Wednesday, 16 October 2013

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A new day is your day!

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Do not be impressed with your first thought of the day.
Especially if it is not a good thought.
Know that rightfully earned v gift, a new day.
And you can do it, you the best day of your life today.

Even if the weather outside advertise storm;
I've seen beautiful romances start in the rain.
Even though the dry weather announce the end of the harvest,
still have time to start a new garden.

There is time for everything this day, even to start.
Whatever it is, put a special ingredient:love!
Love is that wonderful energy that makes the hair grow,
nails shine, the kidneys work satisfied.
The intestine does all its work without pain ...

Love is this, is the balance of body and soul.
It is a constant state of peace, is calm.
You cherish every moment of life.
Always have a kind word.
Believe in your success in winning power.

Today is your day!
What you want to accomplish?
Do not be afraid to change, not dreaming.
What you want, you can win!

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