch thefts where most of the thieves get a few hundred rupees… BUT these days, the crooks come dressed in suits, so be aware and be smart… or you will end up spending thousands of rupees, many hours spent travelling to court or to your lawyers office, not forgetting the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, etc.
Do inform ALL your family members staff.... 
NOT TO SIGN ON BEHALF OF ANYONE… let the postman leave a card, go check at the post office, ask the postman to open and show you what is inside the envelope… or lastly… if you are not comfortable, just reject it… BUT DON'T SIGN WITHOUT KNOWING WHAT IS INSIDE…!!

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