Monday, 5 August 2013

Re: [] Why only Modi targeted ??


people with good littracy and very and good debates in Kerala .what is happening?? can anything good happen ..

just last 2 terms the whole country is discussing only about the ladies.

Again now another lady and the solar heat problem .

My dear the roads in most part of kerala is made by cert re when did the Kerala govt spend for the roads in the villages and city ..
Appriciate others and see that kerala also develops instead of just complaining about arrogance etc .

kerala with good education should have worlds best university
with plenty of water and good weather.
it should attract all the other state .

2 In the construction field kerala has the best engineers with experience in most of the Gulf countries and with latest ..
all the expertise  should have been used to make the best city and smooth flow of traffic etc ..

what more you want ..
who is going to to do it ??

wake up
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Narendra is arrogant and rash.Look at the roads of Gujarat now, all roads have big  potholes, and the roads are now cattle sheds and cows in group lie on all roads, and  Gujarat is supposed to be famous for it's roads.How is Gujarat Assembly working? It is pure dictatorship.He hardly ever attends Assembly.Check the records ,if you don't believe.He is always targeting Sonia, Congress, Rahul, Center...while his energy should be diverted to youth & education.Colleges are like mushrooms in Gujarat.Except for a handful of colleges none of them have any worthwhile faculty.Engineering colleges are worse.He is only interested in increasing the number of colleges not in quality.When MNCs come for placement ,none of the students from Saurashtra  get selected.These Engineering Graduates then work as Teachers in private schools.Not because they are not good enough, but lack of training in colleges.Most graduates are working for Rs 5000 to 8000 in pvt sector.

We were getting 10 min.  water supply every alternate days.Yes, there is an alternative, we can always buy water in Gujarat.It is a booming business!

He will force a riot at all India level ,if he ever comes to power. Because that is the only politics he knows!!


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