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 January 4, 2013
Everybody's looking for something. Even in the late '70's movie, 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar', a  pretty school teacher was cruising the bars looking for that someone to have violent sexual encounters with. At some early point in one's pre-adulthood the cruising in the mind for 'the one' begins, and with sporadic success often while the 'dream bubble' bursts again and again. There are those who think there is no one perfect for them, some ... actually many, keep on looking and stumbling 'falling in love' and into despair, hope, while having a bit of ecstasy... until dusk becomes inevitable. Some even go into old age and death with hopes in their heart, but c'est la vie.

Mr. Right may not be right for you unless you are Ms. Right. What feels good in the initial encounter may well be like a half eaten gourmet meal that has been abandoned and turns cold. Bringing to love 'dangling participles' of unresolved past issues, and little promise of change is a perennial recipe for endless wondering when what went wrong (wwww). It could be called, 'fallen in love' where the 'fallen angels' no longer flutter much in the heart. The heart, at best, feels sadness and the pain of 'love seems to be over before it's really begun', or has sputtered into looking for love in all the wrong places.

You may wake up one day and discover that what you're looking for has been here all the time! What you're looking for is the feeling in you of being 'swimming in the nectar of love'. That feeling may come from deep meditation or deep love, but in any case, whatever, or whomever activates it, it's YOU loving you! The partner you seek is in you! Find someone else who has or is willing to find 'that' within them, and the 'us' created is a fusion creating the one divine love that your inner instincts yearns for.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a jewish woman who relocated from Santa Barbara, Ca. that I'd met upon her arrival here 2 years ago. She's in her '60's and gives the feeling of being an intellectual 'pain in the ass' but otherwise a nice person. After our 'hello's' she launched into her problems finding Mr. Right while acknowledging she may not be Ms. Right if he shows up. She is one of the few I've met who at least acknowledges that! Will she do what's necessary? Doubtful. Misery is carrying the negatives of the past, or looking to the future when unprepared what you're looking for. Self examination and breathing exercises to let go of all but being in the moment is a step in the right direction to open the 'love vents' that send the polluted love energy out as well as being open to receiving new positive energy!



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