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The world's biggest thrillseekers incredible photographs of adrenalin junkies putting their lives on the line for fun

  • Images are part of Red Bulls Illume photo contest to honour photographers who put lives on line for their art
  • They include bouldering in Himalayas, Surfing in California, highlining in Austria, surfing in Fiji, BASE jumping in Utah
By Matt Blake
PUBLISHED: 12:57 GMT, 13 September 2013 | UPDATED: 17:16 GMT, 13 September 2013

Whether they are leaping off a cliff, dangling over a ravine or scything through a cranberry field at breakneck speed, these daredevils all have one thing in common... they are happy to put their lives on the line in the name of fun.
This eye-watering collection of photographs shows just how far the world's most committed adrenaline junkies are prepared to go in their hunt for the ultimate thrill.
Taken in a host of exotic locations across the globe, the pictures not only offer an insight into the outer limits of human endeavour, but also provide tantalising snapshots of some the planet's most beautiful locations.
They include bouldering in the Indian Himalayas, Surfing in California, highlining in the Austrian Dolomites, ice caving in Argentina and BASE jumping in Utah.

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Castle Valley, Utah: This picture by Krystle Wright shows BASE jumper Michael Tomchek leap into Castle Valley, Utah. The photographer says, 'What continues to drive me is the love and challenge of documenting unique stories and the incredible privilege to share the athletes' stories with a wider audience'
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Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique: Jody MacDonald took this picture of paraglider Gavin McClurg. She says, 'My fuel, my drive, my being comes from capturing a precious split second in time - a time and place that shows how amazing this planet is'
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Himalayas, India and Helmcken Falls, Canada: Ray Demski took this picture of boulderer Bernd Zangerl. Ray says he's a 'lifelong athlete and action addict'. Meanwhile Christian Pondella took the image on the right of ice climber Tim Emmett. Christian says his goal is to make viewers 'feel they are part of the action'
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Glaciar Perito Moreno, Patagonia, Argentina: Juan Cruz Rabaglia took this picture of ice caver Leonardo Cuny Proverbio. Juan says, 'I came across the two passions that would inexorably define my future: Patagonia and photography'
They are part of Red Bulls Illume photo contest, designed to honour photographers who love nothing more than to put themselves in harms way to get the most exhilarating and extreme action shots.
'A lot of the photographers are going to just as extreme lengths as the athletes,' says Tarquin Cooper, a spokesperson for Red Bull Illume. 'Theyre putting themselves in positions where youre like, "How can you even think about taking a picture?"'
All together, 6,417 photographers from 124 countries submitted 28,257 photographs to the 2013 competition. From that, an international team of 50 judges shortlisted 250 photos, and then picked 50 winners in 10 different categories plus an overall winner.
And here is a selection of the best.

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Manitowish Waters, WI, United States: Wakeboarder Ben Horan scythes through a flooded cranberry field by Ryan Taylor. Ryan says, 'Focusing on wakeboarding and snowboarding, I strive to create something new and unique every time I shoot'
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Namotu Island, Fiji: Surfer Sean Woolnough by Stuart Gibson. Stuart says, 'I'm still learning so much in the photo world but I'm also having so much fun doing it! I truly can't think of a better job'
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Big Banana Falls, Veracruz, Mexico and Lienzer Dolomiten, Austria: Canoeist Rafa Ortiz by Lucas Gilman and highliner Florian Ebner by Martin Lugger. Martin says, 'For me, photography is all about the right moment. The right angle, nice light conditions and good vibes are the best recipe for top shots!'
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Are, Sweden: Stunt motorcyclist Fredrik Berggren. Fredrik says, ' 'Eventually I ended up in Are, Sweden's ski and bike capital. This was about two years ago and I've been photographing ever since'
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Lahinch, Ireland: Freediver Katerina Hamsikova by George Karbus. George says, 'I'm focused on wild marine mammals, the ocean, waves, surf photography and beautifully lit coastal sceneries'
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Tamokdalen, Norway and Oberiberg, Switzerland: To the left, snowboarder Miikka Hast careers down a mountain by Rami Hanafi while, on the right, snowboarder Philipp Schicker performs a trick for Claudio Casanova. Claudio says, 'Taking pictures of my work during my apprenticeship as a cabinet maker developed my passion for photography'
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Namotu, Fiji: Surfer Ryan Hargrave dives under a wave for photographer Stuart Gibson
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Wildkogel, Austria: Motorcyclist Xavier "Sherwy" Pasamonte by Florian Breitenberger. Florian says, 'Recently I have moved to Innsbruck, Austria to combine my studies with my passion for action sports photography. This step has helped me become a team photographer for the German Salomon Freeski Team
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Dahab, Egypt and Ghost River, Canadian Rockies: Freediver Emilia Biala by Rafal Meszka. Rafal says, 'I was taking pictures of the freedivers and doing underwater fashion shoots and the whole thing quickly turned into my biggest passion' And to the right are climbers Jen Olson and Kyle Vassilopoulos by Paul Bride
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Turnagain Arm, Alaska: Surfers Mike McCune, Eric Newbury, Dave Calkins by Scott Dickerson. Scott says, 'Alaska is my homeland and the wild places here are the main source of my creative inspiration'
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Aniak, Alaska: Snowboarder John Jackson by Scott Serfas. Scott says, 'I was one of the few people snowboarding in the late 80s in Vancouver, Canada. I would bring my camera along with me to document my friends riding and as they became better at the sport my photography grew alongside them'

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